Difference Between Red Tape and Woodland

On the internet, there are several shoe alternatives to choose from. Red tape and Woodland are the two most well-known and stylish shoe stores.


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Both of these websites allow you to view a wide range of shoes and decide which is ideal for you.

Woodland offers the highest quality items and ensures that they are created to fulfill the demands of their clients, while Red tape is a well-known brand recognized for its traditional styles and elegant designs.

Key Takeaways

  1. Red Tape is an international brand focused on formal and semi-formal shoes, while Woodland is an Indian brand focused on outdoor adventure footwear.
  2. Woodland shoes are more durable and rugged, making them suitable for outdoor activities, while Red Tape shoes cater to the office and casual wear.
  3. Woodland offers eco-friendly, sustainable footwear options, whereas Red Tape focuses more on style and design.

Red tape vs Woodland

Red Tape is a cotton fabric that is tightly woven, durable, and has a smooth finish. It’s used to make formal clothing such as suits or dresses. Woodland is made from wool fibers, making it thicker and more textured than Red Tape. This fabric tends to be heavier but still comfortable.

Red tape vs Woodland

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RED TAPE shoes are inspired by the latest trends and crafted with cutting-edge technology to offer unmatched comfort. Whether you’re looking for casual wear or formal, Red tape has a wide range of footwear to suit every style.

This renowned brand is known for its classic styles and exquisite designs. Red tape aims at providing customers with high-quality products at reasonable prices without compromising on style or comfort.

Woodland is one of the most oversized outdoor clothing and footwear companies globally. It has a lot of stores in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The goal is to produce beneficial solutions for outdoor and adventure lovers, whether it’s a lightweight jacket for energetic sports or a journey on the coldest locations on Earth.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRed tapeWoodland
CEOThe CEO of Red tape is Goutham Gopalan.The CEO of Woodland is Harkirat Singh.
Launched inRed tape was launched in 1996.Woodland was launched in the 1980s in Quebec, Canada.
Founders Irshad Mirza and Rashid Mirza are the founders of Red tape.Avatar Singh was the founder of Woodland.
Website The website of Red tape is https://redtape.com/The website of Woodland is https://www.woodlandworldwide.com/.
Countries availability Red tape is accessible in Germany, the United States, France, West Asia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.Woodland is available in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Macau, China, and Quebec (Canada).
Parent company The parent company of Red tape is Mirza International Limited.The parent company of Woodland is Aero Group.  

What is Red tape?

RedTape shoes were created as a lifestyle brand for Generation Next’s aspirants and achievers. This brand is synonymous with unsurpassed comfort, worldwide style, and extraordinary elegance.

The brand’s bold, edgy, subtle, and charismatic styles have managed to charm today’s youth.

RedTape’s elegant footwear collection is the best in class, and the brand ensures that it offers nothing but the most stylish and comfortable shoes.

The RedTape brand has always stood for top-quality leather shoes styled to perfection.

The company has a product range that includes various types of footwear such as formal shoes, moccasins, sandals, boat shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, and many more.

Red Tape has set its benchmark as a ‘High Street Fashion Brand’ in India. It has successfully created an exclusive niche for itself with its unconventional designs and innovative styles.

Red Tape’s philosophy is simple: we believe that every person deserves to look their best and feel comfortable at the same time, no matter where they go or what they do.

Red Tape’s products are designed by designers who understand the need of today’s fashion-savvy men and women. They ensure that each product is made using the most durable materials available to them.

What is Woodland?

Woodland has a large selection of footwear, athletic clothing, and outdoor items.

The goal is to produce beneficial solutions for outdoor and adventure lovers, whether a lightweight jacket for energetic sports or a journey on the coldest locations on Earth.

The company also uses the best materials in the industry, such as premium leather shoes. At Woodland, they believe that their products should be as functional as stylish.

Avatar Singh founded the business in Quebec City in 1980, intending to create high-quality items. It is now one of the most well-known Canadian brands favored by many Canadians and sold in over 100 stores around the world.

Woodland’s success lies in its commitment to deliver only the best quality goods and ensure that they are designed to meet the needs of its customers.

Woodland uses only the most advanced fabric technologies, durable materials, and modern designs.

When you buy Woodland boots, jackets, or other products, you can be sure that you are getting the best quality for your money. It’s known to have the best outdoor products at affordable prices.

Nowadays, they’re one of the leading brands in India when it comes to offering shoes and bags that are perfect for all occasions.

Main Differences Between Red tape and Woodland 

  1. Irshad and Rashid Mirza founded red tape, and Woodland was founded by Avatar Singh.
  2. Woodland’s website is https://www.woodlandworldwide.com/, whereas Red tapes are https://redtape.com/.
  3. Goutham Gopalan is the CEO of Red tape, while Harkirat Singh is in charge of Woodland.
  4. Red tape was introduced in 1996, while Woodland was introduced in the 1980s in Quebec.
  5. Germany, the United States, France, West Asia, South Africa, and the United Kingdom all have access to red tape. On the other hand, Woodland is accessible in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Macau, China, and Quebec, among other places (Canada).
  6. Mirza International Limited is the parent company of Red tape, whereas Aero Group is the parent firm of Woodland.
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