Microsoft Virtual Desktop vs Citrix Virtual Apps vs Desktops: Difference and Comparison

The increased remote work culture pushes us to make the office even better with technology. The business is running towards more agility and searching for the proper infrastructure to give a good experience.


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IT infrastructure in remote work is a big deal now, and that is provided by Microsoft and Citrix.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Virtual Desktop integrates seamlessly with Azure cloud services and other Microsoft products.
  2. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops offer more extensive customization options and support for non-Microsoft environments.
  3. Citrix has a long history and more experience providing virtualization solutions than Microsoft.

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Vs Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

MVD is a Microsoft Azure-based VDI solution that provides virtualized desktops and applications on a remote server infrastructure. It allows users to access a desktop environment with applications. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops is a more established VDI solution that provides access to virtualized applications and desktops. It allows IT administrators to manage and deploy virtual applications.

Microsoft Virtual Desktop Vs Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Microsoft Virtual Desktop gives the experience of accessing your desktop application anywhere. By using the Windows license, you save and secure your work at a low cost. It makes a classy experience for the end-users.

Creating an Azure portal will help to manage the application as well as Azure services. The new scalability in Windows 10 provides a multi-session adventure.

It has built-in security to detect threats and accusations. Based on your need, you manage and deploy your business.

Citrix is a software company that has a long experience in the virtualization market. It makes you choose one central cloud to give a better environment of updates in one click.

High-definition resource makes the employee feel like office infrastructure. It can meet your flexible workforce.

Advanced monitoring and cloud-native are the advantages of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops(CVAD).

The centralized cloud storage makes Your data more secure than ever.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonMicrosoft Virtual DesktopCitrix Virtual Apps and Desktops
Application DeliveryMicrosoft Virtual Desktop aims to access Windows applications.CVAD targets all applications.
Profile ManagementMicrosoft need FS Logix.Citrix has its management layering.
Image managementNo quality native image managementIt has native image management.
Flexibility and scalabilityComparatively lessComparatively more flexible.
SecurityIt has weak native real-time.It has an analytics engine to give better security.
End-user experienceMicrosoft access Azure AD SSO through AD federationCitrix’s can make windows clients access Azure AD through SSO directly on the desktop.
CostMicrosoft Virtual Desktop bundle with other services.It gives license only to the Citrix environment.

What is Microsoft Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft Virtual Desktop integrated with Azure cloud services. By accessing Microsoft Virtual Desktop, you can access Windows 10 apps anywhere. It doesn’t need any new license to access.

If you are already a Windows user, you make it a free account. You can manage both the virtual desktop and Azure services with one account. Since it integrates with Azure, it is easier for automation.

The scalable features give the end-user a multi-session experience.

Microsoft has built-in security that can detect the thread and makes the data secure. Choosing the correct virtual machine will make the performance better in Windows 10.

It provides the same experience on a local desktop or laptop when with the collaboration. You can also reduce the cost by choosing the size that fits virtual machines. The management cost gets reduced once it is moved to single management cloud services.

You can wisely use the portal as a hub of management for your services. Some features are adding users, network configuration, and enabling security.

You can control your subscription with management policies and your Virtual desktop and infrastructure managed by Microsoft. You can integrate Microsoft Virtual Desktop with your existing desktop apps. It provides flexibility based on the price.

microsoft virtual desktop

What are Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops?

Citrix Virtual Desktop provides a high-quality definition no matter the place where the employee work. The intelligent analytics engine gives ultimate protection to the data.

It provides myriad options and allows you to choose many cloud services. Citrix supports a complex active directory(CAD) to make it more flexible. You can use Citrix Desktops against multiple cloud platforms.

Citrix is the preponderance option for its ease of image management. It provides both network streaming services and machine creation services.

It has a native integration of white image builder as one of its offers. Citrix virtual desktops have a unified communication system to provide a better collaboration experience.

It has a Desktop as a Service for deployment and better scalability. The multi-factor authentication verifies the data security.

It allows the services on different operating systems. The Citrix-based Azure directory has no requirement for an active directory and provides a leverage-managed record.

It gives a whole HD experience without an SSL VPN. The workspace works natively through HTML 5. It is vital to choose the correct devices that match them.

Since it is a cloud-based workspace, your data transfers securely. Through SNMP and Net scaler MAS integration, Citrix takes complete control of the delivery of the data.

citrix virtual apps and desktops

Main Differences Between Microsoft Virtual Desktop and Citrix Virtual Apps and desktops

  1. Microsoft has weak native real-time insights, and Citrix has an analytics engine to give better security.
  2. Microsoft Access Azure AD SSO through AD federation and Citrix can make Windows clients access Azure AD through SSO directly on the desktop.
  3. Microsoft Virtual Desktop aims to access Windows applications, and CVAD targets all applications and gives a better experience.
  4. Microsoft won’t have traffic steering to give better flexibility, and Citrix has Traffic steering capability.
  5. Microsoft Virtual Desktop bundle with other services, and Citrix gives license only to the Citrix environment.

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