Xfinity vs Cup Cars: Difference and Comparison

NASCAR racing is one the most prestigious sports in the present world. National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is the abbreviated name for NASCAR.

It is the conducting body for many prestigious racing tournaments. NASCAR holds yearly tournaments, Xfinity and Cup Car are some of those racing tournaments.

Key Takeaways

  1. Xfinity cars are used in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, while Cup cars compete in the NASCAR Cup Series.
  2. Cup cars have more horsepower and use larger engines than Xfinity cars, leading to higher top speeds and increased performance.
  3. Xfinity cars are considered a developmental series for drivers, while the Cup Series is the premier level of competition in NASCAR.

Xfinity Series vs Cup Car Series 

Xfinity Cars are a class of racing cars that compete in the NASCAR Xfinity Series, characterized by their unique specifications, including their horsepower and weight. Cup Cars compete in the NASCAR Cup Series, NASCAR’s highest level of professional competition, and feature more horsepower and advanced specifications.

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The Xfinity Car series is the stock car racing series. It was started by NASCAR and is the ‘Minor League’ circuit. Budweiser Late Model Sportsman Series was the initial name of Xfinity cars in the 1982-83 period.

It is the proving ground for the drivers who wish to step up to top-tier racing and name their way to success.

The Cup Car is the highest level of racing series for NASCAR. The racing began solely as a stock division but later established its name as the Grand National Division from 1950-70.

The NASCAR Cup Car Series is sponsored by the members called the Premier Partners which includes Busch Beer, GEICO, Xfinity, and Coca-Cola.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonXfinity SeriesCup Series
Other names Busch Car SeriesWinston Car series 
The inaugural yearXfinity series started in 1982.Cup Car started in 1983.
Power OutputXfinity cars have a power outlet of 650-700 horsepower. Cup cars offer 750 horsepower on a 1-mile track. 
Fuel Capacity The capacity of storing fuel is higher than cup cars. The fuel capacity is 18 US gallons (68 liters).It can store up to 18 gallons (67 liters.)
Number of LapsXfinity racing is done on the same Cup car racing tracks but the number of laps is less in number.Cup cars have more laps than Xfinity cars.

What is the Xfinity Car Series?

Xfinity Car Series, the second level of racing is the stepping stone for drivers, teams, and contestants to make a name for themselves, maintain and establish their fanbases, and gain popularity.

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It emerged as the Busch Grand National Series for 18 years after the year 1983.

The Xfinity Series had various name changes as it was changed throughout the years and was regarded as the NASCAR nationwide between 2008-14 and was sponsored worldwide.

The name changed to NASCAR Xfinity Series after Comcast started to sponsor NASCAR racing.

The Xfinity car racing is performed on the same racing tracks where Cup racing is held. In an Xfinity car series, there are 12 contestants for driving.

The field is sculpted in a way that first it cuts down to 8 racers and then further to 4. The four champions of the race further drop down to 1 and the best racer among the 4 is crowned as the Title-Holder of the final race. 

The first Xfinity race series was held in 1982 and was won by Jack Ingram in No. 11 Pontiac. Another champion includes Ingram who is one of the nine two-time champions of the series.

The other top racers of the series consist of Larry Pearson, Ricky Stenhouse, Randy LaJoie, and Kevin Harvick. 

xfinity series

What is Cup Car Series?

The Cup Series is the highest level of the three NASCAR car racing levels. It began in the year 1949. This is considered the first series that has given NASCAR its prestige and honor among the other names.

This series has defined the racing career of many successful racers.

After the NASCAR Winston Cup Series from 1971 to 2003, the Cup Series began to include the name of the sponsors in the title such as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, and NASCAR Nextel Series.

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The Cup series races are held all across the United States. The races are held on various types of tracks such as immediate tracks, short tracks, road courses, and superspeedways.

The first champion of the cup car series was in the year 1949. Red Byron was the 1949 top racer driving for his owner Raymond Parks.

The cup series has been won the most number of times by the top racers Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, and Richard Petty. Jeff Gordon has won four titles in the cup racing after the top racers.

The earlier versions of the cup cars used to be with familiar models fans could be seen parking in the driveway. NASCAR decided to create the stock car as the priority for the Next Gen Program to be launched in 2022. 

cup series

Main Differences Between Xfinity and Cup Car Series

  1. NASCAR Xfinity Series has a slightly shorter wheelbase than the Cup car series. The wheelbase of an Xfinity car is 105” whereas the wheelbase of a cup car is 110”.
  2. The NASCAR Xfinity Series is lighter than the cars in the Cup Series. The weight of the Xfinity cars differs by 100 pounds from the cup cars. 
  3. The grid size capacity in Xfinity car racing is smaller as compared to Cup cars. 
  4. The number of drivers in Xfinity car racing is 12. On the other hand, the Cup car series allow 16 drivers to race at a time.
  5. Xfinity racing is Minor League whereas the Cup Car series is a Major League and poses the biggest opportunity to the racers. 

Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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