Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus: Difference and Comparison

Tinder offers various types of subscriptions that can be chosen by users depending on their needs and how much they are willing to pay.

Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus are also two of those subscriptions that are very loved by people. Both provide enough features that can fulfill the basic needs of users.

Key Takeaways

  1. Tinder Gold offers all the features of Tinder Plus, along with the ability to see who has already liked your profile, giving you more control over potential matches.
  2. Tinder Plus includes features like unlimited likes, rewinds, and passport location but lacks the “Likes You” feature exclusive to Tinder Gold.
  3. Tinder Gold is more expensive than Tinder Plus, offering additional premium features at a higher cost.

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus

The difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus is that Tinder Gold was introduced in the year 2017 with some more upgrades. Tinder Plus, on the other hand, was introduced in 2015 and it is the standard subscription plan provided by Tinder. Free users of Tinder have limited access while these subscription plans are there to help them cross limits.

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus

Tinder Gold is the name of the subscription provided by Tinder, a dating app, to its users.

Tinder Gold subscription comes with many amazing features to facilitate users in many ways. Some of the notable features about Tinder Gold are five super likes a day, rewind, unlimited likes, boost every month, etc.

Tinder Plus is one of the subscription plans of Tinder that make many useful features available for its users. There are many types of subscription plans but Tinder Plus dominates a lot.

There are many features available via Tinder Plus that increase one’s match-making procedure to another level. Hence, it is never going to be a regretful decision.

Comparison Table

Parameters Of ComparisonTinder GoldTinder Plus
Released in.The subscription plan of Tinder known as Tinder Gold was launched for the first time in June 2017. The subscription plan of Tinder known as Tinder Plus was launched for the first time in March 2015.
CostWhen it comes to cost, it depends on the package and age, yet Tinder Gold can be expensive. Tinder Plus is less expensive than Tinder gold because it adds up discounts over a longer period.
AreaTinder Gold is considered to be best in rural areas where people do not get many matches. Tinder Plus is considered to be best in urban areas where people get many matches.
‘Likes You’ optionTinder Gold provides an option ‘Likes You’ to see the profile of the person before swiping right. Tinder Plus does not provide an option ‘Likes You’ to see the profile of the person before swiping right.
Top PicksTinder Gold subscription plan offers top picks every day to the users. Tinder Plus subscription plan does not offer top picks every day to the users.

What is Tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is also called a first-class swipe experience by its users since it offers remarkable additional features. It is available on every platform like iOS and Android.

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Tinder Gold subscription feature was developed to help users match the Tinder feed. There are many exclusive features enjoyed by Tinder Gold subscription users.

It unlocks quite useful features of the profile to facilitate users with more control over what he wants to be seen by the public and what he wants to keep extremely private.

For example, a feature known as ‘Likes You’ is unlocked that helps the user to see the person’s profile even before swiping right.

This service is ready to be used 24/7. Tinder Gold subscription was tested for the first time in Australia, Argentina, Canada, and Mexico.

In other words, it should be considered as an upgraded version of a user’s profile or an account on Tinder. There is an interesting feature that comes with the Tinder Gold subscription known as Tinder Passport.

Tinder Passport helps users in swiping on profiles of people from every country recommend new profiles, and most importantly, a user can choose where his profile should be available to be seen, which means he can exclude places depending on his will.

What is Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus is another type of paid subscription offered by Tinder to its users around the world. Tinder Plus subscription has been around for many years and it got upgraded by times as well as became quite expensive.

It is suggested that Tinder Plus is a subscription that is not suitable for everyone and it should be only purchased after considering how someone is going to use Tinder.

One should hover over each segment of Tinder before deciding to pay for a Tinder Plus subscription since it’s not a service that costs a few bucks.

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Depending on the age, the price range also varies, for example, it costs extra bucks for people who are over 30 and not a little bit but double.

Also, the Tinder Plus subscription comes with multiple packages based on duration such as 6 months to annual.

When a person becomes a member of the subscription plan, it starts to show the person’s account to more people than before which can result in more right swipes and increase the chances of meeting the right people.

Free users have a limited amount of swipes on Tinder and that can be annoying sometimes as a person finds someone attractive but unfortunately he’s out of swipes.

By purchasing a Tinder Plus subscription, this problem can be avoided because it offers unlimited swipes.

Main Differences Between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus

  1. Tinder Gold subscription users get 5 super likes every week. On the other hand, Tinder Plus does not provide such a feature.
  2. In Tinder Gold, the user receives a free boost to build up his profile. On the other hand, the free boost feature is absent in Tinder Plus.
  3. In the Tinder Gold subscription plan, a user can select places or countries where he wants to be seen. While on Tinder Plus, a person gets unlimited swipes.
  4. Tinder Gold subscription plan is much preferable in less populated areas. On the other hand, Google plus is suggested to be beneficial in urban areas.
  5. A person can choose profiles for the right swipe from top picks offered by Tinder Gold. While no such facility is available in Tinder Plus.
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Last Updated : 13 July, 2023

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