Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4: Difference and Comparison

When we speak about exquisite cars, the first thing that strikes our mind is Toyota Supra and BMW.

Toyota Supra is a sports car and GT car, whereas BMW Z4 is a sports car but not a GT car.

In recent times, Toyota Supra partnered with BMW Z4, whereby the two vehicles have essentially the same engine but differ in some aspects.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Toyota Supra is a sports car, while the BMW Z4 is a luxury roadster.
  2. The Supra has a more powerful engine than the Z4.
  3. The Supra has a coupe body style, while the Z4 has a convertible one.

Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4

The difference between Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 is that Toyota Supra was introduced by the Toyota Motor Corporation in 1978.

On the other hand, the sports car BMW Z4 is a product of the BMW Z series, contributing to the car’s roadster(E85) and coupe (E86) versions in 2002. 

Toyota Supra vs BMW Z4

Toyota Supra is a product by Toyota Motor Corporation, which bestowed a new line of sports cars and a grand tourer, namely the Toyota Supra, in 1978.

It is built with an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, and the Toyota Supra features a 335-horsepower turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine.

Under the Toyota Supra model, it has several versions, such as Supra Celica Mk1(A40), Mk2(A60), Mk3(A70), Mk4(A80), and fifth-generation Mk5(A90).

On the contrary, BMW Z4 is a renowned standard sports car from the generation of BMW Z.

The well-known car brand offers BMW Z4, which comes in an automatic transmission with 145-280 kW horsepower and a 4-6 cylinder model.

Under the model, it consists of only two versions, i.e., the roaster version (BMW E85) and the Coupe version (BMW E86). 

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonToyota SupraBMW Z4
Definition Toyota Supra is a sports car & a grand tourer by Toyota Motor Corporation since 1978. BMW Z4 is a standard 4th-generation sports car in the BMW Z series.
VersionsSo far, Toyota Supra has released five models. BMW Z4 consists of two versions; the roaster and Coupe version.  
EngineToyota Supra is powered by Dual Overhead Camshaft that places a six-cylinder engine weighing around 3.0 liter.BMW Z4 is powered by 2.0 liters that function as a Naturally aspirated (N26) with a straight-six engine. 
Performance The Toyota Supra is rear-wheel drive and has an automatic eight-speed transmission. BMW is a highly-performed exquisite vehicle, designed with a stylish steering wheel.
Features Features an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive, a 335 hp turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine.BMW Z comes in an automatic transmission with a 4-6 cylinder model according to  145-280 kW horsepower.

What is Toyota Supra?

Toyota Motors Corporation has manufactured a sports car as well as a grand tourer named Toyota Supra in 1978. A Latin word meaning ‘above’ gives rise to the name ‘Supra’ for the Toyota company.

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The company has manufactured four initial generations under the Supra model from 1978 to 2002. In 2019, the fifth generation of Supra made its way to the sports car industry.

These creations under Supra include the prototype Toyota Supra Celica Mk1(A40) in 1978, Mk2(A60) in 1981, Mk3(A70) in 1986, Mk4(A80) in 1993, and the last and latest fifth-generation Mk5(A90) in 2019. 

Moreover, the Supra model is based on Toyota’s Celica car, including styling and anything but size. So consequently, Toyota has decided to name the model Supra.

The model Supra is available in distinct colors: Absolute zero, Renaissance red, Tungsten, Turbulence, Gray, Nitro Yellow, Downshift Blue, and Nocturnal

Speaking of its performance, Toyota Supra has a big engine with powerful horsepower to offer a smooth and controlled drive.

Starting from launching control to 225 hp, eight-speed AT with paddle shifters, and gear shifter with manual control. In addition to that, Toyota Supra is fueled by a 3.0 liter DOHC inline six-cylinder dynamo with an automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive.

The Supra cars feature USBs, Speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, an 8.8-inch display screen with Supra command, real-time traffic information, and other important systems. 

toyota supra 1

What is BMW Z4?

The German automaker BMW is known for its super cool design and performance. The Z in BMW Z4 denotes the German word for Future.

BMW Z4 is under model Z, a line of roadsters, coupé, sports cars, and concept variants. 

Subsequently, the first generation of the BMW Z4 is both a roadster(E85) as well as the Coupe(E86) version.

Both these roadsters and sports cars have been in the market from 2002 to 2008.

Where the roadster version is designed by Danish BMW designer Andres Warmer and the coupe version is by Tomasz Sychar. 

Ever since then, BMW Z4 has become a standard sports car from the generation of BMW Z.

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The BMW has distinct colors, including Alpine White, Glacier Silver, San Francisco Red, Black Sapphire, Misano Blue, Mineral White, Mediterranean Blue, and  Frozen Grey II.

Furthermore, the usual version of any BMW Z4 comes in an automatic transmission with 145-280 kW horsepower and a 4-6 cylinder model.

In that case, Z4 Roadster has built-in 2.5i and 3.0i six-cylindrical replicas. Such that Z4 Coupe consists of just a six-cylinder 3.0si and Z4 M type.

On the whole, BMW Z4 is generated by a 2.0-3.2 liters N46 I4 straight-six engine, which can outstand other cars in case of its sporty driving. 

bmw z4 scaled

Main Differences Between Toyota Supra and BMW Z4

  1. Toyota Supra is a sports car and a grand tourer vehicle manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation in 1978. On the other hand, the BMW Z4 belongs to this generation of BMW sports cars. 
  2. Since 1978 Toyota Supra has manufactured five versions such as first-generation Mk1(A40), Mk2(A60), Mk3(A70), Mk4(A80), and the fifth-generation Mk5(A90) debuted in the market in 2019. Meanwhile, BMW Z4 comes from the series of BMW Z generation, which has two versions- the Roaster version and the Coupe version.
  3. Toyota Supra is powered by a 3.0 liter DOHC inline six-cylinder engine and adopted the BMW engine in its latest model. Whereas BMW Z4 is powered by a 2.0 to 3.2 liters N46 I4 straight six-cylinder engine. 
  4. Toyota Supra comes in 8 colors as- Tungsten, Turbulence, Gray, Absolute zero, Renaissance red,  Nitro Yellow, Nocturnal, and Downshift Blue. Notwithstanding, BMW Z4 has a wide range of shades such as Alpine White, San Francisco Red, Black Sapphire, Glacier Silver Metallic, Misano Blue, Mediterranean Blue, Frozen Grey 2 Metallic, and Mineral White.
  5. Toyota Supra is featured as Combined with the automatic transmission and rear-wheel drive with a 335 horsepower turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine. Nevertheless, BMW Z4 features an automatic transmission, a 145-280 kW horsepower, and 2.0L (four-cylinder) and for 3.2 L(sic-cylinder)
Difference Between Toyota Supra and BMW Z4

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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