BMW 650i vs BMW 645i: Difference and Comparison

Automobiles have become a very crucial part of human life these days, and many people are using them not just for the necessity of transportation but as a hobby as well.

There are a lot of people who prefer keeping luxury cars with them. BMW 650i and BMW 645 are two models manufactured by one company, but they differ so much in their attributes.

A person who is looking to buy any one of these models needs to understand the line of difference between these two so as to choose the most suitable one for him. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The BMW 650i features a 4.4-liter V8 engine, while the BMW 645i has a 4.4-liter V8 engine with a smaller output.
  2. The 650i offers greater horsepower and torque than the 645i, providing enhanced performance capabilities.
  3. Both models belong to the BMW 6 Series, sharing similar design elements and luxury features.

BMW 650i vs BMW 645i 

The difference between BMW 650i and BMW 645i is that the former happens to be a successor model of the latter and overpowers its predecessor in terms of engine and other attributes. Both of the models fall under the category of high-end models BMW, but still, a lot of differences can be marked between them. 

BMW 650i vs BMW 645i

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The BMW 650i was initially launched by the company in the year 2006, and it became a huge name in the automobile industry because of the upgrades that were done to this new model.

With a V8 engine of 4.8 litres, this model generates 360 horsepower and is really strong in terms of engine quality. 

But on the other hand, when it comes to BMW 645i, it was first launched under the market in the year 2004 and hence happens to be much older than the former model discussed before.

However, it lacks in terms of the quality of the engine as the capacity of the engine happens to be 4.4 litres only, and it generates a horsepower of 325.

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison BMW 650i  BMW 645i 
Meaning  It is an upgraded version of the 645i series.  It is a model of an automobile having the advantage of being present in the market for so long.  
Engine size  The engine has a capacity of 4.8 liters The engine has a capacity of 4.4 liters. 
Generated horsepower 360 horsepower 325 horsepower 
Launched in 2006 2004 
Price  Comparatively costlier Comparatively cheaper 
Additional technologies it has certain additional technologies such as the brake regeneration technology and the iDrive technology no such additional technology present 

What is BMW 650i?

In the year 2006, BMW upgraded one of the versions of its automobile range, known as the BMW 650i and introduced some major changes in the industry with this particular version.

Within a few weeks of launch, it gained a huge market share and became a popular choice among customers. 

It carries a V8 engine with a capacity of 4.8 litres and generates a total horsepower of 360. This particular feature of this automobile makes it unique and guarantees stability and security to the users of this particular vehicle.

It has a great engine and comes in stylish color variants. During the up-gradation process, certain additional technologies were introduced in this particular vehicle for better product marketing.

For example, a technology called iDrive was incorporated into this automobile, making it easy for the customers to predict weather and certain other phenomena.

The DVD player has also been replaced in this automobile, and new technologies have been introduced. 

bmw 650i

What is BMW 645i?

This particular automobile is one of the oldest range of cars produced by the company BMW. And because of this particular reason, this product has gained so much trust from its customers as there are many users who have been using this particular car for so many years.  

This car brings about the features that were present in the cars before the alleged up-gradation of the next-generation cars. The engine of this car happens to be a V8 engine and carries a capacity of 4.4 litres.

Not only this, but the car generates a horsepower of 325. This car provides certain basic qualities and does not come with additional technologies that are now ruling the automobile industry. 

However, after the introduction of certain updated versions of this particular car, the popularity of this automobile has decreased to some extent, and the market share has been transferred to the newly introduced cars in the market.

But even after this fact, some people still prefer this automobile over its counterparts because it is a classic example of auto emission cars. 

bmw 645i e1686726244524

Main Differences Between BMW 650i and BMW 645i 

  1. BMW 650i was launched in the year 2006, while on the other hand, BMW 645i was launched in the year 2004. 
  2. BMW 650i has an engine capacity of 4.8 litres, while on the other hand, BMW 645i has an engine capacity of 4.4 litres. 
  3. BMW 650i generates 360 horsepower, while on the other hand, BMW 645i generates 325 horsepower. 
  4. BMW 650i comes with certain additional technologies such as brake regeneration technology and the iDrive technology, while on the other hand, the BMW 645i is a basic car without having any such additional technology. 
  5. BMW 650i is basically a successor model of the BMW 645i. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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