R vs RStudio: Difference and Comparison

R is a very popular language among data miners and statisticians. This programming language is used to develop statistical software and data analysis.

This language is great for computing and graphics. R is already installed on the computer. RStudio works as an integrated development environment. The studio is a combination of everything.

Key Takeaways

  1. R is a programming language used for statistical computing and graphics, while RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) used for writing and executing R code.
  2. R can be used without RStudio, but RStudio requires R to be installed.
  3. RStudio provides additional features such as code completion, debugging, and project management that are not available in R.

R vs RStudio

R is an independent and powerful programming language used for data analysis and graphical representation. This language exists as part of the computer system. R studio is an elaborate integrated development environment designed for developing statistical programs. The user has to manually install this application into the computer system.

R vs RStudio

R is a programming language. This language is already a part of the computer system. The files in R language has different extension than RStudio. R language is used to do statistical computing of programs.

It works independently. It is not an integrated development environment. It is not as elaborate as RStudio.

RStudio uses the R programming language to do programs. This program is used to do some kind of statistical computing. It also helps to do graphics.

RStudio is made in two parts, which are server and desktop applications. This is an elaborate application. This needs to be installed by the user on their desktop.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRRStudio
MeaningA programming languageIntegrated development environment
Elaborate processLessMore
Independent platformYesNo
AimStatistical computingDevelopment of statistical programs
Extension.pkg extension.tgz extension
InstallAlready installedIt needs to be installed

What is R?

R is one type of programming language. It is used to do statistical computing. It is also used to do the graphics. The R language is supported by the R foundation.

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It effectively handles data and provides a storage facility. It includes operators, which make the calculations on arrays easier. It is a coherent system.

It has a collection of intermediate tools. This is an effective programming language. The environment is fully planned. This language is used mainly by data miners.

It is used for data analysis. The whole programming language was written initially with the help of the C language. The language is already present in the operating system.

It is also made by using the language Fortran. This is freely available. It is licensed under General Public License. This programming language was a GNU project. It is a pre-compiled binary version.

This helps them to work with various other operating systems. This whole system is an independent process.

It has publication-quality plots. It consists of formulae and mathematical symbols. The user is allowed with the user interface full control. This language is a different implementation of S.

This language is highly extensible. It runs smoothly on UNIX platforms. It provides additional functionality by using various functions.

What is RStudio?

The developer of RStudio is RStudio, PBC. This was first released on 28 February 2011. The latest version was released on 6 January 2021.

The desktop and the server are available in the free edition. It is also available in a fee-based edition. The operating system of the application depends on the format of the integrated development environment.

The application is written in the C++ programming language. The other half is written in Java. Somewhat, Javascript is used to format the application.

It has a license from AGPL( Affero General Public License). It can be used in macOS, Linux, and Windows effectively. The members of the RStudio PBC develop many other packages.

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This application uses the Qt framework for the graphical user interface. The work on RStudio began in December 2010. The beta version was first introduced in 2011.

This environment enables direct code execution, workspace management, and debugging. This is an open-source platform.

It has its commercial edition. The founder of the programming language ColdStudio has founded this environment.

It has a server-based edition that allows the user to access RStudio using a web browser. There are prepackaged distributions already present in Windows. It provides tools for plotting.

Main Differences Between R and RStudio

  1. R is one type of programming language, but Rstudio is an integrated development environment.
  2. R is not as elaborate as RStudio.
  3. R works independently, but RStudio needs to work only with R language.
  4. The extension for R is the .pkg extension, but The extension of RStudio is the .tgz extension in MAC.
  5. Statistical computing is done by using R, but the development of statistical programs is done by using RStudio.
  6. R is already installed, but RStudio has to be installed.
Difference Between R and RStudio
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Last Updated : 30 August, 2023

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