Pikashow Alternative for PC: Top Streaming App Choices

PikaShow Overview

PikaShow is a popular streaming application for Android and iOS devices. Known for offering free access to TV shows, movies, and sports events, it has garnered a devoted user base. However, if you are seeking PikaShow alternatives specifically for your PC, options such as Thop TV and Viooz are available.

Utilizing Android emulators like Bluestacks or Noxplayer can also allow you to run PikaShow on your computer. Remember, exploring these alternatives may provide you with enhanced viewing experiences tailored to your Windows or Mac systems.

Why Look for Alternatives

Seeking Pikashow alternatives for PC allows you to explore various streaming platforms with diverse content libraries. Moreover, you’ll encounter additional features such as user-friendly interfaces and frequent content updates. Having options makes you less likely to encounter legal issues and restrictions, ensuring a seamless streaming experience.

Comparison of PikaShow and Alternatives

Aspect of User Interface

PikaShow: PikaShow provides a straightforward and user-friendly interface that makes navigating through the app and finding your desired content easy.

Thop TV: Thop TV features a well-organized layout containing different categories, making it simple for users to browse the content.

Putlocker9: Putlocker9 Online offers a clean and easy-to-use interface, allowing users to stream movies with minimal interruption.

Variety of Content Available

PikaShow: PikaShow offers various TV shows, movies, and live sports streaming.

Thop TV: Thop TV provides a vast range of content, including sports events, movies, and TV shows.

Putlocker9: Putlocker9 Online has many movies and regular content updates.

Operating System Compatibility

PikaShow: PikaShow is primarily available for Android devices.

Thop TV: Thop TV is compatible with multiple platforms, including Android, Mac, and Windows.

Putlocker9: Putlocker9 is a web-based streaming website accessible on all devices with internet browsing capabilities.

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Streaming Quality

PikaShow: PikaShow offers high-quality streaming for a pleasurable viewing experience.

Thop TV: Thop TV provides reliable streaming quality to ensure a smooth viewing experience.

Putlocker9: Putlocker9 Online delivers HD-quality streaming, allowing users to enjoy high-resolution content.

Ease of Use

PikaShow: PikaShow’s straightforward interface allows for easy content searching and streaming.

Thop TV: Thop TV’s well-organized layout ensures it’s simple to navigate and access content.

Putlocker9: Putlocker9’s clean interface and web-based platform make it convenient for users to stream movies without any limitations.

Top PikaShow Alternatives

CyberFlix TV

CyberFlix TV is a popular alternative to PikaShow for PC users. It offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, and other content you can stream at your convenience. The app’s user-friendly interface lets you quickly browse and find your favourite content. It also provides multiple links for each movie and show, ensuring a better streaming experience.


ZiniTevi is another great streaming app that works on PCs and mobile devices. With a vast library of movies and TV shows, you’ll never run out of content to watch. ZiniTevi allows you to download videos for offline viewing to save your favorite shows for later. The app supports multiple languages and subtitles, catering to a global audience.

CatMouse APK

CatMouse APK is a reliable streaming app that offers a diverse collection of movies and TV shows. It’s ad-free, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users. The app is lightweight and compatible with various devices, making it a favorite among PikaShow users. It continually updates its library, providing you with the latest content to enjoy.


UnlockMyTV is an excellent streaming app that features a clean and user-friendly interface. It categorizes content by genre, popularity, and recommendations to make your search easier. The app supports subtitles, Chromecast compatibility and is ad-free. UnlockMyTV is ideal for those who appreciate a simple yet functional streaming app.

Nova TV

Nova TV offers a massive library of movies, TV shows, and other streaming content. The app constantly updates its database to provide you with fresh content. With real-debrid integration, the app unlocks premium quality links for the best viewing experience. Nova TV supports external players, subtitles, and offers smooth streaming capabilities, making it an attractive alternative for PikaShow users.

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How to Install PikaShow Alternatives

First, download an Android emulator like BlueStacks or NoxPlayer to your PC. Emulators allow desktop users to access Android apps like PikaShow alternatives. After installing an emulator, search for ThopTV APK or Cinema HD within the emulator’s app store. These alternatives offer free access to your favorite TV programs and movies.

When you find your desired app, click “Install” and follow the on-screen instructions. Once setup is complete, launch your emulator’s ThopTV or Cinema HD app and enjoy endless content. Keep in mind that regular updates are essential for uninterrupted streaming.

Last Updated : 13 February, 2024

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