Microsoft Lists vs Sharepoint Lists: Difference and Comparison

Email Outlook is gaining as much appreciation as given to Gmail with smart features for sending messages, files, links, media, and more.

Microsoft and the Sharepoints list were good points of discussion over the last year due to advanced technology. Creating your account over Microsoft is quite simple, where one gets the benefit of Microsoft List, a newly updated version.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Lists is a standalone application within the Microsoft 365 suite, while SharePoint Lists is a feature within the SharePoint platform.
  2. Microsoft Lists offers a more modern and user-friendly interface, while SharePoint Lists is more robust and integrated with SharePoint sites.
  3. Microsoft Lists provides enhanced collaboration and customization features, while SharePoint Lists supports advanced workflows and extensive customization through the SharePoint platform.

Microsoft Lists vs Sharepoint Lists

The difference between Microsoft Lists and Sharepoint Lists is their version, and Microsoft Lists is the improved software of Sharepoint Lists in Microsoft 365 tool. The App launcher Microsoft Outlook earlier supported Sharepoint Lists and now supports Microsoft Lists. The aim of the Microsoft list is about sharing interaction, unlike Sharepoint Lists, which only include data.

Microsoft Lists vs Sharepoint Lists

Microsoft Lists, as the name represents, are the lists present in the Outlook 365 application which helps you to manage your team efficiently using simple, flexible, intelligent, and effective files or data.

Updating teams timely is very useful. All information becomes easily accessible by every team member so that one can match their pace with others. 

Sharepoint Lists is a very strong feature of SharePoint applications which used to have a clear vision of the team. It is simply a collection of data just like Excel spreadsheets, where you can see data in a structured manner to utilize your manpower most fully.

Though SharePoint lists are new and glittery, if used in a better manner can give the best results for business growth.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft ListsSharepoint Lists
Usage:Microsoft Lists are used to manage teams with the help of structured data.Sharepoint lists are used to manage teams with the help of data in spreadsheets. 
ProductMicrosoft lists are the application of Microsoft 365.Sharepoint lists are the application of Sharepoint software.
Data ViewIn Microsoft Lists data is viewable in the form of Calendar, Gallery, Grid, List & more.In Sharepoint Lists data is viewable in the form of Excel spreadsheets only.
TechnologyMicrosoft Lists are the updated version of Sharepoint Lists.Sharepoint List is old technology in comparison to Microsoft 365. 
FunctionIn Microsoft List, you can rename or change the color of the icon.In Sharepoint, you can only change the list name.

What is Microsoft Lists?

The term Microsoft Lists is described as the successor of the technology, namely Sharepoint Lists, which helps to collaborate teams of an organization over a single platform.

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One can create or design team suits as per their choices as some basic templates are available over the application of Microsoft365.

There are four types of views available to check information or data available at Microsoft Lists that help to describe work effectively and efficiently.

Grid is the most effective view format as one can see rows and columns where one can analyze the details of the project or task assigned.

They are easily editable; anyone can change them according to their work and preference. Configurations in the Microsoft Lists are easily changeable. 

Gallery view is where multimedia images can be stored and viewed with the help of the Microsoft window management tool. To highlight data in an image manner so that anyone can understand it easily.

The best view option to manage tasks effectively is a calendar to check out things and manage time easily. The Microsoft lists are the best source to complete work in a coordinated manner for a socially interactive method.

When we share any data over Microsoft Lists, that data is editable and also can be viewed in read-only format.

What is Sharepoint Lists?

The term Sharepoint Lists is described as a Grid view method with rows and columns like an Excel spreadsheet to exchange data or any other information. Before any input of data or information in SharePoint lists, one must ensure that there is only one source of truth.

A Sharepoint Lists avoid such a situation as it has only one version therefore, when a team member feeds the data, it remains stored in that and becomes the single source of truth.

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Maintaining control over certain areas in spreadsheets to manipulate data is restricted over Sharepoint Lists since one cannot add rows or delete columns or vice versa in such situations, it restricts the whole sum organization or management of team collaboration.

People cannot be assigned partial modification where only one or whole part can be assigned for access to data over SharePoint lists. But with Sharepoint, you can assign tasks for a particular list to be modified or altered.

We can also guide users to perform tasks over Excel spreadsheets in the Sharepoint Lists therefore, it creates a more user-friendly interface between teams. These combinations provide better data integration, tracking the source of data over the team network.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Lists and Sharepoint Lists

  1. Customization:  In Microsoft Lists, 6 custom columns are not displayed, and 4 custom columns are displayed, whereas Sharepoint Lists show all customized columns.
  2. PowerApps: Microsoft Lists are empty in power apps Newform, and on the other hand, Sharepoint Lists display the power apps after saving and publishing data.
  3. Order of Command: In Microsoft Lists, the  Power Apps function works like Automate– PowerApps, and in contrast, Sharepoint Lists Powerapps function like PowerApps and then automates.
  4. Purpose: The Designing of Microsoft lists is more about data, whereas the design of Sharepoint Lists is more about the social interactions of the team.
  5. Integration: In Microsoft Lists, team members can leave their remarks or comment on a particular task; however, no such feature is present in Sharepoints Lists.,

Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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