Waxing vs Micro-blading: Difference and Comparison

Beauty, in the present world, has disputable parameters. Young folks have become so obsessed with it they go to any extent for it.

Microblading and waxing are two such beauty techniques. There is a common misconception that they are the same. But, the two treatments are very different.

Key Takeaways

  1. Waxing is a hair removal technique that pulls hair from the root, while microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure to create fuller eyebrows.
  2. Waxing is suitable for various body parts while microblading targets the eyebrows.
  3. Waxing results last several weeks, while microblading provides results that can last up to two years.

Waxing vs Micro-blading

Waxing is a hair removal process used to remove hair from areas such as the legs, underarms, and bikini area. Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure used to create the appearance of fuller eyebrows. Waxing results can last up to two weeks, while micro-blading lasts up to two years.

Waxing vs Micro blading

Waxing is a technique used to remove body hair with the help of wax. This technique removes body hair from the root follicle and prevents its growth for 4-6 weeks.

You can use it on any part of your body like your face, arms, armpits, legs, or even other public hair. Micro-blading is the process of getting the eyebrows back in shape and desired colour.

This technique uses a pen-like tool with minute needles attached to it. As a result, the tool scratches and shapes the eyebrow, releasing colour pigment. The blade does not cut the skin and go only up to the dermis level.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWaxingMicro-blading
DescriptionIt is a body hair removal procedure.It is a procedure of getting artificial hair.
Body partsIt applies to most body parts, including the face, hands, legs, and other places where public hair is visible.It is for the eyebrows only.
Tools usedWax and paper or cloth strips are chief requirements.A pen-like tool with inbuilt pigment is necessary.
AccessibilityOne can easily use it at home without any expert.For its use, a well-trained professional is a requirement.
DurabilityIt lasts for 4-6 weeks based on the growth of the hair, and other issues, relating to the individual.It lasts for 15-16 months based on the skin type and the type of pigment used.

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a procedure for body hair removal using some adhesive substances like wax. The mechanism was easy in earlier times.

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All you need to do is attach some melted wax to the body part and remove it using a strip in the hair’s direction growth.

A proper waxing ensures no hair growth for at least 6-8 weeks. However, some people may see regrowth within a week.

It varies from person to person for reasons like hormonal secretion, inbuilt keratin protein, type of hair or medications, or other health issues.

Possibly, there are two types of waxing- strip waxing and stripless waxing.

Strip waxing is the most used type. This method involves spreading wax on the body part evenly and then removing the wax by pulling on the attached hair.

Its removal should be done with care in the hair growth direction to avoid causing severe damage to the skin. Strip waxing can be of different types, like hot, cold, or readymade ones.

Hot ones smear evenly, while cold ones are thicker and do not smear evenly. Readymade ones are inbuilt with wax and are available for specific purposes.

Stripless waxing is of two types, hard wax and film wax.

Hard are thicker and applied without any strip. Film wax is thinner and spread evenly. This waxing method is advantageous for people with fragile skin.

What is Micro-blading?

Micro-blading is one of those techniques where blades and scissors create artificial beauty. This process involves shaping the eyebrows with sharp needles to make them look perfect.

The marker has inbuilt pigment which penetrates up to the dermis level. This application is a semi-permanent process. The colour fades in about 18 months.

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It is different from tattoo making on eyebrows which penetrate deeper into the skin. The shade and glaze of eyebrow tattooing last longer than micro-blading.

Micro-blading tools operate manually, and tattooing tools get power by electricity. Anyone working on Micro-blading needs proper knowledge of it.

Otherwise, it may lead to grave damage to the person. Micro-blading is confused with microshading.

A micro shading technique creates tiny dots instead of hair strokes for eyebrows. This process is not as sharp as micro-blading.

Micro-blading has the advantage that one can choose a colour of their choice. One Micro-blading can serve the purpose for around 15-16 months, depending on skin type.

Some folks may be sensitive or allergic to pigments. Thus, it is advisable to get a small check before undergoing the entire process. The whole process is not painful, yet, the scratching sound can be a little annoying sometimes.

Main Difference Between Waxing and Micro-blading

  • Waxing is a broad term. It is a method of discarding unwanted body hairs with wax and strips. Micro-blading is a way of getting eyebrows shaped using pigments.
  • Waxing applies to most body parts, from public hair to intimate hair. Micro-blading is only applicable to the eyebrows.
  • For waxing, the tools used are wax or strips. For micro-blading, the device used is a piece of needle-like equipment.
  • Waxing is possible at home except for some body parts. But, Micro-blading needs training and expertise.
  • Waxing may last for 4-6 weeks, only depending on hair growth and body time. Micro-blading may last for 18 months based on the skin type.
Difference Between Waxing and Micro blading
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Last Updated : 20 July, 2023

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