Difference Between Superbike and MotoGP

Motorcycles have their separate fan base around the world. Some people live for their motorcycles. That’s why several events are held based on motorcycle racing.

Superbikes and MotoGP bikes are such bikes that are equipped with advanced technology and used for racing. Superbikes also rode to have adventures as well.

Superbike vs MotoGP

The main difference between Superbike and MotoGP is that superbikes are manufactured by renowned brands and sold publicly. MotoGP bikes, on the other hand, are more like machines that are developed and manufactured by enthusiasts and are not sold publicly since each bike comes with unique technology. MotoGP bikes are only developed for racing and nothing else.

Superbike vs MotoGP

Superbike is a title given to a motorcycle with high-performance that also comes with advanced engine capacity. More specifically, superbike is the official term used for motorcycles over 600 cc’s by racing organizations.

These superbikes have an insane fan-following that superbike racing tournaments are held. These tournaments are to encourage the modified production of motorcycles.

The term MotoGP stands for Grand Prix motorcycle racing. It is an event of motorcycle racing held worldwide which was started in the mid-1900s. The motorbikes used for racing are known as MotoGP bikes that are experimental.

These bikes are custom-made that are specifically used for racing. MotoGP bikes come along unique with parts installed in them.

Comparison Table Between Superbike and MotoGP

Parameters Of ComparisonSuperbikeMotoGP
TournamentSuperbikes are used by racers for racing in an event known as the Superbike World Championship. MotoGP bikes are used by racers for racing in an event known as the Grand Prix motorcycle racing.
AvailabilitySuperbikes are motorcycles that are enhanced and developed with new technologies and can be purchased by anyone. MotoGP bikes are typically machine manufactured by a particular team and only available for racers.
ValiditySuperbikes are very stunning types of motorcycles that are street-legal with some limitations imposed upon the owners. MotoGP bikes are not street-legal in any scenario, they are only driven on the racing track.
CostSuperbikes are expensive because they offer advanced features for a person to enjoy the speed on the road. MotoGP bikes are focused on the specification required by a particular person and they can be extremely costly.
WeightTalking about weight, superbikes are heavier that can go up to 180 kg which makes around 400lbs. Superbikes are lighter than superbikes and their weight can go up to 157, very few bikes are heavier.

What is Superbike?

The name superbike itself is capable enough to give goosebumps to the person who’s into motorbikes. Superbikes are motorcycles with large engines to power them. It is a category of motorcycles.

The range of superbikes starts from 600 ccs which can go up to 1440 cc at maximum. But the most common cubic centimeter is 1000 found in superbikes.

Many companies in the market develop and manufacture superbikes.

The most famous superbikes are BMW S1000R (999cc), Kawasaki NINJA ZX-10R (998cc), Honda CBR-1000RR (998cc), Yamaha YZF-R1 (998cc), Suzuki GSX-R1000 (998cc), Ducati Panigale V4 R (998cc), and many more.

Another notable feature of superbikes is that they have 4-cylinder engines.

Superbikes are extremely fast and quite heavy. Superbikes came into existence because of the human desire for speed. But when it comes to giving a proper definition to superbikes, people and enthusiasts seem to have different opinions.

It is considered that superbike is an upgraded motorcycle with an advanced engine and modified body, thoroughly meant to provide thrill and speed. Newbies are suggested to be more careful when they switch to a superbike.

These bikes are expensive and the same goes for their maintenance. A person always suggested buying other safety gear such as helmets, jackets, boots, etc.

What is MotoGP?

If one wonders about what a MotoGP bike is, the answer is, they are the particular bike used by racers in the Grand Prix motorcycle racing. MotoGP bikes are very different because they are meant to race only.

Most of the MotoGP bikes aren’t even street-legal, by that one can understand that they are not supposed to be driven publicly except for the track.

Compared to other types of motorcycles, MotoGP comes with extensive horsepower that is sometimes called acceleration, and tires that are great at compact gripping.

MotoGP bikes are very sturdy and lightweight since they are focused on speed. The electronics that are installed in MotoGP bikes can be enhanced if a racer wants to.

Most of the MotoGP bikes come in aluminum frames. Ordinary people can not buy MotoGP bikes. These bikes are insanely expensive and need frequent modifications.

MotoGP bikes are given to the racers, hence they are not available in showrooms to be sold. MotoGP bikes are the results of the creativity of a person.

They are attached to various types of advanced technology. A specific team is designed that is responsible to create or manufacture a MotoGP bike.

Most of the time, the technology used in a MotoGP bike is meant to be secret so no one can copy it and that’s the main reason why these bikes are not sold in the open market.

Main Differences Between Superbike and MotoGP

  1. Superbikes are generally an upgraded version of ordinary motorcycles. On the other hand, MotoGP bikes are designated as a purpose-built race machines.
  2. Superbikes are built for every person and come with standardized parameters of speed. MotoGP bikes are faster and their speed can be modified.
  3. The horsepower produced by a superbike is over 240 which is quite high. On the other hand, a MotoGP bike can produce up to 290 which can vary depending on many factors.
  4. Superbikes come with a dynamic range of weight that is most of the heavier. While MotoGP bikes are manufactured to light weigh as much as they could be.
  5. Superbikes are expensive but are not rare to be purchased. On the other hand, a MotoGP bike can be the dream of someone and they are also very expensive.
Difference Between Superbike and MotoGP


A motorcycle is known by many names in different countries such as bike, motorbike, two-wheeler, etc. Superbike and MotoGP are two enhanced variants of motorcycles that are developed to provide an extraordinary experience to people.

Just like the names, motorbikes are used for many purposes as well, for example, long or short-distance traveling, off-road riding, a sport that is racing, motorcycle rallies, etc. If a person takes a look at the initial form of a motorcycle then he would be shocked.

Motorbikes now have developed and look more stunning. On top of that, Superbikes and MotoGP bikes have brought a revolutionary change in the field of motorcycles.


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