Addon Domain vs Parked Domain: Difference and Comparison

Clients who are unfamiliar with the hosting business may be perplexed as they first log into their Control Panel and narrow down the parked and addon selections.

Although they are separate, the distinction between addon and parked domains might be difficult to grasp at times. While one allows you to add another domain/site to your account, the other directs visitors to the primary site. 

Key Takeaways

  1. An Addon domain is a fully functional domain that can be hosted on a website, while a parked domain is an additional domain that points to the same website as the main domain.
  2. The Addon domain has its own FTP account and control panel, while the parked domain does not have its control panel or FTP account.
  3. Addon domain can have its email accounts and subdomains, while parked domain cannot have its email accounts or subdomains.

Addon Domain vs Parked Domain

An addon domain is a separate domain that can be added to an existing hosting account, allowing users to host multiple websites on a single hosting account. It stores website content and files in a separate directory. A parked domain is a domain name that is registered but not associated with any website content or files.

Addon Domain vs Parked Domain

An add-on is a separate website that has its own URL, content, and information. When you direct it away from your primary domain, it looks like a whole other website. This allows you to have two distinct web pages on a single account.

You may host many websites or domains on a specific account that are established as subdomains on the primary domain, but the domains you install as an addon domain are parked on top of the subdomain.

A parked domain is not a one-of-a-kind site. It is, however, a disguise forward to your cPanel account’s principal domain name, like a website pseudonym.

Parked domains are used whenever you need a location to park a domain that does not have a website, or you have many domains that should point to your principal domain, or you have common spelling errors in the domain name that you have acquired. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAddon DomainParked Domain
MeaningThe Addon domain is a secondary website with its unique content.A parked domain does have unique content rather it is used when wanting many domain names to refer to the same website.
PrerequisiteYou must first obtain the new domain name before you can host it.The only requirement is that you check to see if your preferred domain is available for purchase.
Apache directive usage Virtual hostServer Alias
FunctioningAfter connecting the c panel, you will be able to manage settings for many sites.The URL in the address bar changes to the page’s real location.
Target audienceFor people who have private accounts or experimentation settingsAnyone may use a parked domain.

What is Addon Domain?

An Addon Domain is a separate domain name that links to a subdirectory within public HTML. It displays in the browser as a separate website from your principal domain, with its own distinct content.

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This sort of domain, of course, need the registration of a new domain name before you may host it. Addon domains are fully working domains that you may establish from your cPanel.

An addon domain is analogous to numerous hosting plans using the same cPanel. You can establish email accounts, forwarders, and so on in the same way that you do with your principal domain.

The distinction here is there is no distinct control panel, thus, your addon domain’s files are shared with your principal domain.

The vast majority of website owners utilize addon domains for a variety of reasons. Addon domains are most used to allow the creation of several sites under various domains without the need to sign up for multiple hosting accounts.

All of this is especially beneficial if you want to establish or run a website with little traffic and without the need for a separate hosting provider. Not only is the addon domain function easy, but it also reduces money in the long term.

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a domain name acquired but not associated with an internet service such as a site or mail hosting. In other respects, it is a domain name that was acquired but is not presently being used.

Rather it is “parked” for eventual use.

There are numerous sufficient grounds to maintain one or more parked domains: A quality domain name is a rare and expensive commodity.

Unfortunately, anybody who has attempted to obtain one for their website has most certainly discovered that their preferred option has already been secured.

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As a result, numerous individuals may purchase a domain early in the process of launching a new company, well before they begin developing their website, in order to take the domain off of the market.

A parked domain can be used as a backup domain for the main domain. This parked domain resolves to the same IP address as the parent domain and provides the same webpage.

It is typical for businesses to acquire numerous parked domains with names that are similar to their principal domain. Also, if you no longer want to maintain a site, you can disconnect the domain from your site’s IP address and park it till it matures.

This keeps other sites from registering the domain till your tenure period expires.

Main Differences Between Addon Domain And Parked Domain

  1. An addon domain is intended to display a completely distinct website from other domains. A parked domain, on the other hand, is any top-level domain which is not tied to just about any specific website and other online services.
  2. You may connect an addon domain to your cPanel, which allows you to handle parameters for many sites from the same control panel. On the other hand, when you use a parked domain, the URL in the address bar changes to the actual location of the page as the page downloads.
  3. The Apache directive used in an addon domain is Virtual host, however, in a parked domain, it is Server Alias.
  4. The first step to acquiring an addon domain is to must first obtain the new domain name before you can host it, whereas in a parked domain, it is fairly simple as you just have to check to see if your preferred domain is available for purchase.
  5. Addon domains are appropriate for individuals with personal accounts or testing settings. On the other hand, almost anybody may utilise parked domains to redirect several domains to a single website.

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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