Difference Between Google Domain and Bluehost

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A distinct domain is required for each of them. It might be argued that a domain is just as crucial to organizations now as a phone number was pre-internet, whether it’s for hosting their website or simply for their members to communicate via email.

Google Domain vs Bluehost

Google Domains is a domain registration service offered by Google that allows you to register and manage domain names for your website. Bluehost is a web hosting service that provides hosting plans to suit different needs, from shared hosting to dedicated hosting for larger businesses.

Google Domain vs Bluehost

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Google Domain is one of the renowned platforms that mainly focuses on registering domain names through its site. The platform was introduced in 2014 and was completely functional in 2015 is still being in the Beta version.

The major advantages of using Google Domain may include – privacy and security protection, 24*7 customer support, affordable pricing, email-forwarding, reliable Google Cloud DNS, forwarding of domain and subdomain, and much more.  

Bluehost is another hosting platform available in the market despite being expensive. The platform has been developed by Endurance International Group and has been providing its services for the last 18 years.

The platform is said to be one solution for every purpose, whether it is to create a domain name, web hosting, or web building. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonGoogle DomainBluehost
Developed ByGoogleEndurance International Group
Launched In 20142003
IndustryDomain name registration platformWeb hosting platform
Web hostingExcept for Google Sites, the platform doesn’t allow to host different serviceIt provides complimentary host services like -WordPress
Types of CustomersSmall, medium, and large businessMedium, and large business
Supported PlatformsMobile, Cloud, and DesktopCloud, and Desktop

What is Google Domain?

In January 2015, Google introduced Google Domains, a domain registration service. Google Domains can assist their customers with registering the domain name for their WordPress site (or any other website).

Google Domains, unlike many other major domain registrars, does not provide any form of hosting. As a result, the user will have to pay for hosting separately.

For instance, the user might buy any domain name from Google Domains and then host it using WordPress.

Google Domains also makes it simple to connect to other Google services such as Google Search Console, G-suit, and more, and the user can use the same Google account that is used for other Google services to access Google Domains.

Google Domains is still technically in beta, even though it was introduced in 2015 and is fully functional. The platform is priced at very low prices and is available on different operating platforms that are – Mobile, Cloud, and Desktop.

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is among the top web hosting companies available. There is no doubt about it. However, it may not be the ideal option for everyone when it concerns domain name registration.

Their registration process for the domain name isn’t great, but it’s also not a cheap alternative.

Their price is a bit on the higher side. Although it is not too expensive, there are still many affordable options available in the market.

One of the best features of Bluehost is that they include a free domain with every hosting package. So, if you buy hosting with Bluehost, you don’t have to spend anything at all for your domain name registration.

To keep using your domain after one year, you must renew it. The target audience for the company is to provide their services to medium and large business owners. Also, the supported operating platform for it is Cloud and Desktop.

Main Differences Between Google Domain and Bluehost

  1. The platform Google Domain has been developed and designed by the company Google itself, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the platform Bluehost is owned and developed by the company Endurance International Group.
  2. The Google Domain platform was initially released in 2014 and then became fully functional in the year 2015, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the Bluehost platform was released in the year 2003, around 18 years ago.
  3. The platform Google Domain mainly belongs to the domain name registration platform whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the platform Bluehost belongs to the web hosting platform industry.
  4. Google Domain platform usually doesn’t allow or have any other compatible hosting service except Google Sites (where the access of it is very limited) while comparatively, on the other hand, the Bluehost platform allows varied complementary hosting platforms for the user to avail.
  5. The main focus of Google Domain platforms is on all over the business level that is small, medium, and large business whereas comparatively, on the other hand, the main focus of Bluehost platform is on medium and large business.
  6. Google Domain is supported by different platforms Mobile, Cloud, and Desktop, whereas comparatively, on the other hand, Bluehost is supported by a different platform like Cloud and Desktop.
  7. Google Domain is priced at quite low prices whereas, comparatively, on the other hand, Bluehost is priced at much expensive price ranges. 


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