Internet of Things vs Cyber Security: Difference and Comparison

Internet of things and cyber security are growing technologies in the modern world. We find it difficult to overcome problems.

These two platforms provide vital work to solve real-world problems. Both are impressive and attractive fields for the students.

Key Takeaways

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) involves connecting various devices to the Internet for data sharing, while cyber security focuses on protecting digital information and networks from threats.
  2. IoT makes everyday life more convenient through automation but also presents new security risks that cyber security aims to mitigate.
  3. As IoT adoption increases, robust cyber security measures become more critical to ensure data privacy and system integrity.

Internet of Things vs Cyber Security

The Internet of Things is a network of internet-connected devices embedded with technologies to collect and exchange data across the internet. Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting internet-connected systems and devices from unauthorized access, theft, or damage.

Internet of Things vs Cyber Security

Internet of things is a growing technology with a lot of scopes. IoT is the short form of the internet of things (IoT).

The IoT is nothing but a physical object. IoT has sensors, software, and combined technologies to operate the machines.

It can exchange data with other devices. The exchange of data will happen through the internet and help in communication networks.

The changes in the new technologies are the reasons for the emergence of the internet of things.

Technologies like ubiquitous computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence need the internet of things to execute the output of their inventions.

Cyber security is also called computer security, information security, and IT security. The primary task of cyber security is to provide security to the information or protection of computer systems from attackers.

Cyber security is one of the growing technologies. It attracts the students to study courses related to cyber security.

The expanding and growth of the internet in computer systems and wireless networks will need cyber security for protection. The smart devices we are using daily also need cyber security protection.

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A smart television, smart speakers, and smartphones using cyber security technology.

Comparison Table

Parameters of comparisonInternet of ThingsCyber Security
Scope of FutureLess in IoTMore in cyber security
Circuit maintenanceLarge circuits need more maintenanceSmall circuits need less maintenance
Problems rectificationEasy in IoTDifficult in cyber security
ConnectivityBluetooth, wi-fi, and LAN cablesRooter, server
Founded yearIoT was founded in 1980Cyber security was founded in 1970

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of things is nothing but a technology with physical objects. Even embedded systems and wireless networks are using the internet of things.

Internet of things is primarily involved in home automation and building automation. IoT is a part of modern home technology.

Thermostats, security systems, and sensor lightning are examples of IoT products. You can control these devices through your smartphones.

The IoT is fundamentally helpful in health care systems. They are used to detect diseases and help the patients.

IoT has various advantages with disadvantages in the field of security and privacy. The government needs to framework the design and manufacture of the IoT to avoid misconceptions and growth.

Kevin Ashton coined the term “Internet of things” in 1999. The short-range transceivers for mobile phones are the primary theme of the internet of things in various gadgets.

The IoT enhances the communication network between things and people.

The IoT devices have four classes. They are consumer, commercial, industry, and infrastructure.

Home automation and wearable technology are examples of consumer IoT devices. Smart vehicle control and fleet management are examples of commercial devices.

Digital control and predictive machines are examples of industry devices. Energy management and environmental management are examples of infrastructure devices.

In early 1980, the world’s first IoT devices were invented. It is nothing but a coco-coal vending machine.

iot internet of things

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a trending technology in this modern world. But it is a complex subject with millions of terms that need to know to work with cyber networks.

Cyber security has significant usage in politics and technology. Since things are becoming online, we need to protect our information from malicious links and attackers who intentionally steal our data for money.

Even a slight vulnerability in your application will lead to leakage of information.

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Cyber security has many sub-divisions. Network security, application security, information security, operational security, disaster recovery, and end-user education are divisions in cyber security.

In recent years, the number of cyber threats increasing rapidly. Cybercrime, cyber-attack, and cyberterrorism are the three prominent cyber threats.

The latest cyber threat is Dridex malware, Romance scams, and Emotet malware.

Some measures to avoid cyber threats are updating your software and operating system, using anti-virus software, using strong passwords, avoiding unknown email and attachments, avoid unsecured networks.

Trojan, mam-in-middle, SQL injection, and phishing are common types of attacks.

They are spying on your device and transmitting your information to the attackers. Sometimes the attacker makes your device inaccessible and ransoms money to give access.

cyber security

Main Differences Between the Internet of Things and Cyber Security

  1. When compared to IoT devices, cyber security has fewer connectivity issues.
  2. IoT is a subset of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), whereas cyber security is a subset of information security.
  3. IoT focuses on the better connection of devices, whereas cyber security focuses on the protection of digital data.
  4. IoT primarily deals with physical objects, whereas cyber security primarily deals with attacks.
  5. Wearable technology and connected cars are examples of IoT, whereas website authentication and securing data are examples of cyber security.
Difference Between the Internet of Things and Cyber Security

Last Updated : 15 July, 2023

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