Sonata vs Titan: Difference and Comparison

Sonata and Titan are two immensely popular brands of watches. Each of them belongs to the Titan company, which is their parent company owned by the Tata group.

Essentially, their products are oriented towards the same market. However, despite these similarities, both brands have many distinguishing factors that set them apart.

They have a different brand identity, pricing scheme, and they even cater to different sections of consumers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sonata is a brand of Indian origin focused primarily on affordability and catering to the Indian market, whereas Titan is a more premium brand with a broader international presence.
  2. Titan watches offer higher-quality materials, craftsmanship, and designs than Sonata watches.
  3. Both brands belong to the Titan Company, with Sonata targeting budget-conscious consumers and Titan appealing to those seeking luxury and sophistication.

Sonata vs Titan

The difference between Sonata and Titan is that Sonata is a subsidiary brand that comes under the Titan company, and offers substandard watches at an affordable price, making it perfect for teenagers whereas Titan offers premium watches with modern and sleek designs, which tend to be expensive and perfect for adults.

Sonata vs Titan

Sonata can be looked at as a series of watches launched by the Titan Company. The Sonata brand caters to an audience that prefers affordable watches that maintain their quality, integrity, and durability despite their cheap prices.

These watches have a funky or tacky design which attracts a lot of teenage attention. The series also offers some formal and premium designs for adults who are on a budget.

Meanwhile, Titan is a parent company that is owned by the Tata Group. The Titan brand offers premium watches with a quality that is much better than Sonata.

These watches are even more durable and have better integrity as compared to the former. They fall under the category of luxury products and are thus quite expensive.

The designs are modern, sleek, and elite. These watches are best suited for formal use, such as in offices, parties, and other occasions.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSonataTitan
BrandIt is a subsidiary brand of the Titan company.It is a parent brand owned by the Tata group.
LaunchIt was launched in 1998.It was launched in 1984.
ProductIt offers affordable watches.It offers premium watches which are expensive.
QualityIt has relatively substandard quality watches.It has better quality watches than the former.
DurabilityIt has relatively lesser durable watches.Its watches have better durability.
DesignIts watches have a funky or tacky design.Its watches have a modern, formal, sleek, and elite design.

What is Sonata?

Sonata is one of the largest selling brands in India when it comes to watches. The brand is owned by the Titan company. Its watches are sold at all titan stores and also other retailers who deal with the product.

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The brand was launched in 1998 and has gained immense popularity and quite a reputation since then.

The watches offered by Sonata are oriented towards a particular section of consumers who prefer affordable watches. The brand manages to cater to them while maintaining their quality standards.

Their watches also score well when tested for durability. This makes them perfect for the average citizen who wants a first-rate product without having to spend too much money.

However, the designs that the brand offers are funky, and tacky in the opinion of many. This attracts teenage attention but fails to cater to adults.

However, some of their watches do have a premium design that can be used in formal settings.

It can be inferred that Sonata primarily caters to the youth, who prefer cheap watches with outgoing designs. Interestingly, the company had also launched watches with trackers, specifically for women.

This can be looked at as a safety feature that can help women in adverse situations.

sonata scaled

What is Titan?

Titan Company is the parent company of Sonata and many other subsidiary brands of watches. It is owned by the Tata group and was launched in the year 1984.

The Titan brand, since then, has gained a good reputation for selling premium watches that are best suited for adults.

The watches sold under the Titan brand have a modern, sleek, and elite design. They are meant to be worn in formal settings.

Their quality is superior and their integrity is strong, making them one of the most durable watches in this section. However, all of this comes at a high price which can be too expensive for the average citizen.

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Due to this, the watch does not cater to children or teenagers who prefer affordable and funky designs. Rather, it is best suited for office-going adults or others who can afford them.

The brand also offers many designs that can be worn for occasions such as parties and weddings.

Regardless, these watches are sold in their own showrooms. Other retailers may also sell these watches in their privately owned shops.

However, a USP of these watches is that excellent after-sales service is provided to customers. This accounts for high customer satisfaction and also a factor of trust in the brand.

titan watch 1

Main Differences Between Sonata and Titan

  1. Sonata is a subsidiary brand of the Titan company whereas Titan is a parent brand owned by the Tata group.
  2. Sonata was launched in 1998 whereas Titan was launched in 1984.
  3. Sonata offers affordable watches whereas Titan offers premium watches which are expensive.
  4. Sonata has relatively substandard quality watches whereas Titan has better quality watches than the former.
  5. Sonata has relatively lesser durable watches whereas Titan watches have better durability.
  6. Sonata watches have a funky or tacky design whereas Titan watches have a modern, formal, sleek, and elite design.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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