Robotyrannus vs Roboreptile: Difference and Comparison

Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are quite famous robot toys that are manufactured by WowWee Ltd. toy company. These toys seem to be realistic and designed tremendously.

Both of these robotic toys are relevant to the animal in appearance. Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are similar, but they have some differences, like their registration number and many more.

Key Takeaways

  1. RoboTyrannus is a larger, more advanced robotic dinosaur with greater interaction capabilities, while RoboReptile is a smaller, more basic model.
  2. RoboTyrannus can respond to touch, sound, and light, offering more engaging play experiences than RoboReptile’s limited interaction options.
  3. RoboReptile has a faster movement speed and agility, while RoboTyrannus focuses on a more realistic and sophisticated range of behaviors.

Robotyrannus vs Roboreptile 

Robotyrannus is a remote-controlled robot dinosaur that can move forward, backwards, left, and right. It can also move its head, tail, and arms and can make real roaring sounds. Roboreptile is a robotic lizard with a range of sensors that can also move in all directions and make realistic sounds.

Robotyrannus vs Roboreptile

Robotyrannus is a robotic toy that was manufactured and developed by the WowWee Ltd toy company and launched with registration.


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It is designed based on the animal’s appearance and has four horns on the head. For a more realistic look, five spikes are added to the neck and sailfin on the back.

Roboreptile is also a robotic toy launched with registration number #8065 and manufactured by WowWee Ltd. It has a quite different look than Robotyrannus, but it is operated on artificial intelligence.

It is also capable of jumping and seems to be a real animal. The toy package contains the remote control, the toy itself, the required accessory, and a manual with the instructions to operate the toy.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonRobotyrannusRoboreptile
AppearanceRobotyrannus is a robotic toy that is designed with four horns on the head, on the neck, there are five spikes and a sailfin on the back.Roboreptile does not have any additional design as compared to Robotyrannus.
Registration NumberThis robotic toy was launched in the market with registration number #8063. This robotic toy was launched in the market with registration number #8065.
LabelingIt was released with the Robotyrannus in the United Kingdom and Canada. But in the United States, it was released and labeled with RadioShack exclusive and Roboreptile.Roboreptile is released and labeled with the same name.
VariantIt is recognized as a variant of Roboreptile.It is not recognized as a variant.
MarketingFor marketing purposes, it is launched with different names.It is released with one name only.

What is Robotyrannus?

As the name suggests, Robotyrannus signifies a toy that operates on artificial intelligence and is considered a robotic toy. This robotic toy is manufactured by WowWee Ltd and launched with registration number #8063.

This toy provides a realistic design with movement that includes walking, running, and screaming.

The toy has five major modes: program, direct control, autonomous, sleep, and guard. Robotyrannus is operated on a Li-ion battery. For marketing purposes, this robotic toy is launched with varied names.

In two countries, namely Canada and the United Kingdom, it was launched or released with Robotyrannus.

But in the United States, it was released with the name Radioshack exclusive and somewhere also called Roboreptile, as people considered it as a variant of Roboreptile.

What is Roboreptile?

Roboreptile is a robot toy launched in 2006 by WowWee Ltd, with registration number #8065. It is one of the popular toys for children.

This robotic toy is based on artificial intelligence technology and is designed tremendously with a realistic appearance.

The toy is designed amazingly by using the sensor technology that includes audio sensors located at the different parts of the toy and consequently help it detect the surroundings and guide the toy to avoid any obstacle.

Roboreptile is operated on a Li-ion battery. This toy has five enormous modes with amazing sleep mode features as well.

Main Differences Between Robotyrannus and Roboreptile

  1. Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are robotic toys manufactured and released by the WowWee Ltd. toy company. Both of these toys create a major difference when it comes to their appearance. Robotyrannus is designed with four horns on the head, on the neck, there are five spikes and a sailfin on the back. On the contrary, Roboreptile does not have any additional design.
  2. Robotyrannus and Roboreptile worked on artificial intelligence built with advanced sensor technology and operated with a Li-ion battery. Robotyrannus was launched in the market with registration number #8063. Roboreptile, on the other side, was launched with registration number #8065.
  3. Labelling plays an important role in recognizing and promoting a product in the market. Although these robotic toys’ dimensions are quite similar, they are labelled with different names while being released in various countries. Robotyrannus was released with the name ‘Robotyrannus’ in the United Kingdom and Canada. But in the United States, it was released and labelled with RadioShack exclusive and Roboreptile. On the contrary, Roboreptile was released with just one name.
  4. Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are designed to give a realistic image of these toys and resemble them with the animal. While classifying these robotic toys, Robotyrannus is considered as a variant of Roboreptile and classified under its name.
  5. Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are available in the market in various colors and are quite famous among children. For marketing purposes, these two robotic toys are launched differently. Robotyrannus was released with two different names, but Roboreptile has one name in all the countries.

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