Difference Between Dell Desktop and HP Desktop

In today’s era of technology, electronic devices play a very important role in an individual’s life, serving various purposes.

Laptops and computers have become a necessity in everybody’s life ranging from students to professionals. Dell and HP are the two brands that have a leading market.  

Dell Desktop vs HP Desktop  

The main difference between the dell desktop and the hp desktop lies in various aspects such as their launch dates, their features, and the price ranges they share. Dell was launched in the year 1984, whereas HP was launched in the year 1939. They both have different manufacturers and share different price ranges according to the models they launch.  

Dell Desktop vs HP Desktop

Dell desktop is the desktop that is manufactured by the Dell company.

Dell desktops are among the most demanded desktops in the market, having various features like 128-bit hardware for the videos, compact sizes, advanced features, etc. Dell desktops have various models and various features ranging in every model.  

HP desktop is the desktop which was launched by the HP company in the year 1947. The desktops share various features according to today’s era competing various brands in the market.

HP desktop is very famous for the slim look of the desktops that they offer, which is very competitive in today’s market.  

Comparison Table Between Dell Desktop and HP Desktop  

Parameters of Comparison Dell Desktop HP Desktop 
Launch Year 1984 1939 
Price Range Comparatively less Comparatively high 
Manufacturing Company Dell HP (Hewlett Packard) 
Affordability More affordable Less affordable 
Gaming Preferred for gaming Less preferred for gaming 

What is Dell Desktop?  

Dell desktop is a well-reputed desktop in today’s era, offering people a lot of features like a good gaming processer, compact sizes, and great affordability.

Dell was introduced in the year 1984, and till now, it has made tremendous growth in the tech industry, having a great range of devices.  

The basic reason for which people go for the dell desktop nowadays is the affordable price range that it offers.

It is going for a quality desktop at a very less price. The least expensive dell desktop starts from $150.People go for dell for the quality it provides at a lower range of price.  

Every desktop nowadays provides the best features that enhance the performance of the buyer. Dell desktops have various models such as Dell XPS 13, Dell Inspiron 14700, Dell Inspiron 14500, etc. having different features.  

Dell XPS 13 is a desktop offering a borderless display and has a long-lasting battery. Dell Inspiron 14700 is a Dell desktop that has the feature of a 14-inch display and is well known for its portability.

Being portable is a combination of working with leisure. Dell Inspiron 14500 is the dell desktop, best known for the lower price it offers and is best for people having less budget.  

Today’s generation is crazy for gaming and spends their leisure time playing games on desktops. For a desktop to be good at gaming, it requires a good gaming processer.

Dell is best known for the gaming supports it have in their desktops. Dell Alienware is one of the best-known gaming desktops of dell.  

What is HP Desktop? 

HP desktops are desktops that were launched by HP (Hewlett Packard). HP entered the market in the year 1939, and till the present time, it has been serving people with the best technology offering different tech products under different ranges.  

HP is best known for the features that it offers in every new model of the desktop they launch. They have always been providing people with advanced features in their desktops to make their work easier and more flexible.  

HP is well known in the market for the appearance of the desktops they launch. They provide you with a very standard-looking desktop that has a very elegant outer appearance. People prefer HP for its elegant and classy look.  

HP desktops are usually expensive than many desktops available in the market. Being expensive than various brands, it stands out on the advance features it provides in the desktops.

It offers you great graphic features, an attractive slim look, inbuilt advanced features.  

Some of the models of HP desktops are HP Envy x360, HP Pavilion Envy x360, offering different features to the buyers. When it comes to performance, HP serves the best purpose.   

It is prominently known for focusing on design work. It offers the best features for photoshops and illustrators. It provides you with excellent features for surviving the complexities of the modern era.  

Main Differences Between Dell Desktop and HP Desktop  

  1. Dell entered the market in the year 1984, whereas HP (Hewlett Packard) entered the market in the year 1939.  
  2. Dell is best known for its lower price range, whereas HP desktops offer a high range of prices.  
  3. The manufacturing company of dell desktops is ‘DELL,’ whereas the manufacturing company of HP desktops is ‘Hewlett Packard (HP).’  
  4. Dell desktops are considered more affordable, whereas HP desktops are less affordable due to the high price range.  
  5. Dell desktops are less considered for gaming purposes, whereas HP desktops are more preferred for gaming.   


Both the desktops of Dell and HP have various features in common and have variations too. Both these desktops are serving people with their features and making their life easier and comfortable.  

Desktops are a basic need of life in today’s era. Technology has become vital because the era we live in requires advanced technology to serve our needs.  

While buying a desktop, we should consider various factors according to our needs. One laptop may be the best for one but not suitable for the other. We should always consider our needs and preferences before buying a desktop to make the best choice.  

Both the desktops have various unique features which are different from each other. We should always analyze our needs and should research various desktops before picking the one which suits us the best.  


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