Difference Between Self Esteem and Self Worth

We all have some goals and achievements to be succeeded in our life. To do that, we have to work hard and sacrifice something. Self Esteem and Self Worth are the two most important factors that will determine your life’s achievement and goals. Often people think that they are the same and confuse themselves. But they have some differences, and the journey of achieving is different.

Self Esteem vs Self Worth

The main difference between Self Esteem and Self Worth is that self-esteem will help a person to determine that they have the worth for doing that worth. Self-worth will help a person to understand that they are capable of doing this work so that they will have the much-needed capacity to finish that specific task assigned to them.  

Self Esteem and Self Worth

Self-esteem is important to every person. Because that will help the person to rebuild their confidence, strength, and some other things that they have lost in their life, you can make or rebuild your self-esteem in many ways. There are even counselling sessions available for people who would like to rebuild or improve their self-esteem. 

Self-worth is a thing that will help a person to analyze their worth and confidence. A person who experiences low self-worth should start some methods to gain them. Having negative people or negativity around you are the main reasons that are causing you low self-worth. You should find yourself a good and positive place to live to beat that negativity around you. 

Comparison Table Between Self Esteem and Self Worth

Parameters of ComparisonSelf EsteemSelf Worth
DefinitionIt will help us to understand that we are worth somethingIt will help us to believe in ourselves and also in building the confidence
ExampleWhen we get failed in some tasks, we should trust ourselves that we can do it.When we find ourselves stuck in some kind of problem, then it will give us the confidence to solve that.
ImportanceIt is important so that we will never feel unwanted in lifeIt is important so that a person will start to build the much-needed confidence in the life
Building techniquesThere are lots of steps like speaking with positive people are availableTo build that, you need to first get out of the negativity surrounded by you

What is Self Esteem?

Self-esteem is one thing that will help a person to understand the thing that they are worth, capable of, and the ability to do something. A person should have good self-esteem so that they can lead a good and happy life without having any negativity around them. When we have very low self-esteem, then we will start to doubt ourselves and our capacity. 

It is an important part of human life, and everyone should understand this. People having low self-esteem when they never really respect others. They will always have some negativity spread around them. It is not good for their mental health. It impacts your life in everything. It is very important when it comes to decision-making. We can’t make decisions in a hurry and worry about them for the rest of our life. A person can make good decisions only when they have good self-esteem.

Not having good self-esteem will affect your life in many ways. It will lead to depression, anxiety, not being able to trust others, and many other problems. The list can go to any length. There are many types of self-esteem in this world. We can even predict or determine self-esteem by finding some factors. Some of the factors that determine self-esteem are the person’s genetics, their life experiences, their health, their thoughts, reaction to others. Once you have lost your self-esteem, you can always find some ways to rebuild it. 

What is Self-Worth?

Self-worth is something that defines our worth of love and other’s belongings. Many people confuse this word with self-esteem and believe that they are the same. And it is not. This will help the person to believe their own choice and belief. This is very important in life, and it also influences other people’s choice and their decisions.

Having self-worth will help you to achieve many goals in your life. People will have some goals in their life. To achieve that, we need to believe in ourselves. Nobody will come and push us in achieving that goal. We have to do it on our own. This also helps us to make strong decisions in our life. This is also not developed or created all of a sudden. There are ways to improve them as well. There are lots of steps available on the internet to increase our self-worth.

At first, it will be very difficult to follow them. When we stick to them, then nothing will separate us from achieving it. When you think your self-worth got lowered, then it is time that you should start improving it. Because it is very important, once you feel like losing it, you have to immediately rebuild it so that you can make the best decisions of your life. There are many reasons for our low self-worth, and some of the primary reasons are having a bad childhood or toxic parents.

Main Differences Between Self Esteem and Self Worth

  1. Self-esteem will help a person to understand that they are capable of something and they can do. Self-worth will help a person to build the capabilities needed in their life.
  2. There are 3 types of self-esteem available. There are 4 types of self-worth available.
  3. When you feel cheated or feeling low, then you should improve your self-esteem. On the other hand, if you don’t have the confidence in doing something, then you should focus on your self-worth.
  4. Self-esteem is important for a person so that we will never feel low in our life. Self-worth is important for a person so that they can build the shattered confidence in their life.
  5. You can build self-esteem in life by yourself or by seeking some professional help. You can build your self-worth by detaching yourself from the negativity.


Both these parts are important in human life. Sometimes in your life, you will find yourself surrounded by lots of negativity. That is not your fault. But the moment you sense that you should start to surround positivity in your life. And there are many ways to improve your self-esteem and yourself with. This is not an easy task.

But if you find it difficult to do on your own, you can always seek some professional help. These people will have lots of experience in their life. Once the root cause is found, then it can be easily rebuilt by following some techniques suggested by them. 


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