Difference Between Self Love and Ego

Self-love and ego are two different types of human natures or feelings found in people. Self-love makes people give importance to themselves without any altruistic intentions.

Ego brings some self-priority intentions in humans. People that have egos would always think about themselves without considering the opinions of others.

Self-love is a positive human feeling, whereas ego is more towards self-conceit human feeling. Both self-love and ego are experienced by every human at some juncture of their lives.

Self Love vs Ego                   

The main difference between self-love and ego is that self-love helps in the development of the human being through positive feelings. On the other hand, the ego would build self-esteem, supremacy, and self-belief in humans. Fear is an important component of ego, as many people develop egoism due to fear of not getting love for themselves.

Self Love vs Ego

Self-love is the selfless nature or feeling of humans. People admire their personalities without finding fault in themselves.

Self-love would reduce insecurity and doubts in humans. Self-love would encourage people to follow their paths without thinking much about what others would think.

Self-love comes without any intentions as it is inbuilt in humans. Some people give so much priority to others that they forget about themselves and these people need to comprehend the significance of self-love.

Ego is another aspect of self-love that comes with intentions and insecurity. For example, if you have 4 cups of coffee in front of you, then you may go for your part without thinking about others.

This may happen due to your insecurity as you may think that people are not going to offer you the coffee. People with some emptiness in their life mainly have egoism.

Comparison Table Between Self Love and Ego

Parameters of ComparisonSelf loveEgo
Meaning      People would find ways to make themselves happy and satisfied with life.     People with an ego would always find a gap between the thought of themselves and others.
Signs                   People will accept their flaws.       People may never find or realize their flaws.
Behavior The people with self-love would be welcoming and happy souls.People with egos would be bad at expressing their feelings.
ConsequencesSelf-love would allow people to become a better version of themselves by spreading positive thoughts to develop others.Ego would allow the person to become an independent human without caring much about anyone else
Preference People would be comfortable with the company of different people.People would never ask for others’ attention or support.

What is Self Love?

People should realize their importance in the world. Some people forget to take care of their health due to the absence of self-love.

Self-love is a way or feeling that would help people to respect their presence in the world. Sometimes, people would get criticized for their flaws and would feel disgrace about themselves.

This would happen when people would not be doing self-love to themselves. Self-love makes someone feel confident about their actions and thoughts.

For example, if you are thinking of serving the country, you should love the thought, and this would happen if you love yourself. People expect everyone to love themselves but never appreciate their acts and perspectives.

Love that comes from others will not help people to grow and develop. The belief level of humans is a vital condition of self-love.

If someone would not believe in themselves, they would always find themselves dubious and confused for no reason. Then these people would start trusting others as a sign of no self-love in their lives.

What is Ego?                                                                                                    

Some people are quite obsessed with their life ethics and principles. People with egos never like to beg in front of anyone for anything.

Sometimes, negative thoughts can also lead to the ego in humans. Ego is not always negative but would be a normal human feeling or nature with some intentions.

The intention in people with an ego would be to live their lives without anyone’s interference or support. These people are generally more self-respective and self-esteemed.

The egoistic people rarely find their faults as they consider themselves to be always right in every situation. Fear can increase the ego in humans.

Ego will grow in someone when someone has a sense of insecurity that they will never get love from others, and they have to love themselves the most. The egoistic people would find difficulties in building trust and relationships.

People with an ego would rarely express their feelings, as they would think people may not understand it.

Ego may make people stronger as they would try to become independent to live their lives. The main intention of egoistic people would be to protect themselves from any bad person or situation.

Main Differences Between Self Love and Ego

  1. Self-love comes when you realize your importance in the world. The ego develops when you are not given the right amount of love and care at some juncture of your life.
  2. Self-love is not about living life without others. Ego is all about self-realization that you are capable of handling your situation, and people’s interference is not going to help you.
  3. Self-love is unconditional and has no limits. The ego is conditional, and the actions of the person would depend on how they are treated by everyone.
  4. Self-love is admiring yourself. Ego happens when you think that you are better than others.
  5. Self-love has no competitive feelings. Ego may come with some type of competitive feelings.
Difference Between Self Love and Ego


Self-love and ego both are different. Self-love is more about bringing positivity to life. On the other hand, the ego would help people to make themselves independent.

Self-love would give satisfaction to people for whatever they are. Ego may always make people achieve more in life, as they want to see themselves always on the top.

The egoistic people don’t prefer apologizing for their acts as they may not realize their mistakes. Self-love is a good way for people to concentrate on their own lives and to avoid the chaos happening in everyone’s life.

Self-love would allow the people to make them a priority, while ego would develop a self-obsession attitude in humans.


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