UPS vs FedEx: Difference and Comparison

Several companies and online stores exist that provide us with various services. Various people from different parts of the world have their families or friends that stay away from them. Even otherwise, whenever people want to send something to other people in general, they make use of several courier services instead of physically going to that person and handing over the parcel to them.

There are several courier service companies that work on different levels in the entire world. Some courier service companies work on a local level, while some courier service companies provide their services on a global level. Two of these companies are 1. UPS or United Parcel Services, and 2. FedEx or Federal Express Corporation.

Key Takeaways

  1. UPS is known for its extensive ground shipping network, while FedEx specializes in air freight and express services.
  2. FedEx has a larger international presence than UPS, offering more global shipping options.
  3. UPS provides more comprehensive tracking information for customers, while FedEx excels in timely delivery and reliability.

UPS vs FedEx

UPS was founded in 1907 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. It is known for its ground, air, and ocean freight services. FedEx was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. It is known for its overnight express delivery services, as well as its ground and freight services.

UPS vs

The UPS or the United Parcel Services is dispatching and collecting that was founded on 28 August 1907. The headquarters of United Parcel Services is located in Georgia, Atlanta, USA. They provide their services on a global level. The company was founded by James E. Casey.

FedEx, or the Federal Express Corporation, is also a transportation company. Other than that, it is also engaged in e-commerce and other services engaged in the business. It was founded on 5 May 1971. It has several subsidiaries. The headquarters of FedEx is located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonUPSFedEx
NameUnited Parcel ServicesFederal Express Corporation, FDX Corporation
Founded on28 August, 19075 May, 1971
Founder James E. CaseyFrederick W. Smith
Headquarters Georgia, Atlanta, USAMemphis, Tennessee, USA
Slogan“United Problem Solvers”.“We Live To Deliver”.

What is UPS?

United Parcel Services is a company that dispatches and collects items. It is a multinational company that was founded on 28 August 1907 by James E. Casey in the United States of America. It is also known as the “American Messenger Company” originally.

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The company is also engaged in various other fields like logistics, baggage forwarding, etc. Initially, the company was founded in Washington, D.C., USA. The company has headquarters in Georgia, and Atlanta, USA. They provide their services at a global level. The company also has several subsidiaries.

Initially, when James E. Casey founded the company along with Claude Ryan, the deliveries were made either by foot or by bicycle as the resources were extremely limited. Many changes were seen in the company’s outlook over time. In the year 1975, the headquarters of the company was shifted to Greenwich, Connecticut. Many efforts were put in for the expansion of the company and growth.

In the courier industry, United Parcel Sevices has the global ground with an extremely widespread and integrated approach. They also have an extensive air network, and they provide their services in nearly 200 countries from all parts of the world. In terms of remuneration and quantity, it is one of the largest companies in the courier industry.

united parcel services

What is FedEx?

FedEx is also a company that is engaged in services like the transportation of goods. They are also engaged in e-commerce. From the year 1997 to 2000, the company was addressed by the name “Federal Express.” The term “FedEx” is the abbreviated version of the original name.

The trade name of the company is “FDX.” The company was founded on 5 May 1971 by Fredrick W. Smith. This company as well provides its services on a global level. Initially, the company was founded in Arkansas, USA. The operations for building the company were started by the founder Fredrick W. Smith in the year 1973.

The logo of the company has a hidden design. There is an arrow between the letters E and X in the company’s official logo. The discovery of the arrow’s hidden design was made in 1994. Before that, nearly 400 designs were made and suggested for the company’s official logo.

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There are several benefits of using FedEx. The company provides you with a customer care number that you can call from anywhere to get answers to your queries or complaints. The packaging provided by the company is free of cost. No extra charges are televised by the company for the packaging. The delivery service is pretty fast, and the shipment paperwork that is provided to the customer is also easy to use and understand.

Main Differences Between UPS and FedEx

  1. The UPS was originally addressed as the “American Messenger Company.” On the other hand, FedEx was formerly addressed as “Federal Express.” 
  2. United Parcel Services was founded on 28 August 1907. On the other hand, FedEx was founded on 5 May 1971.
  3. United Parcel Services was founded by James E. Casey. On the other hand, FedEx was founded by Fredrick W. Smith. 
  4. United Parcel Services has a single network. On the other hand, FedEx has multiple networks.
  5. United Parcel Services has its headquarters in Georgia, and Atlanta, USA. On the other hand, the headquarters of FedEx is located in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.
  6. The subsidiaries of United Parcel Services include UPS Airlines, The UPS Store, UPS Freight, UPS Capital, and UPS Professional Solutions, etc., on the other hand, the subsidiaries of FedEx include FedEx Office, FedEx Services, FedEx Supply Chain, FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Ground, etc.
Difference Between UPS and

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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