Dropbox vs SharePoint: Difference and Comparison

Cloud storage is the version of cloud computing that piles data online via a cloud computing supplier who regulates and drives data depots.


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It saves your data firmly to a remote database, so storing them in your computer hard drive or other storage appliances is unnecessary.

The method of sharing resources or information is called “File sharing”.

Ways such as the Internet, removable USB drives, or peer-to-peer networks are the most common ways by which the pieces of information are carried out. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Dropbox is a cloud-based file hosting and sharing service focusing on ease of use and collaboration.
  2. SharePoint is a web-based collaborative platform that provides tools for document management, team collaboration, and business intelligence.
  3. Dropbox is ideal for individuals and small businesses with basic file-sharing needs, while SharePoint is better suited for large organizations with complex collaboration and document management requirements.

Dropbox vs SharePoint

Dropbox is a file hosting service that allows users to manage their files across multiple devices and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. SharePoint is a web-based collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It provides users with a centralized location to manage content.

Dropbox vs SharePoint

Dropbox is a cloud file-transferring network and online backup storage. It is very easy and user-friendly to work with and does not require any technical knowledge. 

Meanwhile, SharePoint needs guidance from the IT department to compose and prolong.

SharePoint is very complex to key-start. But, it has many special functions to be viewed separately. Its vigorous themes allow new document administration, along with easy file transfer. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonDropboxSharePoint
Owned byDropboxMicrosoft
Up for grabs inCloudHybrid, Cloud, Robust, and In-situ
Type ofIndependent productA Microsoft outcome
Platform forConsumer assistance collaborating kitAmalgamating tool build on web
DeploymentEase of useComplex-requires IT support
Integration scopeNo self-integration opportunity-needs
third-party for integration with MS Office
It goes hand-in-hand with Microsoft Office
since it is their product
Difficulty levelInstinctive-a very simple form of a folder
The intricate-the highly intensive facet of the file
CostEconomicalExpensive for up-gradation maintenance
FeaturesFile Storage, Document regulation, File
File Storage, Document regulation, File sharing,
Assent progress, User’s honour, Record libraries for more storage of files
Free?Free but needs subscription if requires space
more than 2 GB
Free but needs an Office 365 subscription to retrieve data
Special featuresDocument synchronization, Customer software, Remote wipe and can add extra features with
the help of third-party services
Document access control, Remote wipe, Encryption
Password securityPassword protection is available only in
advanced subscriptions
Password protected tool
Beneficial forSelf-employed workers, Independent workersMedium and Large organization-with a technical staff to carry out the deployment

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a file transferring ministration which is widely used. Customer software, file protection and administration, cloud Storage, and data synchronization are some of the services provided by Dropbox. 

A definite folder is created by every user on their computers, which is then synchronized by Dropbox so that it is viewed as the same folder with the same contents nevertheless of any computer that can be used to view it.

The website and mobile application can examine these files and folders.

Freelancers and independent workers mostly benefit from this product since it is very customer-friendly and can be easily installed and used by every user.

Not much difficulty is faced in handling this product since it is made sure to be used by the common people with zero technical knowledge of IT.

It is free to be used by anyone for transferring their documents, while it can handle data only up to 2 GB in the free version. For further usage of data space, a mere subscription is required.

The major advantage of Dropbox is that multiple servers from multiple locations can access the files anytime.

The other merits of Dropbox are:

  1. Easy storage, access, and protection of data.
  2. Rationalized work-line: We can upload any file and approach it from multiple devices. 
  3. Important data can be backed up in a secured, off-site point. It is more helpful in times of disaster recouping.
  4. Diminishing resources in administering data.
  5. Shrinking of energy and governance price concerning data cope up.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaborative platform based on the Web (Internet) that is seen as a document administration and storage system. SharePoint is a fiddly platform to shape and lead as it is highly contrived. 

This highly structured and supple product makes it a flawless ticket for large firms.

As a Microsoft product, it provides a coherent integration with Microsoft Office. The installation of this product is quite tricky that requires technical knowledge to install this product.

The users are given free access liability but need an Office 365 subscription to use SharePoint’s merits fully. These subscribers can only use the storage space for this product.

This product has a unique technique to store documents in the form of recording libraries, increasing the chances of storing more files in this form. 

SharePoint can be used as an internet gateway, internet point, business inventive, linking key for project governance, synchronizing calendars with Outlook, etc.

It is very robust and suits the modern world’s needs aptly. It gives importance to large as well as small enterprises.

Main Differences Between Dropbox and SharePoint

  1. Dropbox is very instinctive. It has a very simple form of folder transfer method which everyone can use. While SharePoint is very intricate. It has the highly intensive facet of the file transferring process, which requires technical knowledge to install them.
  2. Dropbox is beneficial for Self-employed workers, Independent workers. In contrast, SharePoint has benefitted mostly the Medium and Large organizations with the technical staff to carry out the deployment process.
  3. Dropbox is affordable for everyone, and SharePoint is very expensive for up-gradation maintenance.
  4. Since SharePoint is a product of Microsoft, it goes hand-in-hand concerning integration. However, Dropbox requires third-party help for integration with MS Office as it does not have the feature of self-integration. 
  5. Dropbox has only password-protection features in advanced subscription levels, while SharePoint has a password-protection tool in common.
Difference Between Dropbox and SharePoint
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