Microsoft Your Phone vs PushBullet: Difference and Comparison

Technology gets enhanced regularly to ensure the products are user-friendly and adaptable to the version operating systems available. The Microsoft Your Phone app has enhanced its earlier version and added more features to the app.

PushBullet has a host of features available in all leading operating systems. It functions seamlessly between devices.

Key Takeaways

  1. Microsoft Your Phone is exclusive to Windows devices, while Pushbullet supports multiple platforms.
  2. Microsoft Your Phone offers deep integration with Windows 10, while Pushbullet focuses on cross-platform compatibility.
  3. Pushbullet provides a free version with limited features, while Microsoft Your Phone is free with Windows 10 and later versions.

Microsoft Your Phone vs PushBullet

The difference between Microsoft Your Phone app and PushBullet is that Microsoft Your Phone is an app that syncs messages between the phone and the PC. It works best between an Android and Windows 10 PC. The PushBullet has a host of features, and it shares notes, pictures, or files between the PC and Phone. It works best on different platforms.

Microsoft Your Phone vs PushBullet

Microsoft Your Phone links the Android and the Windows 10 PC, and an Android user can view all the phone notifications, text, and even transfer photos. This app syncs the phone to the PC. The app helps to mirror screen the phone to the PC.

The iPhone does not support the app and has its restrictions.

PushBullet is an app that allows sharing between phones and PC. It is the quickest method to access links, notes, and files from the phone to the PC and vice versa. The end-to-end encryption of the data ensures that data is safe.

The PushBullet app does have a free option that has many features. The paid version has more enhanced versions.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMicrosoft Your PhonePush Bullet
NotificationYou can personalize the notices.It supports many notices.
ApplicationWindows PC and Android Phone.Operates on multiple dimensions.
SharingIt is restrictive.You can share multimedia.
RestrictionsOnly photos can get shared.Texts can be copied and pasted.
SuitabilityWindows 10 and Android.It’s cross-platform.

What is Microsoft Your Phone?

On 26th May 2015, Microsoft announced the development of an app to link the phone to the PC. They made it compatible with Windows, Android, and IOS smartphones.

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In May 2018, Microsoft launched the ‘Your Phone app, which is compatible between the PC and smartphones. This app permitted users to view the latest photos and even send SMS messages.

When Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10, the preview of the Your Phone app was conducted by receiving calls on the PC through Bluetooth. With the successful launch, this feature was prominent on all Android phones from 20th February 2020.

Your Phone app was compatible with Windows 10 and Android phones. The Windows PC can access up to 2000 recent photos, send SMS and make calls. 

Your Phone app can also mirror the screen on a few Samsung Android devices. The app has an additional feature to copy and paste text or images to and from Android and Windows devices. The same cut and copy command get utilized.

This feature is available in Samsung Galaxy 20 series and the Z Flip.

System Requirements:

 A PC with Windows 10 and the Your Phone app, from the PC, you can connect to the Android with the following app.

  • Your Phone Companion(YPC) is available for most Android phones.
  • Link to Windows(LTW) preinstalled on selected Samsung phones.

The link between the device and the PC gives instant access between both devices, and you can view your favourite apps and Android device notifications on the PC. Connectivity to the same Wi-Fi is a must for both the PC and the Android phone.

What is PushBullet?

The idea of PushBullet is to unify multiple devices and act as a single device. Installing the PushBullet is quick and easy. You have to visit the website from the Desktop, and the access is from Google or Facebook.

You can download the app from any one of the following IOS. Windows, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Safari. Tick in the necessary updates, which will help in remote access.

Features of Push Bullet:

The Push Bullet’s prime feature is sending words and notices to an assortment of non-identical gadgets. You can manually select the information which you want to share in the Push Bullet app.

Once selected, the new notifications seen on the phone will pop up on the computer. You can dismiss, delete or highlight the selection on the PC without scrolling down the phone.

The entire history will be visible if you click the SMS option on the PC. The send and receive options are accessible from the PC. The Whatsapp window also opens, but you respond only through Whatsapp Web.

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The device option is most useful and manages to send messages to other devices. For instance, you are working on a presentation. Then you can PushBullet the images, then push the picture to the PC.

This option is available in Dropbox. You can move it to the browser, right-click and save it.

In the remote files section where the files are stored and accessed. You can browse the files and choose the files you wish to ‘push’ to your device. PushBullet is a powerful tool that has its limitations and hurdles.

Main Differences Between Microsoft Your Phone and PushBullet

  1. In the Your Phone app, you can customize from which app you wish to get the notification. PushBullet supports multiple messages.
  2. Your Phone app is free and available on Android and Windows, and the ios users must upload the MS Edge browser option. Popular platforms support PushBullet.
  3. In Your Phone app, sharing between the phone and the PC is restrictive. PushBullet is a sharing platform, and sharing is not restrictive.
  4. In Your Phone works only with images. In PushBullet, you can copy and paste the link or even text between both devices.
  5. Your Phone app is best suited for Android and Windows. PushBullet is a cross-platform and transfers data freely between devices.

Last Updated : 13 June, 2023

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