Difference Between a Porch and a Patio

Every person in this world aims for comfort and luxury. Everyone in their spare time wants to relax, chill, and do a bit of grilling in their porch or garden. The porch and patio are a part of an individual’s property. They differ from each other in various aspects.

Porch vs Patio

The main difference between porch and patio is that porch is basically constructed at one’s house entryway and is always attached to an individual’s home, whereas a patio is a detached area and is beside or directly out of an individual’s house. A porch may be covered or open, whereas a patio is always open.

Porch and Patio

A porch is an outdoor structure with a roof that generally has revealed sides. It usually gets attached to an individual’s residence, thus protecting the entrance. It also serves as a chilling place for the family where they enjoy the fresh air and entertain each other.

A patio is always attached to an individual’s house. It is constructed from concrete pavers, natural stones, and marbles. Almost in every house, a patio is larger than a porch. The word patio is derived from a Latin word that means to lie open.

Comparison Table Between a Porch and a Patio

Parameters of ComparisonPorchPatio
EtymologyThe word porch is derived from a French word that is related to ancient Rome and Greece, where the structures that were built included an open-air porch along with a roof.The word patio is derived from a Latin word that means to lie open.
The building costThe cost involved in constructing a porch is significantly higher than building a patio due to the more requirement of capital and labor to build the porch.The cost involved in constructing a patio is lesser than that of a porch since less labor and materials are required for construction.
DurabilityPorches are less durable and are more prone to water harm if an individual lives in damp climatic regions. The rain may cause the wooden flooring to rot.A patio is less durable and is more prone to extreme temperatures as its flooring may crack due to extreme heat.
AppearancePorches have an integrated appearance as it merges into the overall design of the home.A patio is best when an individual combines it into a landscape design in his backyard.
UsesPeople use a porch for relaxing, chilling, and entertainment. A patio is built in the backyard of a house and is used for dining furniture, cooking, and grilling.
LevelA porch is generally above ground level.A patio is generally at ground level.

What is a Porch?

A porch is generally an extension of the main house or building. It is constructed at the entrance or exit of a house. It also acts resting place for the family members where they sit in the evening and enjoy themselves. In many places, it is also referred to as a veranda or loggia.

It is derived from the French word “porche.” It is an elevated structure that is generally attached to a house with a wall and a roof. The popularity of porches declined by the end of World War 2 when people started liking the concepts of backyards.

Porches can be risky for children and pets as it is open from various sides due to which parents hesitate in leaving their children to play in the porch. During the rainy season, the porch usually gets wet, due to which there are chances of slipping and falling.

One must choose the right material to construct the floor to suit different climatic conditions. The construction or installation is quite easy as it is built in the exterior portion of the house.

What is a Patio?

A patio is an outdoor area generally constructed away from the house and is used for dining, grilling, and other indoor games. It may be decorated with furniture, chairs, and flowers to make the place more pleasant and appealing to an individual’s eyes.

The floor of a patio is constructed of materials like brick, cement, and concrete materials. One must prefer good quality and highly resistant materials for the construction of the flooring as the structure is exposed to extreme weather conditions and heavy rain.

The three types of patios are:-

  • The most famous type of patios is flat roof patios that facilitate excessive water out in case of heavy rain.
  • Gable patios with peaked roofs.
  • Modern patios with curved roofs are the second most popular type of patio. It is highly preferred in Europe.

A patio is usually open to the sky with a paved floor. It may be located adjacent to the house or detached from the house.

Main Differences Between a Porch and a Patio

  1. The word porch is derived from a French word that was used in countries like ancient Greece and Rome, whereas the word patio is derived from a Latin word.
  2. The cost of building a porch is relatively higher due to more requirements of labor and materials, whereas the cost of building a patio is relatively lower.
  3. Porches have an integrated appearance since they are generally attached from the house, whereas patios have a distinct appearance as they are generally built in the backyard.
  4. Porches generally have a roof structure. On the other hand, patios are open to the sky.
  5. A porch is generally above ground level, whereas a patio is generally at the ground level.


There is a wide range of differences between porch and patio. Many people are confused regarding what they must build to make their property more attractive. The main difference between porch and patio is regarding the origin of the word and its location.

The nature and construction of these structures also differ from region to region. The durability of both structures depends on the type of material used in their construction and the type of weather they are exposed to. In India, porches are very common, whereas patios are not in trend due to the unavailability of backyards in many houses.


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