Difference Between US and China

There are 195 countries in the world, each of them has a different culture, economy, and pattern of living. They all differ from each other in so many horizons that it is extremely difficult to put them in a single chart. The US and China are two superpowers having a distinct culture, lifestyle, food, and even economy.

US vs China

The main difference between the US and China is that the US is on the North American continent, whereas China lies in Asia. The US is surrounded by Mexico, Canada, the Pacific Ocean, and the Atlantic Ocean. China is bordered by several countries and lies on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean.

US vs China

The US, also known as America, has a population of almost 32 crores. The US is very diverse and has great mountains, arid deserts, and even beautiful seas. The United States has a $23 trillion economy and is the world’s largest economy in terms of GDP and per capita income.

China, ruled by the Communist Party of China, has prospered so much in the last 30 years that it is almost close to beating the US and becoming the next biggest superpower. China has a 17 trillion dollar economy and a population of 145 crores, making it the world’s most populated nation.

Comparison Table Between US and China

Parameters of ComparisonUS China
HistoryThe US gained independence from the British in the year 1776.China is one of the oldest civilizations and is in existence since 1200 BC.
AreaThe US is slightly bigger than China.China is slightly smaller in comparison to the US.
ClimateThe US has a tropical and temperate climate. China has a diverse form of the climatic system, which differs from region to region.
LanguagesThe major language that is spoken in the US is American English.The major languages that are spoken in China are Standard Chinese and Mandarin.
CapitalWashington DC is the capital of the US. It is also a hub for various companies and startups.The capital of China is Beijing which is one of the most developed cities of China.
Family cultureThe US celebrates the independence of an individual and does not believe in family culture.China gives great importance to family values and family unity.

What is US?

The US, also known as America, is the world’s most powerful nation with almost 32 crore citizens. It has the world’s largest urban population. It also has a large area without any type of habitation and vegetation. When measured in terms of GDP, America is the world’s largest economy.

The US has extremely rich resources and high industrial output, indicating its richness and inherent wealth. The most popular cities of the US are Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Some major concerns for the US are environmental pollution, increased cultural and economic inequalities.

In the US, every company and organization tend to decentralize the authority and power to individuals at the lower and subordinate level. They prefer sharing responsibilities and power rather than just empowering a single person. Coal, petroleum, natural gas, iron ore, and gold are the most important resources found in the US.

The US is the third-largest country by area. US companies dominate various sectors like the pharmaceutical sector, aviation sector, and military equipment sector. The US has the world’s most powerful military with numerous military equipment like missiles, rocket launchers, and tankers.

What is China?

China is the fourth-largest country by area and the most populated country in the world. China was in the same economic state in 1990 as India, but due to the development in the Industrial sector, China prospered and is now one of the most powerful nations in the world. The most spoken language in China is Mandarin or Standard Chinese.

China has various land disputes with many countries like India, Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka. China also enjoys veto power in the United Nations Security Council. China has been under the administration of the Communist Party of China that has the responsibility and authority to make all the decisions regarding every policy matter in China.

The government of China formulates a 5-year economic plan. China is basically a Mixed economy but is majorly dominated by public sector enterprises. Hong Kong, Macau, Shangai, and Beijing are some of the most developed cities in China.

China is also dominating the world of sports, China has the world’s best academies and coaches to train the athletes. In every Olympics, its athletes never fail to win a medal helping China be of the few nations having the most Olympic medals.

Main Differences Between US and China

  1. In terms of size, China is the fourth largest country, whereas the US is the third-largest country in the world by size.
  2. The currency of the USA is the dollar. On the other hand, the currency of China is the Renminbi.
  3. The US is a capital-driven economy, and it focuses on increasing the stake of the private sector. China focuses on increasing the stake of the government in the economy.
  4. The US has a population of 32.68 crores, whereas China has the world’s largest population of 143 crores.
  5. The US government provides freedom of speech and expression to its citizens, while the people of China do not enjoy as much freedom due to increased censorship in China.


Yes, it is true that China and the US have not been on good terms with each other for many years, but if China and the US, by using their power and resources, come together, then the day is not far when the world would be better placed to live.

Both countries enjoy veto power in the United Nations Security Council and have a stake in all the important world forums like United Nations and G20. China and the US are the most favorable places to invest and start a good business. Currently, China and the US are not good friends with each other but are in a dialogue to make things better.


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