Difference Between Lydia and PayPal

Globally 69% of the world’s population has an online account for transferring money to other accounts, withdrawing money from one’s account, and for business transactions.


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In this digital world, handling cash is a challenging thing and for this reason, online payment services like Lydia and PayPal are developed for ease of use.  

Lydia vs PayPal

The difference between Lydia and PayPal is that Lydia is the online payment gateway that lets us use our card for every payment detail whereas PayPal is a much more active and faster online payment service that does not require us to share our financial details for any transaction we do.

Lydia vs PayPal

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Lydia is a very secure and trusted international payment service that works as an alternative to other traditional banking applications with a cleaner app interface and works for those who want a complete track record of the money and the transactions they make in their profession or personal life. 

PayPal is also a trusted and privacy-locked banking service that holds globally the transactions and business of people directly in an account made under the name of PayPal.

PayPal is more popular for online purchases that require currency exchange around several countries in the world making PayPal serve more in e-commerce.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Lydia PayPal
RequirementLydia demands the card details and financial details for the transactions from its users.PayPal works with a PayPal account and does not require financial risking details from the users.
FeaturesLydia does not offer the feature of recurring payments in its interface.PayPal has the facility of recurring payments and split payments for the users.
ReliabilityLydia does not have a big audience base due to its less reliable factor.PayPal has a good review of online payments, platform interface, and recurring billing than Lydia.
User ratingLydia is a newer platform and gathered less audience during the initial stages with an overall rating of 8.8.PayPal is much older than Lydia and has been in trend since then with a customer rating of 9.8.
EstablishmentLydia is a multi-platform app that offers effortless payments line by line, established in 2013.PayPal is also an advanced payment application established in 1998 with old features.

What is Lydia?

Lydia is an application that works as an alternative to all other applications that do online payments for personal use and the business sector of people.

Established in 2013, Lydia had kept its interface and working procedure simpler and effective.

The headquarters of Lydia is in Paris, France since 2013.

Lydia is also operational globally and works well for all online transactions of money in almost all countries and in all the currencies that work globally.

Lydia has the use of credit or debit cards for transaction purposes.

The use of cards often makes people think that Lydia has security risks because every time they do a transaction, they enter their passwords and card numbers in Lydia transactions.

This often makes a security risk in the Lydia application.

Lydia also has a premium feature that works on a paid basis users for to enjoy some additional and exclusive features in the app interface.

This lets Lydia make money. Through this, Lydia gives the support of recurring transactions only for paid members of the app.

Besides this, it also offers a multiple-account handling feature.

Lydia charges 3.69 USD per month for these and now, the rates are very variable with more new updates of the app.

What is PayPal?

Just like Lydia and other globally used business and payment applications, PayPal also operates upon the basis of the business transactions and the personal funds that people use to live their lives.

PayPal came into action in 1998 and its headquarters are located in San Jose, United States.

PayPal has the advantage over many other payment applications in that it is well- interface and functionalities.

For example, PayPal does not require the card details and the security keys that adds the advantage of being more secure than other payment applications.

Rather than these, it is more likely to be used for online purchases which require a little information about the person’s details and payments.

For a more smooth run of the business that people own, PayPal has some exclusive amenities like transaction flexibility, failed transactions and payment notices, and the insights of the business owner more clearly and simply.

PayPal also demands subscription money from its users to get the benefits of these payment services. However, recurring billing or payments are kept free on PayPal, unlike Lydia.

For some more pro-business handlers and owners for their financial management pays for PayPal’s subscriptions which vary every time. 

Main Differences Between Lydia and PayPal

  1. Lydia is not a very popular application due to its costly premium plans whereas PayPal has worldwide application users that pay whenever they get paid and this rate is variable.
  2. Lydia offers the premium features like the recurring bill on the subscription basis whereas PayPal’s free version also comes by embedding the same features.
  3. Lydia has not had big controversies in the past due to its low users whereas PayPal often comes in controversial areas and is also very successful.
  4. Lydia has a more complicated user interface whereas PayPal is very clean and catchy and doesn’t require card details.
  5. Lydia charges its fee during international transactions whereas PayPal’s foreign transaction fee varies according to the currencies involved.  
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