Difference Between Love and Obsession

Love and Obsession often confused are related in some aspects, but the two never can be thought to be the same.


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Love being an uncontrollable feeling is a healthy emotion that grows between two people through time; whereas obsession leads to one person controlling the other resulting in an unhealthy emotion.

Partners in love are happy and proud of their partner’s accomplishments, appreciation.

Obsession makes it almost impossible to be in a relationship because feelings of jealousy and paranoia are prevalent which is due to one partner feeling a physical need to be with their obsession every day.

Love vs Obsession

The difference between Love and Obsession is the mental approach of the person who is in love or is obsessed.

Love vs Obsession 1

Love is universal, be it in humans or animals, mother’s love, or in young couples irrespective of their gender. Love always means caring, supporting, and giving.

The partner in love wants the best for the other and always wants them to be happy even if they are not a part of their life; it often involves sacrifices for the one he loves.

It can be said that love has no limits and complete freedom and one gives more importance to other`s needs in love.

Obsession too is Universal and can be seen in any relationship, be it in humans or animals. Obsession includes pleasing their partner by hook or crook and in turn trying to control or limit giving time or attention to others.

It often leads to physical abuse, anger, and jealousy and the partner always chooses himself or his ego in a debate. Often the relationship goes out of control which makes it even harder to quit the relationship without feeling guilty.

Comparison Table

Parameter of ComparisonLoveObsession
Maintaining Individual IdentitiesPeople in love have a maximum mutual understanding level in their relationship and they maintain their identities and interests.People who are obsessed can think of nothing else other than their partner.
PrioritiesA person in love always wants the best for the person he loves. It does not depend on whether he is a part of her life or not.Obsession involves pleasing the partner and controlling them. While in a debate he would always prioritize his ego and think himself to be right.
HabitsPersons in love are never threatened if their partner when their partners choose to spend time with friends or family without them.The obsessed partner is always suspicious that his partner may be cheating or they become too insecure. So, they give the effort to spend maximum time with their partner and do not like their partner spending time with others without his presence.
EffectIt is a healthy emotion which mostly keeps both the partner happy giving a positive effect on both partners.Jealousy and Paranoia make it an unhealthy emotion giving a negative effect on both partners.
Mutual Respect levelMutual respect is the biggest priority in partners in love. They never disrespect each other whatever may happen.Physical and Verbal abuse often takes place in a relationship in which one or both partners are in obsession, resulting in a lack of respect for each other.

What is Love?

Love is a feeling from the heart, a feeling which is uncontrollable and pure. A person in love always prioritize the best for his partner and never prioritize to become her life partner.

Pure lovers act maturely and don’t like making their loving person uncomfortable. This may involve mutual sacrifice and they want their partners to be happy, even if they are not part of his life.

Pure love is built by an understanding between individuals and they trust each other blindly. Mutual Respect is given the highest priority.

A Person in love will never disrespect the other in any situation. Individuals in love also care, supports the other in any situation. Love has no limits and Individuals never try to curb each other`s freedom.

Habits derived from love are positive. It makes individuals happy. There is no insecurity, no trust issues, no jealousy feelings, which makes the person feel positive about both individually or about partners.

Due to a good understanding level, the individuals develop a mature mindset and peace of mind. Maintenance of individual identity, reciprocal nature of the relationship with almost equal give and take and equal sacrifices makes love a healthy feeling.

What is Obsession?

Obsession is a crazy feeling, a feeling which in turn causes some serious bad effect on a relationship. The person in obsession always wants his partner by his side and to be only his, to give time and attention only to him.

The Obsessed partners behave immaturely often, spending all his time to get attention from the partner. They are always ready for sacrifices but it is unequal and only to please the other individual.

The mutual trust level is weak as often partners curb each other’s social freedom being insecure. In a relationship where one is obsessed, anger results in verbal or physical abuse commonly showing that there is no mutual respect in their relationship.

Emotional blackmail, intentional or non-intentional makes the relationship even more complicated and as a result, guilty feeling traps individuals in this suffocating atmosphere.

Habits gained from being obsessed or being in an obsessed relationship are very bad. Feelings of extreme depression and low self-esteem results in an unpeaceful state of mind.

Moreover inability to focus on anything else adds to the trouble. A low mutual understanding level gives rise to jealousy and paranoia. Obsession is an unhealthy feeling resulting in increased appetite, anxiety, loss of sleep, and depression.

Main Differences Between Love and Obsession

  1. Persons in Love can maintain their identities and interest due to mutual understanding and a mature mindset, whereas Obsessed persons can`t think about anything else except about their partners.
  2. Individuals in love give priority to doing good for their partner, while obsessed individuals always give priority to keep his partner by his side.
  3. Love usually results in good habits, as there is no insecurity, whereas obsessed people ruin their mental health due to insecurity, Paranoia, and jealousy feelings.
  4. Love has a positive effect because there are mutual respect and no jealousy between the couple. Obsession results in doing all sorts of things to catch the partner`s attention and results in an unstable state of mind with extreme depression.
  5. Partners in love share a high mutual respect level them resulting in positive feelings for both individuals and the relationship. Obsessed partners make the relationship terrible when anger is involved.
Difference Between Love and Obsession


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