Difference Between LCHF and Keto

In today’s modern lifestyle many people are eating different foods which in turn increases their weight. They try to avoid them as much as possible. But it is not an easier task. We need some professional help and the correct diet regimen to follow.

Two famous diets followed by people are the LCHF diet, and the other one is the Keto diet. Many people think they are the same, but it has got many differences. 

LCHF vs Keto

The main difference between LCHF and Keto is that in LCHF, people can reduce their weight gradually because they will not totally eliminate the carbohydrate content. They will try to include them minimally. But in the Keto diet, carbohydrates will be avoided as much as possible, and the entire diet will be replaced with foods having fat content. 

LCHF vs Keto

LCHF diet will help people to reduce weight. They will be asked to avoid eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates. But they will not be fully ridden of carbohydrates. They will have foods that are less in carbohydrates.

This diet plan is followed by many people as it is a process of gradually avoiding carbs in your food and not faster. Adapting to this won’t be very difficult. 

The Keto diet is for people who want to reduce their weight faster by eliminating carbohydrates in their diet as much as possible. You can consider eating bacon for your breakfast. Because it has 50% of fat which is good for your diet.

Even though salads are considered a good option, but some vegetables will have carbohydrates. So, you have to choose vegetables that don’t have carbohydrate content in them. 

Comparison Table Between LCHF and Keto

Parameters of ComparisonLCHFKeto
DefinitionIt is called as low carbohydrate content in the food and having a high-fat dietIt has a low carbohydrate and protein diet
Health benefitsIt helps you to lose weight and helps people having type 2 diabetesIt helps to lose weight and also helps children who are having epilepsy
RisksIt will be very strict to follow the diet which will make the person feel tiredPeople having diabetes will lead to hypoglycemia and dehydration
DietIt will reduce the carbohydrate contentIt will suddenly reduce the carbohydrate content and will increase the fat content in the food
Mainly forPeople who are having metabolic issuesPeople who are having severe insulin resistance

What is LCHF?

In the LCHF diet, foods that have high carbohydrates will be limited and replaced with foods that have fat and protein. This helps the person to reduce the carbohydrate intake in the food.

Here the main aim is to reduce the carbohydrates gradually and not drastically. It also does not have a very strict carbohydrate diet like keto.

But there are some risks associated with this diet. However, there is not much research available to state its effects.

Even though some risks associated with the LCHF diet are people might have the chance of developing heart disease and some others might develop chronic disease.

Because they are avoiding carbohydrates and consuming only animals’ protein and fat. Some of the food items that are included are meat, eggs, butter, and oil

If people are less stringent about their diet, then they can have some low carbohydrate food to ease their cravings.

People who are having diabetes can very much follow this diet because it helps them to reduce their blog sugar levels so that they can adjust their insulin levels.

Also, people struggling with type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease can also follow this diet to see some amazing changes in their bodies. It is one of the flexible and healthy weight loss plans. 

What is Keto?

In the Keto diet, people will intake very less carbohydrate content. To compensate for that, they will have foods that are high in fat. Here they will not gradually reduce the carbohydrate content.

Instead, they will drastically reduce the carbohydrate content. But reducing carbohydrates in your diet will lead to a metabolic condition called ketosis.

A Keto diet is not a good option when it comes to reducing weight. Because it can cause blood pressure in people, it will increase kidney stones, nutrient deficiencies, and constipation in some cases.

Keto is one of the strict diets. If you follow this, then you will feel like not having a social life and will not be involved in eating food like how you did earlier. It will drain away all your energy.

People who are having some risks in their body should not follow this diet.

In the Keto diet, you are not allowed to consume more than 5% carbohydrates when you are eating per day. Also, people will eat 6 whole eggs per day. It will give them much-needed energy.

You should have taken your dinner at least 3 hours before you sleep. It will help them to digest fast. Since you are on a high diet, it would be ideal if you consume salads while eating. It will help you to fill your stomach.

This, in turn, will reduce your appetite for eating more food.

Main Differences Between LCHF and Keto

  1. LCHF is called low carbohydrate and high-fat content, which helps people to reduce their weight. The Keto diet is for people who want to reduce their weight faster.
  2. People with type 2 diabetes can lose weight if they want with the help of the LCHF diet. Children who have epilepsy can consider choosing the keto diet.
  3. In the LCHF diet, the guidelines and the rules are very strict, which will make the person feel tired. If people having diabetes follow the keto diet, then they will have hypoglycemia and dehydration.
  4. The diet type in this will be avoiding the carbohydrate content, but it will not fully avoid carbohydrates. In the keto diet, the carbohydrates will be totally eliminated and will be replaced with foods having more fat content.
  5. The LCHF diet is designed mainly for people with metabolic issues. The Keto diet is mainly designed for people with insulin resistance.
Difference Between LCHF and Keto


Both these diets are followed by many people. Depending on your body and medical conditions, you can choose either of them. But before that, you should consider a good nutritionist.

They will help you in losing weight and will also explain everything to be done in your weight loss journey. They are experienced persons they could have seen many people in their lifetime which will help them to fix the diet for you.

If you find it too tough to follow, then consult them and ask some opinions. Because as a newbie it will be difficult to follow all the rules explained by them.

Especially in the keto diet, where you have to totally avoid the carbohydrates as much as possible, which will definitely drain your energy.


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