Mother vs Grandmother: Difference and Comparison

Mother and grandmother are two important persons in a child’s life. A mother is the one who gives birth to the child, whereas a grandmother is the mother of the child’s mother or father. Both mother and grandmother are equally important in raising the child.

The value and contribution of the mother are slightly higher than grandmother. The age of the mother is always less than the grandmother.

Key Takeaways

  1. Mothers give birth to their children, while grandmothers are the mothers of those children’s parents.
  2. Grandmothers have more experience raising children, as they have already raised them.
  3. The bond between a mother and her child is more immediate and intense, whereas the relationship between a grandmother and her grandchild may be more nurturing and advisory.

Mother vs Grandmother                                             

A woman who gives birth to a child is his/her mother. The relationship between child and mother is direct. A mother is more responsible for their children. Grandmother is the mother of the child’s mother. The relationship between a child and grandmother is indirect. A grandmother is a more experienced person.

Mother vs Grandmother

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Mother is a very important word that brings a lot of emotions and feelings. A mother plays a vital role in the upbringing of children. The mother is responsible for teaching ethics and values to the child.

A biological mother keeps the child in her womb for nine months or till the birth of a child.

A grandmother is another important woman in the child’s life. The grandmother of a child is the mother of the child’s mother or father.

The value of grandmother is high in the child’s life. The grandmother doesn’t keep the child in her womb but loves the child more than a mother.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonMotherGrandmother
Age                                                                    The age of the mother is less than a grandmother.Age of grandmother is more than mother.
Relationship with childDirect relationshipIndirect relationship
ResponsibilitiesThe responsibilities of a child are more on a mother.The responsibilities of a child are less on a grandmother.
DutiesThe duties for the child are more on the mother.The duties for the child are less on the grandmother.
Complication The role is more complicated than the grandmother’s role.The role is less complicated than the mother’s role.

What is Mother?

The mother has a biological relationship with the child. A father and mother give identity to the child. The roles and liabilities of a mother are vast.

The mother is considered the epitome of sacrifice for the child. The child stays with the mother for the whole day and night. This is the reason that mothers are strict as compared to grandparents.

The mother is more attached to the child than the father. The mother’s signature is one of the vital requirements for the educational career of a child.

The love and affection of a mother for her child are not comparable to any other person. The mother can understand her child in a better manner than the grandmother. Therefore, a mother is the first teacher of the child.

The mother holds equal legal rights to the child, just like the father. If a person is a single mother, then all the rights of the child stay with the person. The contribution of a mother is the highest in a child’s life.


What is Grandmother?

The place value of a grandmother in a child’s life is less than a mother’s. Generally, grandmothers are less strict as compared to mothers.

Grandmothers are the mother or mother-in-law of a child’s mother. The grandmothers don’t get any legal rights of a child if the parents of the child are alive.

If the child’s parents are not alive, then the grandmothers may get legal rights which depend on the laws and regulations of the state. The grandmother is not bound to take any responsibility for a child.

The grandmother gets the flexibility to meet the child whenever required. A child connects to the grandmother as the grandmother pampers a child more than the mother.

The grandmother has no direct connection with the child. The health conditions of grandmothers are not better than a mother. Therefore, the grandmothers can’t claim to take care of the child for their whole life.

A grandmother has a better understanding and experience about a child’s health. A grandmother knows how to grow a child with good ethics and values.

In general, when it comes to grandmothers, the privilege is given to the real mother or mother-in-law of the child’s mother. The place of a grandmother is different in a child’s life that the mother can’t replace.

The mother-in-law of the child’s mother has more rights as compared to the mother-in-law of the child’s father.


Main Differences Between Mother and Grandmother

  1. The age of the mother is less than the grandmother.
  2. The mother has a direct relationship with the child. On the other hand, the grandmother has an indirect relationship with the child.
  3. The mother gives birth to the child, whereas the grandmother doesn’t give birth to the child.
  4. A mother has a legal right to the child, whereas a grandmother may get legal rights under special conditions.
  5. Mother takes all the majority of decisions about the child’s future. On the other hand, the grandmother is not liable to make important decisions about the child’s future.
Difference Between Mother and Grandmother

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