Difference Between Nits Eggs and Dandruff Flakes

Hair can also have many infections and problems related to the scalp. Lice and Nits are one of them that causes itchiness in the hair.

On the other hand, various types of infections such as yeast infections and fungal infections cause Dandruff in the hair.

 But sometimes, these dandruff flakes and nits eggs are confused with one another as they both have the same appearance.

But the fact is, they both are completely different types of things though they happen in the hair scalp.

Nits Eggs vs Dandruff Flakes

The main difference between Nits eggs and Dandruff flakes is that nits eggs are caused by the parasite called lice, whereas Dandruff flakes are just the dead skin cells caused by yeast, fungal, or dry skin conditions. Nits eggs are very contagious, whereas Dandruff flakes are not contagious and can be removed easily.

Nits Eggs and Dandruff Flakes

Nits eggs are potential lice that are stuck in the hair directly and feed on the blood of the human.

They are eggs and are not easy to remove as they come with the sticky glue-like substance coated on them that sticks on the scalp and the hair shaft.

They are very contagious and can be spread from one person to another who has these nites eggs.

Dandruff is not a type of parasite but just the dead skin cells that are caused due to any type of infection.

They are not at all contagious and can be easily removed just by combing the hair properly and flicking the hair. They are treated using many natural methods as well as dandruff shampoo.

Comparison Table Between Nits Eggs and Dandruff Flakes

Parameters of ComparisonNits EggsDandruff Flakes
DefinitionThey are the eggs of a parasite that resides in the hair called lice and they feed on human blood.They are the dead skin in the head that turns into itchy skin and produce flakes of white color.
ContagionNits eggs are parasites and they grow as lice causing the infestation and can because when in contact with a person having lice, thus not contagious.They are dead skin cells and they cannot grow further, and also not in coming in contact with a person having dandruff thus they are not contagious.
RemovalThey contain a glue-like substance from which they attach themselves and are thus hard to remove.They are easy to remove and can be done only by flicking or combing the hair or by applying dandruff shampoo.
LocationThey are mainly present in the warmer place such as the neck of the head, near the temples, or behind the ears.They can be present anywhere in the scalp of the hair.
AppearanceTher are attached to the hair where the lice lay eggs.They are not directly attached to the hair and are also easy to remove.

What are Nits Eggs?

The eggs of lice are known as Nits eggs. They are the parasites that are present in the hair and feed on the human blood.

They are mainly found in the places which are warmer such as the neckline, behind the ear, etc. They can be severely itchy to have nits eggs and are potential lice that are also contagious.

They are not harmful, but they are very hard to remove. Unlike Dandruff, Nits eggs are not just flaked and removed.

They got some stick substances on them that don’t let them go and stick to the hair shaft. They can also cause bloody spots on heads due to severe itching.

What is Dandruff Flakes?

Dandruff flakes are not parasites. They are just dead skin that happens due to dry skin conditions or some kind of yeast infection.

They are not like nits and can be removed easily. They are also not contagious as they don’t spread from one person to another. Just like Nits eggs, they are not harmful and also cause less itchiness than nits eggs.

They cannot grow like Nits eggs and can be treated very easily. They can be just combed and flaked and be removed.

One can recognize the dandruff flakes when they notice white or yellow flakes on clothes or flaky and itchy skin.

Main Differences Between Nits Eggs and Dandruff Flakes

  1. Nits eggs are basically the eggs of lice that are parasites that live in the hair, whereas Dandruff flakes are not a type of parasite but dead skin cells.
  2. Nits eggs are not easy to remove as because they are directly attached to the hair, whereas Dandruff flakes are not directly attached to the hair, and thus removal is not hard.
  3. Nits eggs mostly appear on places where it is warmer, like behind ears or near the temple, whereas Dandruff flakes appear on the scalp of the hair.
  4. Nits eggs are contagious because they can spread from the direct contact of the person having lice in their hair, whereas Dandruff is not contagious because it cannot spread from a person’s contact.
  5. Nits eggs grow further to become lice, whereas Dandruff is just the dead skin cells that will not grow.
  6. The ingredient used to treat nits eggs is pyrethrin or permethrin, whereas, for Dandruff, the ingredients used are zinc pyrithione or salicylic acid.
Difference Between Nits Eggs and Dandruff Flakes


Both Nits eggs and Dandruff have very similar appearances, and thus they are often confused. So the next time you notice yourself itching the head, do have a closer look at the skin and see whether it’s nits eggs or Dandruff.

Dandruff flakes are usually not rounded, and nits eggs will appear as a teardrop like a small egg rounded in shape.

Both are harmless and are not a severe condition, and both can be treated using shampoos and other treatments, but they both cause a temporary nuisance.

If you are not able to recognize it, it is advised to consult doctors and get it diagnosed to treat it better and earlier.


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