Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation

Thesis and dissertation are two different terms that are used in the education sector. Thesis is the final project that a person submits for completing his/her master’s degree.

Dissertation is the projection of your experience during the doctoral program. Both are the outputs of certain studies while their difference lies in their grade/level of studies.

Thesis vs Dissertation

The main difference between Thesis and Dissertation is that Thesis is a report that is expected to be true, submitted by a candidate for the completion of his/her degree. Dissertation is a project from which a person’s skills can be identified during a certain course.

Thesis vs Dissertation

The thesis is a statement that is obtained after a detailed study in a particular domain. This statement is predicted and is expected to be true after examining the domain thoroughly.

It can be a report prepared by a candidate for the completion of their studies. A thesis of a student marks the successful completion of his/her master’s graduation.

Dissertation is the output that explains the experience that a person acquires during his/her studies. This is mostly referred to in doctoral studies.

This acquired knowledge can be used while practicing the corresponding profession. Dissertation is used to check the independent working skills of a candidate.


Comparison Table Between Thesis and Dissertation (in Tabular Form)

Parameter of ComparisonThesisDissertation
DefinitionThe thesis is a final assignment submitted by a candidate that marks the end of their studies.Dissertation is a project that is done during studies through which an individual can contribute to their field.
Time of submissionA thesis can be submitted during the completion of any graduate programs.Dissertation is commonly done in between the doctoral program.
KnowledgeA thesis is successful if the research papers studied and the observations noted are right.Dissertations are successful only if there is potential within the individual and the contribution thus is unique.
ExpansionA thesis is a study report and is a proof of the field of interest of an individual.Dissertation is a proof that the individual is capable of dealing in a certain field.
LengthThe length of a thesis is limited and can be between 100-150 pages.There is no specific length for a dissertation. It is lengthier than a thesis.


What is Thesis?

The thesis is a submission of the predictions and findings of a candidate during a course. It is submitted at the time of completion of a course.

It is a report prepared from the knowledge acquired during a course, preferably the master’s degree. It is submitted as a research report in a certain domain.

A thesis is prepared by referring to many research papers that have contributed to this field of study. It can also be identified as a conclusion of a certain question if the predictions become true.

A thesis is a generic term and can be used in any field of study. The time taken to submit a thesis can also vary according to the field and level of study.

A thesis supervisor is an advisor who gives the support needed by the student who prepares the thesis. A thesis supervisor has the role of a guide as well as to check the copyrights of a thesis.

But the report should be solely written by the student.

Different universities use different methods to validate a thesis. It is only after this examination, a thesis is accepted and copyrighted in the name of the student.

If the results are negative the examination board has the right to conclude the thesis as unacceptable.


What is Dissertation?

A dissertation is a report from which the acquired skills of a person. It is a subject that can be chosen by the candidate according to his/her interest. From the results of the dissertation, the skills of the person in that domain are clear. This is taken as proof of the expertise of the candidate in that field.

Dissertations are taken as a project in certain universities so that they can have a check on the caliber of a candidate. It is a research project that is unique for each student.

This skill is what a candidate needs to improve in the field and to take it as a profession. Hence dissertations are pointed out as assignments in some universities.

There are two types of dissertations according to the field of studies. They are Empirical and Non- empirical dissertations.

The former deals with dissertations that include the collection of data. the latter deals with the dissertations that raise arguments over existing data.

Dissertations can be considered as one of the toughest element in the completion of one’s degree. This has to be done with all the caliber a student has acquired.

This donation to their studies can be one that can improve their ranking and their talent.


Main Differences Between Thesis and Dissertation

  1. The thesis is the final report submitted by researching a particular domain. Dissertations can be the reports that describe the efficiency of a candidate in a particular subject.
  2. A thesis can mark the end of any graduation while dissertations are commonly done between doctoral programs.
  3. A thesis can be successful if the observations and research analyses are done right. Dissertations can be successful if the candidate has unique skills in the domain.
  4. A thesis shows the author’s field of interest whereas a dissertation shows the practical talent in the author’s field.
  5. A thesis has a limited length, normally between 100-150 pages. A dissertation cannot be limited to a certain length.
Difference Between Thesis and Dissertation



The terms thesis and dissertations are used to test a person’s caliber in the education sector. The thesis is the conclusion of research conducted by a person in a specific field.

This is generally done right before the completion of graduation. The research work explains a new statement that is predicted by the candidate which is further sent for examination.

Dissertation is a report of a practical work done by a candidate in a specific domain. This domain is mainly the subject selected by the candidate for a doctorate.

Through the presentation of a dissertation, a student’s expertise in the corresponding field can be identified. This is a mark of excellence for the candidate.


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