Mazda 3s vs Mazda 3i: Difference and Comparison

The automotive industry, or the entire mechanical engineering industry, is dynamic, diverse, and ever-changing.

Now and then, we see a new piece of technology or equipment going to the market and eventually to the customers.

And not only that, a single piece of technology can be modified to present itself in different forms, and that is very widely seen in the subcategories different car models have under the same product line.

That is also valid for the Mazda 3 series. Here, we specifically talk about the Mazda 3s and the Mazda 3i.

The Mazda automotive company is a well-known car company based in Japan. They are well known to produce cars which are well suited for city travel, as well as some high performing ones. Their 3 series has two cars under it, the 3s and the 3i.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Mazda 3s has a larger engine than the Mazda 3i, with a displacement of 2.5 liters versus 2.0 liters for the Mazda 3i.
  2. The Mazda 3s also has a sport-tuned suspension and bigger brakes, making it more suitable for performance driving.
  3. The Mazda 3i, on the other hand, has a better fuel economy rating than the Mazda 3s, making it a more cost-effective option.

Mazda 3s vs Mazda 3i

The Mazda 3 comes in two versions, the 3s and the 3i. Mazda 3s comes with a 2.5L engine, high horsepower and luxury features. Mazda 3i comes with a 2.0L engine with high efficiency; it is cheaper than the 3s.

Mazda 3s vs Mazda 3i

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Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMaza 3sMazda 3i
Engine SizeThe Mazda 3s has a bigger engine than the Mazda 3i.The Mazda 3i has a comparatively smaller engine than the Mazda 3s. However, the newer models have bigger engines than the older models of 3s.
TransmissionThe Mazda 3s has a 6-speed transmission.The Mazda 3i has a 5-speed transmission.
EntryMazda 3s is equipped with keyless entry.Keyless entry is not an option in the 3i.
MileageDue to a larger engine, the 3s has less mileage than the 3i.Owing to a smaller engine, the 3i pumps more miles per litre.
SafetyThe 3s has side airbags.The 3i does not have side airbags.

What is Mazda 3s?

The Mazda 3s is a higher-end trim option of the Mazda 3 series. The 3 series has always been a successful product line for the Mazda automotive company.

Since the 3s is a more expensive variant, it is easy to conclude that the 3s has way more features than the 3i, thus resulting in the price gap.

The 3s has a bigger engine, as well as more horsepower. However, it lacks in the mileage department. This is understandable since a bigger engine produces more power, which means more fuel consumption.

The engine size of a standard Mazda 3s is 2.5 litres, which is capable of producing a total of 167 horsepower. 

It also has a 6-speed transmission. This means that the car operates using 6 gears within the transmission system. Each gear helps the car attain a certain speed, after which it shifts to a higher gear.

The more the number of gears, the faster the car can travel. This is understandable in the Mazda 3s, as it already has a large engine and produces more horsepower.

As a result, the car can travel at a higher speed than the less powerful models in the same product line.

Moving on from the engine and power output terms, there are other small areas where Mazda has given the 3s a significant upping compared to the 3i.

The presence of side airbags in the 3s is one such example. The Mazda 3s has side airbags, while the 3i lacks any. This handy safety feature might come in use in times of need. Another feature which the 3s has is keyless entry.

This is a very convenient feature, which is not necessary, but very useful. This comes to use especially when one is approaching the car with their hands holding bags full of items and cannot reach for their keys.

They can also open the boot space without using the keys. The start and stop are keyless too.

mazda 3s

What is Mazda 3i?

The Mazda 3i is the more affordable version of the 3 series product line of the Mazda automotive company. When we say affordable, it is natural that it is a lower-end version compared to the more expensive Mazda 3s.

However, when we say lower-end, we do not mean to imply that the car lacks in anything or in any such way. One will find all necessities present and more than the necessities to be present too.

But, one will find more features in the 3s that push it into the luxury segment, which brings about more convenience, and a price too.

The 3i has a smaller engine than the 3s, at only 2.0 litres, producing only 148 horsepower. However, one big advantage of having a smaller engine is that the 3i gives better mileage than the 3s.

This is because a smaller engine consumes less power, which means that it consumes less fuel and thus makes energy consumption efficient.

This is ideal for small-city travel or travelling to places where there might not be long-range fuel stations.

The Mazda 3i also lacks AFLs, or Adaptive Front Lighting, when the headlights sway in motion with the turning car to help the driver get a better view of the road.

It also has 16-inch steel rims, which are relatively heavier than the aluminium rims in the 3s.

mazda 3i

Main Differences Between Mazda 3s and Mazda 3i

  1. The main difference between the Mazda 3s and the Mazda 3i is that the 3s has a bigger engine than the latter.
  2. The 3s has a 6-speed transmission, while the 3i has a 5-speed transmission.
  3.  The Mazda 3s has keyless entry, while the Mazda 3i does not.
  4. The Mazda 3s has lesser mileage than the 3i.
  5. The Mazda 3s has side airbags, while the Mazda 3i lacks them.
Difference Between Mazda 3s and Mazda 3i

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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