Difference Between Nose and Tail of a Skateboard

The look of the nose and tail is similar, but they both differ in some of their features. It differs in various brands. The angles and the shape are different in some skateboards. Some skateboards have a difference in the shapes of the nose and the tail. There is a color difference in the nose and tail.


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Nose vs Tail of a Skateboard

The difference between the Nose and Tail Of a skateboard is Nose is made at a different angle than the tail of a skateboard. The nose is painted in a bright yellow color to highlight the part, but the tail is not painted like that. The nose has a round shape, and the surface is flat, but the tail has a curve shape.

Nose vs Tail of a Skateboard

The nose is a part of a skateboard. It is highlighted with bright yellow color. It is made at an angle so that it can look different from the tail of the skateboard. It is made round in shape. It has a flat surface. There is a nose guard made upon the nose, which will protect the nose of the skateboard.

The tail of the skateboard has a different angle from the nose, but sometimes it looks the same on some skateboards. It is not painted with any bright color as it is a tail of the skateboard. It is smaller in size and made closer to the ground. It helps the skateboard to wear faster.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonNose of a SkateboardTail of a Skateboard
Bright ColourYesNo
ShapeRound and flatCurve
GuardNose GuardTail Guard

What is Nose of a Skateboard?

The nose is made bigger in shape. It is made bigger than the tail. It is even much wider but with a flat surface. It is made at an angle different from the tail of a skateboard. It may appear identical to the tail of a skateboard, but it is made differently.

It is painted in a bright yellow color so that it can look different from the tail. The angle may be the same in some skateboards as it depends on the manufacturer. The nose is made round in shape. The new skateboards have ended on both sides and appear the same.

The nose is also called a catch. The nose must catch the foot when the skater attempts to do Ollie. The nose is made larger so that it can catch the foot. The nose cannot be made very large as the skateboard can be harder to use.

The nose is protected using a nose guard so that the nose is protected. Some skateboards have ended only one end, and it makes the skater easily do some stunts like deck and brushings.

It makes it easy, and the skater can very easily do skating. The skateboard cannot break easily with one nose at one end.

tail of a skateboard

What is Tail of a Skateboard?

The tail is made in different angles so that it adds speed to the skateboard. It adds better pop to the skates. The tail is made steeper.

It is longer and made wider. It is also protected by using a tail guard. It is a plastic cover that protects the tail. It is made in a curve shape pointing upwards.

The tail guard protects the tail from being worn out. It is made closer to the ground. It is made in short length. Tail is not highlighted by painting any color. It is made smaller in size. Some brands design their ends differently. It is made in a curve shape.

The shapes and designs are made in different shapes. The tail is the kicktail of a skateboard. It is made smaller than the nose to make it recognize it as the tail. The designs can differ as per the brands as there is no standard way of designing skateboards.

The tail is important as it keeps the grip of the skater towards the ground and gives speed to the skater.

It is an important part of the skateboard as it acts as a safety end. Skaters must ask about the skateboard classification from the shop owner so that there is no confusion about the skateboards.

Main Differences Between Nose and Tail Of A Skateboard

  1. The angle is different in the Nose and Tail of a skateboard.
  2. The nose has a bright color, but the Tail does not have bright color.
  3. The nose has a round shape and flat surface, but the Tail has a curve shape.
  4. The nose guard protects the nose, but the tail guard protects the tail.
  5. The nose is larger than the tail.
  6. The nose has a mellow rocker, but Tail has a steeper rocker.
Difference Between Nose and Tail of a Skateboard


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