Difference Between Palmetto Bug and Cockroach

Cockroaches belong to a genus called Periplaneta, a family called Blattidae, an order called Blattodea, and species called Periplaneta americana.


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There are several different and beautiful varieties of cockroaches that exist across the globe. One of them is the Florida woods cockroach, also known as the Palmetto bug.

Key Takeaways

  1. Palmetto bugs are a specific type of large American cockroach commonly found in the southeastern United States.
  2. Both palmetto bugs and other cockroaches are nocturnal insects that can infest homes and buildings, seeking food and shelter.
  3. Palmetto bugs can fly, while not all cockroach species have this ability, making the former potentially more difficult to control.

Palmetto Bug vs Cockroach

Palmetto bug is a colloquial name for the American cockroach, particularly in the Southern United States, where they are commonly found. Cockroaches are considered pests because they tend to infest homes and spread disease. They can survive in various environments and feed on various organic matter.

Palmetto Bug vs Cockroach

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A palmetto bug or a Florida woods cockroach is generally found in the Northern part of America. The name palmetto is assigned to this species of cockroach because it is usually found on palmetto trees.

With large wings and a reddish-brown body, the palmetto cockroaches grow up to a length of 30 – 40 mm. 

A cockroach is one of the most majorly existing insects to be present. They are considered to be social insects.

There are around 30 species of cockroaches present worldwide. The latter is generally considered a pest, though most of the species of cockroaches are not harmful or problematic.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonPalmetto BugCockroach
HarmfulnessThese tend to carry infectious diseases along with them. They also tend to bite which may lead to skin irritation.A cockroach may cause several health problems and skin allergies. Not all cockroaches have a biting tendency. 
CharacteristicsThese are reddish-brown, 30-40 mm long insects with large wings covering their abdomen.These are generally oval-shaped and flattened with a shiny brownish integument. They must be roughly 25-32 mm long. 
BehaviorThey are not very aggressive and don’t impose much danger on one. Though they may bite in case of threat.Cockroaches are not generally aggressive creatures, though some of the species may be a little cranky or belligerent. 
AnatomyThese bugs have a segmented body which includes a head, abdomen, and thorax.Roaches in general have a six-legged body with two pairs of wide wings.
Location Found InPalmetto bugs are usually found in The palmetto trees and hence got their name.Cockroaches are found in moist areas. They can be easily noticed in garbage cans, fallen logs, or storage leaves.

What is Palmetto Bug?

A palmetto bug or a Florida woods cockroach is a mild-aggressive and large species of cockroach which is usually found on the palmetto trees (which gave them their present name) in the Northern parts of America.  

They belong to the order – Blattodea, family – Blattidae, genus – Periplaneta, and species – Periplaneta americana.

These pests are usually detritivores and feed on decomposing plant remains and plant materials. They feed on leaf litter, log remains, compost piles, and decaying organic materials.

They are large-winged, reddish-brown insects with a creamy prothorax. The prothorax has dark markings which resemble a sunglass.

Palmetto bugs are one of the largest cockroach species in North America.

Palmetto bugs usually infest homes during cooler weather.

Their infestation causes havoc among people and households due to the deadly viruses and bacteria they carry along with them, which could cause infectious diseases in adults and children.

 Behaviour wise the Palmetto bugs are not very aggressive, though they might bite sometimes (in case of threat or when not able to fly).

The bites of these unique and beautiful species are not very harmful to the human species, though they could cause skin irritations in some rare cases.

What is Cockroach?

A cockroach is a reddish, flattened, and oval-bodied pest that is usually found in moist and humid areas.

These areas include sewages, canals, garbage cans, moist areas of a household, and under-leaf litter.

They belong to the order – Blattodea, family – Blattidae, genus – Periplaneta, and several other species. There are a total of 4000 species of cockroaches.

A few of the species are listed below –

  • American cockroach
  • Smoky brown cockroach 
  • Ectobius cockroach
  • Parcoblatta virginica
  • Cuban cockroach
  • Speckled cockroach
  • Tryonicidae

A cockroach’s body is a little complicated and structured quite differently. Their head is bent slightly towards the downward direction, and their mouthparts point backward.

This distinguishes a cockroach from other insects as the latter has its mouthparts pointing towards the forward or downward direction.

Different species of cockroaches have different characteristics and traits. Some have large wings to fly, while others are quite sharp teethed to bite into prey or a predator. 

A cockroach develops into an adult male/ female by undergoing three developmental stages. These three stages are –

  • The egg stage – A cockroach lays 10 to 55 eggs simultaneously, growing in moist and shady areas.
  • The nymph stage – After hatching from their respective eggs, the babies go into a nymph stage.
  • The adult state is the final stage, where a cockroach is fully mature and reproductively active.

Main Differences Between Palmetto Bug and Cockroach

  1. A Palmetto bug is mostly found on the Palmetto trees, whereas cockroaches are generally found in moist and humid areas.
  2. Palmetto bugs are 30 to 40 mm long, while on the other hand, roaches are 25 to 32 mm long.
  3. Palmetto bugs are located in the Northern part of America, and a variety of cockroach species exist almost all across the globe.
  4. Palmetto bugs have a creamy-coloured prothorax, whereas cockroaches, in general, may have their prothoraxes in a variety of colors, ranging from reddish-brown to creamy.
  5. The Palmetto bugs have wings to fly, while on the other hand, not all cockroaches have adapted to the feature of flying.
Difference Between Palmetto Bug and Cockroach
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