Difference Between Long and Short Layers

Our hairstyle not only decides our look but also indicates our personality. Hairstyles play an important role in our confidence quotient as well.

Such two types of hairstyles are long layers and short layers. They are exactly as their names suggest, and they are totally different and distinguishable from each other.

Long Layers vs Short Layers

The main difference between long and short layers is that long layers have longer distances between hair strands, and short layers have shorter differences between hair strands. Long layers are known to be classic and deliver a good look at the same time, while short layers are best suited for a trendy hair look. Long layers are only for long hair, but short layers are perfect for both long and short hair.

Long and Short Layers

Long layered style is a hairstyle that leaves a longer distance between two hair strands. It is suited for all face shapes, but it is best suited for women with the round face shape.

It is a classic hairstyle for women with long hair.

The distance between one layer from the other can be short as well, and this style is called short layers. It can be achieved in both long and short lengths of hair. It is a fun look with a dash of hippy look.

Comparison Table Between Long and Short Layers

Parameters of ComparisonLong LayersShort Layers
Gap In a long-layer hairstyle, the gap between one layer to the other layers is significant. In a short-layer hairstyle, the gap between all the layers is short.
DimensionThe long layer does not offer dimension to the hair.Short layers bring more dimensions to a person’s look.
VolumeLong layers reduce the volume of hair.Short layers add the illusion of more volume to the hair.
Hair lengthLong layers are best suited for people with long hair.Short layers can be given to both long and short lengths of hair.
LookLong layers give a bold and overt look.Short layers give a milder look.
Suitable forLong layers are suitable for all face shapes and ages. This haircut is known to be timeless.Short layers can be tried as experimental. This haircut is fun and groovy.

What are Long Layers?

Layers are classy, and they are loved by women of all ages. But long layers are known to enhance the elegance of the look. Long layers look good on any shape of the face.

But a round-shaped face looks best with long layers. It is a very sophisticated look that is often used on movie characters to portray them as perfectly sorted women.

Long layers, by characteristics, have a longer gap between two hair strands. Long layers on a short length of hair do not look their best. It is best suited for long hair.

The volume of the hair can seem to get compromised while having long layers as the layers can be observed at the bottom. They seem thinner than they actually are.

The beauty of long hair can be increased by adding long layers. One can also spice up the haircut by adding other cuts such as short bangs, symmetrical or even asymmetrical.

Fringes can enhance the stylistic factor of the person and give a fresh look to the face.

What are Short Layers?

The short layered look is a god-sent boon for women who love to experiment with their style and hair. Short layers are perfectly suited for both long or short lengths of hair.

Short layers are fun and put in a cool quotient to the whole look. Though if one does not want to compromise the length of their hair, then that person should not choose this style as the long hair will get cut short in order to achieve this look.

The texture, the volume, and the dimension of the hair are subjected to get boosted and improved in this hairstyle. A hippy, carefree look can be unlocked with the use of this styling.

A woman with a long face shape should definitely go for short layers as that will provide an illusion of a round face shape.

A short layered hairstyle puts on a subtle look, so changing the hair parting and hairstyling is easily possible. So if one wants to keep the choice of multiple styling options open, then short layers are the answer.

Main Differences Between Long and Short Layers

  1. The gap between hair strands determines the style. A high distance indicates long layers, and a small distance between the hair reflects the short layered style.
  2. The long layer does not offer dimension to the hair, whereas short layers are known to add dimensions.
  3. Long layers reduce the volume of hair, but short layered hair endings fluff out and give the illusion of having hair with high volume.
  4. To gain a bold look, one should choose long layers. It adds an overt look. On the other hand, short layers bring a milder look on the reach. Trying to put long layers on short hair length does not work as the expectation, but short layers can be done in any length of hair.
  5. Long layers are chic and timeless, whereas short layers are cool and trendy. If one is in the mood for experimentation with hair, then short layers are the style to choose.
Difference Between Long and Short Layers


Hair is very important to anyone, and it is supposed to be subjected to great care in order to achieve a great look. Layers are very popular among women, and they can be styled in two different ways, long layers and short layers.

These layers not only look good but also gives a hint towards the personality.

The elegant look can be achieved with long layers, and a hippie look can be attained with short layers. Both the layers look incredibly nice and impressive.

One should choose the layers for them based on their length of hair, the shape of the face, and definitely on the desired look.


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