Difference Between NDS and NDSI

In the world of technology and software, people can rely on the various applications that are created that can be installed on any electronic device.


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However, other than those applications, there exist many companies that manufacture video games.

These companies create various models that are introduced with several features that are released after a specific period. One of these companies is Nintendo.

Nintendo is a company from Japan that produces video games. They have produced many electronic videos games. Two of those are 1. NDS or Nintendo DS and 2. NDSI or Nintendo DSI.


The difference between NDS and NDSI is that the screen of NDS or Nintendo DS is comparatively smaller, and it does not have the feature of a dual camera, on the other hand, the NDSI or Nintendo DSi comes with a comparatively larger screen, and it does have the feature of dual cameras.


The NDS or Nintendo DS is a video game product that was released by Nintendo in the years 2004 and 2005. The “DS” in the Nintendo DS stands for two long forms, namely, the developer’s system and dual-screen.

In Nintendo, DS one can connect other devices through wifi instead of connecting them through another wireless network.

The Nintendo DSI or NDSI is also a video game product from Nintendo that was released on 1 November 2008 in Japan. It was developed with a dual-screen, and it is extremely easy to handle.

In late 2006 the development of the DSi series had begun, which further led to many of her models from Nintendo.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonNDSNDSI
Full formsNintendo DSNintendo DSI
Dual CameraAbsentPresent
WeightComparatively heavierComparatively lighter
Battery LifeMoreLess
CostComparatively lessComparatively more

What is NDS?

The Nintendo DS is a video game that is handheld, and it can be carried from one place to another. It is a product by Nintendo, which is a company that manufactures and produces video games from Japan.

This product belongs to the DS family and has a unique storage system.

A unique feature of the Nintendo DS is that it can be connected to other devices through wifi, and it can also be used without having to connect it to a pre-existing wireless network.

Even if Nintendo is the developer of this video game, Foxconn is the manufacturer of this product.

The screen of this product is slightly smaller than many other Nintendo products. However, it provides many features at affordable prices.

Other than that, Nintendo also introduced some free applications and services in this product. The free wifi connection was one of the pre-installed services in these video games products.

If a person wants to play multiplayer games with other Nintendo DS devices, then he or she can make use of Download play. While playing video games, one can also chat with other players through the application called Poictochat.

What is NDSI?

The NDSI or Nintendo DSI is one of the most popular video games series that was developed by Nintendo. It is the upgraded version and a part of the Nintendo DS series.

It was launched initially in Japan in the year 2008, but it was launched worldwide one year later in 2009. The fourth version of this series was the Nintendo DSI XL. It came with more advanced features.

The members of the engineering department were Masato Kuwahara, who was appointed as the leader for the first time during the development of the Nintendo DSi series.

The development of this model began in late 2006. A rough presentation of the model was ready by the initial months of the year 2007.

The sales of the Nintendo DS were almost 170,000 out of the 200,000 units that were shipped only after two days of the release. By the end of the month in which the model was released, almost 535,000 units were sold by Nintendo.

Later on, there were more colours in which the model was introduced in different parts of the world.

The games that are designed for the Nintendo DS are played on Nintendo DSi. Some games offer an option where many other players with the same device from Nintendo can play games together, which is known as the multiplayer option.

This option is made available to the players when they connect their device to the wifi connection from Nintendo.

Main Differences Between NDS and NDSI

  1. NDS is the short form for Nintendo DS. On the other hand, NDSI is the short form for Nintendo DSi.
  2. Nintendo DS does not have a dual-camera feature. On the other hand, the Nintendo DSi does have a dual-camera feature.
  3. The Nintendo DS is comparatively less costly. On the other hand, the Nintendo DSi is comparatively more costly.
  4. The Nintendo DS is comparatively heavier. On the other hand, the Nintendo DSi is comparatively less heavy.
  5. The Nintendo DS is made up of comparatively less good battery life. On the other hand, the Nintendo DSi has better battery life.
  6. The screen of the Nintendo DS is comparatively smaller than the screen of the Nintendo DSi.


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