Magnetism vs Electromagnetism: Difference and Comparison

Magnetism and Electromagnetism are fundamental concepts of basic physics. Both terms have different meanings, properties, and uses.

Though the terms are somewhat related to each other, both the terms deal with magnetic forces through the approach of the forces in these terms are different. The phenomena of these terms differ in a way.

Key Takeaways

  1. Magnetism originates from the alignment of atoms in a material, while electromagnetism results from the interaction of electric currents and magnetic fields.
  2. Permanent magnets retain their magnetic properties, whereas electromagnets require an electric current to maintain their magnetic field.
  3. Unlike permanent magnets, unlike permanent magnets, electromagnets offer the advantage of controlling their magnetic strength and polarity.

Magnetism vs Electromagnetism

Magnetism is a physics concept that deals with magnetic fields, which is where magnets experience a force. It is the force exerted by magnets when they repel or attract each other. Electromagnetism is the physical interaction among magnetic moments, electric charges, and the electromagnetic field.

Magnetism vs Electromagnetism

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Magnetism is a concept of physics that deals with the concept of magnetic force. It refers to the magnetic properties of an object.

The property of an object to attract or repel each other. You must have heard about simple magnets, that phenomenon is magnetism.

Electromagnetism is a branch of physics that deals with the interaction between electric and magnetic fields. It deals with magnetism and electricity and the interaction between them.

And that’s why it is called electromagnetism. It rates the property of an object to emit or absorb electromagnetism radiations.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMagnetismElectromagnetism
DefinitionMagnetism is a concept of physics that deals with magnetic fields. A magnetic field is a region where magnets experience a force.Electromagnetism is a branch of physics that deals with the study of electromagnetic force.
HistoryIt was discovered in the ancient world. In a natural magnet called Iodestone.Hans Christian Orsted first observed the phenomenon in April 1820.
Property1. There are two poles: the north and south poles. The same pole repels each other, and opposite poles attract each other.
2. They can’t be demagnetized.
1. Electromagnets can be demagnetized by switching off the current. 
2. The strength of the magnetic field can be changed.
External EnergyMagnets don’t require any external energy.Electromagnets need electrical energy.
Made by?Magnets are found naturally and can also be made by man.Electromagnets are man-made. (Mostly made of soft iron core)

What is Magnetism?

Magnetism is a concept of physics that deals with magnetic fields. A magnetic field is a region where magnets experience a force. The magnetic field is created by an electric current or magnetic dipole.

Magnets create a magnetic field. Magnets are objects which can repel or attract each other and other objects. There are two poles of magnets, the North pole and the South pole. Similar poles repel each other, and opposite poles attract each other.

Magnets are found naturally as well as can be handmade. Various materials can be magnetized to become permanent magnets when a magnetic field attracts them.

Demagnetizing of the magnets can also be done. There are different types of magnets based on their bulk susceptibility. The magnetic state of a magnet depends on temperature, pressure, and the magnetic field.

A magnetic field is produced due to the motion of electric charges. The magnetic field has a specific orientation or direction which is called the atom’s magnetic moment.

When an object has an aligned magnetic moment in the same direction, the object has a net magnetization and creates a magnetic field. The alignment of the atoms generates a force that eventually creates a magnetic field.


What is ElectroMagnetism?

Electromagnetism is a branch of physics that deals with the study of electromagnetic force. It is a concept of forces and fields which is associated with charge.

It is a phenomenon that deals with the interaction between magnetic fields and electric fields. And is responsible for the emission or absorption of electromagnetic radiation.

The electromagnetic force is a concept that is widely used in our modern world, in electronics like in digital technology.

Also, it is a concept that is used to determine the internal property of many of the objects of our daily life. For example, speakers, electric motors, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, fans, refrigerators, etc.

The electromagnetic force is responsible for holding the atoms together as there is an electromagnetic attraction between atomic nuclei and their orbital electrons.

Also, the electromagnetic force is responsible for the chemical bonds between atoms, creating intermolecular forces.

Electromagnets are man-made and can be made as strong as we need. Also, they are operatable, which means they can be turned off.

The simple experiment is to send an electric current around a coiled wire. A conductor carrying an electric current produces a magnetic field. Electromagnets change electrical energy into motion.


Main Differences Between Magnetism And Electromagnetism

  1. The phenomenon of magnetism deals with magnetic fields. The phenomenon of electromagnetism deals with electric fields and magnetic fields.
  2. Magnetism is the phenomenon of two objects being attractive or repelling from each other. Electromagnetism is the phenomenon of the rate at which an object absorbs or emits electromagnetic radiation.
  3. Magnets don’t need any external energy. Electromagnets need electrical energy.
  4. Magnets are not operatable, and it’s their property to attract or repel. Electromagnets can be operated or turned off.
  5. Magnets are natural as well as man-made. Electromagnets are man-made.
Difference Between Magnetism And Electromagnetism

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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