Difference Between Night and Evening

We have 24 hours in a day which is further divided into different categories (time) such as Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. Morning is the start of the day when the sun rises i.e. mostly around 4 or 5 am, the afternoon is the daytime between 12 am till 4 or 5 pm, the evening is the time between 5 or 6 pm till 8 pm, and night is the end of the day from 8 pm till 5 am. Although timings can vary in different places and weather.

Night vs Evening

The main difference between Night and Evening is their timing and when they happen. Night happens between the duration of sunrise and sunset i.e. after the evening ends and before morning starts, whereas evening is the period which takes place between the duration of when the sun starts setting till it completely sets i.e. after the afternoon period and before the evening.

Night vs Evening

The night is the time when the day ends after the sun goes down, spreading the darkness all over. It usually starts from 8 pm in the night and lasts till the sun comes up in the morning. It comes after the evening period. It is considered the best time for rest and sleep as there is no natural light present outside.

The evening is the time when the sun starts going down, and there is minimum sunlight present outside. It’s not constant therefore it can also start from 12 pm or 4 pm but mainly 5 pm is considered as standard time after which the evening starts. It mainly depends on location. During this time, most of the people go back to their houses or take a walk or plan something to do with their loved ones.

Comparison Table Between Night and Evening

Parameters of ComparisonNightEvening
DefinitionIt is the time between the sunrise and after the sunset.It is the time between afternoon and sunset.
DaylightThere is no daylight.There is very minimum daylight.
DurationIt is longer in duration.It is comparatively shorter in duration.
GreetingsGood night is usedGood evening is used.
ActivitiesFinishes work or walk.Sleeps and relaxes

What is Night?

The middle duration between the sunset and sunrise is known as the night. During the night, the sunsets, and the moon rises, spreading its moonlight. The main reason behind the occurrence of the night is the rotation of Earth in its axis. The night is sometimes referred to as dusk, sundown, and many more words.

All the planets in our solar system move or rotate, which implies that not only earth has night, but every single planet has night. It is considered that the winter’s nights are much longer than the summers.  

Activities during Night

  1. Sleep: this is the most preferred activity done during the nighttime. The whole day a person works, whether physically or mentally. Thus, at some point, they need rest and need to gain the energy they lose. Therefore night is the best time to do that as there is peace and no bright light outside. It is said that to be healthy, a person should sleep at night for at least 8 hours
  2. Work: although daytime is ideal for work, it is not compulsory. A person can also work during the night. Various jobs can only be done during the night. Being a watchman is the prime example of that.
  3. Party or celebration: people do prefer nigh time for some family gathering or celebrating. It is the most peaceful time, therefore, considered the best for all the celebration or just spend some quality time with their families.

What is Evening?

The duration between the sun starts setting and when it finally goes down completely is the Evening. This time of the day is never constant and keeps on changing with location and weather. Therefore, it is not particular when it starts, but mostly 5 pm is considered to be the best time.

This is the time when the sun starts disappearing till it’s finally gone. It is also referred to as twilight.

Activities during evening

  1. Go on a walk: after coming from work, it is the best time for some walk so that the person could feel relax and can chill. And when the sun goes down, it is very beautiful outside, making it the ideal time for any person to go outside who loves nature.
  2. Spend time with family or friends: day is for work and night is for rest. Therefore it is only the evening time when one can spend some quality time with their friends or family. The person who works all day usually plans some outing with their friends in the evening only.
  3. Relaxing: those who work all night preferred also relaxing who work during the day sometimes just want to go home and relax.

Main Differences Between Night and Evening

  1. Nighttime from 8 pm till the sunrises i.e. from 4 or 5 am but evening time starts from the 5 pm when the sunset starts.
  2. The night is when there is no sunlight at all present while there is minimum or less daylight during the evening time.
  3. The evening is mostly of only 3 hours maximum while night time is of 9 hours maximum. Therefore, nighttime is longer than the evening time.
  4. During the evening time person usually completes his work and activities while during the night most of the people rest and prefer to sleep.
  5. Greeting used during the evening time is good evening whereas good night is used as a greeting before going to bed in the night.
  6. The evening is the time which comes before the night time.
  7. There is complete darkness everywhere during the night due to the absence of sunlight, but there is very little light during the evening as sunlight is not gone complete during this time.


Therefore it is clear how night and evening are not the same. Although most people know about the nighttime but not familiar with the evening as it is very short. And another reason could be that its time is not fixed and keeps changing from place to place and weather to weather. In winters, it starts early, while during summers, it mostly starts late.

Working time is mostly considered to be the daytime i.e. morning and afternoon and could be expanded till the evening after that most of the people do not work, but like everything, this also has an exception. There are jobs for the people who are comfortable working at night. Otherwise, nighttime is mostly for gaining energy and having rest.


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