Difference Between Until and Upto

‘Until’ and ‘up to’ are the terms with the apparent difference that ‘until’ is an independent word, whereas ‘up to’ is a phrase of up. ‘Until’ is used as the function word to depict the continuance of the pre-existing action.


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Key Takeaways

  1. “Until” indicates the end of a time period or event, while “upto” expresses the limit of a range or extent.
  2. “Until” can be followed by a specific time or event, whereas “upto” is typically followed by a number or limit.
  3. “Until” is more versatile as it can be used with past, present, or future events, while “upto” is primarily used with quantities or amounts.

Until vs Upto

“Until” is a preposition that refers to a limit in time, indicating when a particular action or event will stop happening or when a specific point in time will be reached. “Upto” is a preposition that indicates a limit in time, quantity, or degree without indicating when something will stop.

Until vs Upto

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‘Until’ is used as a preposition and the conjunction preceding a specific time or event, whereas ‘Up to’ usually precedes a quantity of something. 

We can understand the two terms better with the help of the following examples:


  • Keep working hard until you reach your desired goal.
  • The match continued until it got dark.

Up to:

  • The course is expected to take up to two years.
  • It is up to the principal to take the decision.


Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUntilUp to
DefinitionThe word is used to depict the continuing action in the significant time.It is a phrase used to depict the maximum amount of something or to present the responsibility of someone
Role of timeTime plays a significant role because the word precedes a time and event.
Ex. I can’t wait till morning.
Time is not significant because the phrase precedes the quantity of something. Ex. Up to yesterday, we had no information on a test.
Examples·      I will be on holiday until next week
·      Read the text properly until you understand it completely.
·      He will stay on the ground until the match ends.
·      I am sure Jane is up to something because they never answer the call.
·      We can teach actors up to an advanced level here.
·      It is up to him to study seriously for the exams.
SynonymsBefore, prior, in advance of, pending, through, etc., can be used in place of until in most cases.Capable of acceptable, likely, qualified, suitable, etc., can replace many cases.
Multiplicity of meaningsThe word until is primarily used for deadlines or the time before the deadline. Therefore, it doesn’t have many meanings.The phrase up to means many things at a time, such as the maximum amount and the responsibility or choice of(someone), etc.


When to Use Until?

‘Until’ is the word used to depict the time before the actual occurrence of the event or the action. The term is usually used with similar meanings in the context of its usage and is said to have originated from the Middle English epistemologically meaning ‘as far as.

The term is broadly used in two forms, as a preposition and a conjunction. Some of the examples given below will explain the usage better.

 As preposition: used as a function of a word to depict the continuance of the existing action at a particular point, ex-The doctor won’t be available until tomorrow.

 As conjunction: depicts up to a particular point in which a suitable conclusion draws means of action. Ex- She ran until she was breathless.


When to Use Upto?

‘Up to’ can be used for multiple meanings such as maximum limit/amount, good enough for, the responsibility of someone, or information that could be used as occupied or busy with. This kind of diversity could be explained with the help of examples as follows:

  1. Depicting the maximum amount: The construction will last up to two years.  
  2. Good enough/capable of: The essay was not up to the mark for the university.

Other words that can replace ‘up to’ are capable of, acceptable, likely of, suitable, etc


Main Differences Between Until and Upto

  1. One should know there is a difference between the terms ‘until’ and ‘up to’. The former is an independent word with one meaning, whereas the latter is a phrase of the word ‘up,’ which can have multiple meanings.
  2. ‘Until’ means to depict the ongoing action at a time, whereas ‘up to’ can denote multiple meanings at a time. 
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