Difference Between Pakistan and Afghanistan

Pakistan and Afghanistan are two autonomous South Asian sovereign Islamic countries. They have a common border that spans around 2430 km on the southern and eastern sides of Afghanistan.

Pakistan vs Afghanistan

The main difference between Pakistan and Afghanistan is that Pakistan was formed when India gained its independence from British rule in 1947, after which the two countries were separated on the basis of religion. On the other hand, Afghanistan has a much lengthier historical background, with its origin that can be timestamped back in the 17th century.

Pakistan vs Afghanistan

The bifurcation caused the Muslim majority to move to Pakistan while the Hindu majority inhabited India. The event was convoyed with extensive violence and bloodshed.

Meanwhile, prehistoric evaluation suggests that the land, which is now Afghanistan, was inhabited by people at least 50,000 years ago. However, the origin of Modern Afghanistan can only be dated back to 1709.

Comparison Table Between Pakistan and Afghanistan

Parameters of ComparisonPakistanAfghanistan
OriginThe country was formed as a result of its partition from India.The country was formed way before Pakistan in the 18th century.
AreaIt encompasses an area of 881,913  Km Sq.It encompasses an area of 652,864 Km Sq.
CapitalIslamabad is the capital city.Kabul is the capital city.
Official LanguageUrdu is its official language.Pashto is its official language.
EconomyThe country has a semi-industrialized and developing economy.The country is poor and has a major liquidity crisis.
CurrencyTheir official currency is the Pakistani Rupee which has the acronym PKR.Their official currency is ‘Afghani’ which has the acronym AFN.
AgricultureThe country is agriculturally prosperous due to favourable weather patterns and land quality.The country is not agriculturally prosperous due to a lofty amount of barren land.

What is Pakistan?

Pakistan is an Islamic country located to the east of its neighbour, Afghanistan. It has a population of more than 225.2 million and encompasses an area of 881,913 Km Sq, making it the 33rd largest country.

Pakistan has a very rich ancient culture, being the bearer of the 5,800-year-old Neolithic community of Mehrgarh. This was also where the Indus Valley civilization in the Bronze Age hailed.

However, Pakistan only got its statehood after the partition of the British Indian Empire in 1947. This was when India and Pakistan were divided based on religious lines, making India a Hindu majority state and Pakistan a Muslim majority one.

There was another subsequent partition of East Pakistan which created the new country of Bangladesh as well as western Punjab.

What is Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is a landlocked country located to the west of its neighbour, Pakistan. It is officially known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The country encompasses an area of 652,864 Km Sq, with a population of over 31.4 million.

The country has a lush ancient history that began way back in the Middle Paleolithic Era. It was also the frugal land situated along the course of the Silk Road.

The levels of terrorism, poverty and child malnutrition are at a staggering high. Moreover, the per-capita GDP is one of the lowest-ranked out of 186 countries across the world.

Main Differences Between Pakistan and Afghanistan

  1. Pakistan’s currency is the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) whereas Afghanistan’s currency is ‘Afghani’ (AFN).
  2. Pakistan is agriculturally prosperous due to favourable weather patterns and land quality whereas Afghanistan is not agriculture friendly due to too much barren land.
Difference Between Pakistan and Afghanistan


A major distinguishing factor between the two is that Pakistan was formed much after the formation of Afghanistan as a state. While Pakistan got its statehood in 1947, Afghanistan got it back in the 18th Century.

Moreover, Pakistan is much larger in terms of area and population than Afghanistan. While Pakistan is a semi-industrialized country that is agriculturally rich, Afghanistan is a poor country with a lot of barren land.


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