SuperCab vs SuperCrew: Difference and Comparison

Ford company is known for selling commercial vehicles and automobiles. Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, it also sells luxury cars under the name of Lincoln.

Besides, it also has a joint venture with various companies like Ford Lio Ho in Taiwan, Ford Ottoson in Turkey, Ford Sollers in Russia, Changan Ford in China etc.

Controlled by the Ford family, it has less ownership. Many large scale manufacturing of cars and industrial workforce like assembly lines were first introduced by Ford, which was called Fordism.

SuperCab and SuperCrew are the two models that come under the pickup truck series.

Key Takeaways

  1. Supercabs have smaller rear doors and less rear passenger space than Supercrew trucks, which feature larger rear doors and more comfortable seating arrangements.
  2. Supercrew models prioritize passenger comfort and space, making them a better choice for family vehicles, while Supercabs are more practical for work purposes.
  3. Supercabs have a longer bed than Supercrew trucks, providing more storage capacity for cargo, equipment, or tools.

SuperCab vs SuperCrew

The difference between SuperCab and SuperCrew is that SuperCab is the ninth generation of the Ford F series that came from 1992 to 1998. It was first introduced in 1980. SuperCrew is the thirteenth generation of the Ford F series that was introduced in 2015. When SuperCab was introduced, it came with only two doors. After that, when an extended version of Super Cab was released, it had four doors. SuperCrew consisted of four doors in full size that can be opened in the same direction. SuperCrew has more legroom that provides comfort to passengers.

SuperCab vs SuperCrew

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SuperCab is one of the pickup trucks under the configuration of Ford F-150. Depending upon the model, SuperCab can consist of two to four doors.

It can accommodate two to six passengers. It has two back doors that have rear hinges.

It contained larger rear-side windows. This series was a truck that was introduced in 1948 in the United States.

Because of the new extended model of Supercab, Ford made the new truck design. SuperCab propelled the segment of pickup trucks.

SuperCrew is also one of the pickup trucks produced by Ford. It was the first-ever aluminium-intensive truck introduced in America on a large scale in 2015.

A lot of safety technologies were introduced in SuperCrew. It consisted of a collision warning with brake support, a 360° camera, adaptive cruise control, a blind-spot information system with cross-traffic alert, and a lane-keeping system.

T comes with four full doors that open in the same direction. It has 43.5 inches of rear legroom that provides comfortability to the passengers.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonSuperCabSuperCrew
VariantsXL, XLT, LariatPlatinum, King Ranch, Limited, Lariat etc
Legroom/Headroom33.5 inches of legroom & 40.3 inches of headroom.43.5 inches of legroom
PayloadHigher ratingLower rating
Bed Length6.5 ft 5.5ft
Doors2-4 doors4 doors

What is SuperCab?

Produced from the year 1992 to 1998, SuperCab came in F series that included trucks from half-ton F-150 pick up trucks to medium-duty F-800 commercial trucks.

To improve the design of the truck, aerodynamics were completely changed to give the truck a new look.

The Flareside bed design was also added to give a change to the design. Front fenders, grille, hoofs, everything was changed when it was extended, making it a SuperCab.

The headlights of the truck were also enlarged. The interiors of the Regular Cab was redesigned. The dashboard was also changed to accommodate more seats in SuperCab.

Larger rear side windows were also added in SuperCab. Classic FlareSide beds were replaced by the narrow version of the rear wheel bed that was dual to reposition the width of the cab.

In the updated version of SuperCab, features like a centre high mount lamp were included, an airbag for the driver’s side was also included, CFC air-free conditioning, brake-shift interlock etc.

In the luxurious version of SuperCab that came in 1994, a stereo system with compact disk player, remote keyless entry with an alarm system, an electrochromic inside rearview mirror etc., was offered.

Because of these features, the sales of Ford rose steadily from 5 lakhs trucks to 8 lakhs, beating its rival company, general Motors. Then it took the overall sale of GMC and Chevrolet in 1996, for the first time in a decade.


What is SuperCrew?

SuperCrew is designed just like Supercab. The wheelbase of SuperCrew is 139 inches.

It was made specifically for carrying the stuff as well as transporting passengers. The bed length of SuperCrew is 5 to 5.5 feet. It cannot be extended like in SuperCab.SuperCrew comes in six trim variants.

It includes King Ranch, Platinum, Limited, XL, XLT, Lariat. In SuperCrew, the model design of the cab was changed completely.

From rectangular grille, it was changed into trapezoidal shape, headlamps were also replaced by LED headlights for the first time, taillamps also had LED technology, blind spot monitor was also included.

SuperCrew was the thirteenth generation of the Ford F-series. It was produced in Missouri with a Ford transit van in Michigan.

SuperCrew body parts were replaced from steel to aluminium. Only the frame was made up of steel. Because of the aluminium, the weight of the truck was reduced significantly.

Due to the aluminium-intensive design, the durability of the truck also increased.

In terms of safety rating, SuperCrew has received five-star ratings. Many revisions were made to make SuperCrew better.

In 2017, it returned with a Ford Raptor, a subversion off-road-oriented vehicle made along the lines of SuperCrew configurations.


Main Differences Between SuperCab and SuperCrew

  1. Variants of SuperCab are XL, XLT and Lariat. Variants of SuperCrew include Platinum, King Ranch, Limited.
  2. SuperCab has a rear of 33.5 inches of legroom & 40.3 inches of headroom. SuperCrew has a rear 43.5 inches of legroom.
  3. SuperCab has a higher payload rating than SuperCrew. But the payload rating of the superCrew can be increased.
  4. The bed length of SuperCab is 6.5 feet, but it can be extended up to 8 feet. The bed length of SuperCrew is 5.5 feet. It doesn’t offer 8 feet option now.
  5. SuperCab consist of 2 to 4 doors. In the 4 doors, there are reverse hinged doors. SuperCrew consists of 4 doors with a full-size opening in the same direction.

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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