HomePod vs Bose: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. HomePod: Apple’s smart speaker with Siri voice control, excellent audio quality, and integration into Apple’s ecosystem.
  2. Bose: Renowned audio company offering a diverse range of high-quality speakers and audio products.
  3. The choice depends on personal preferences, budget, and compatibility with other devices.

What is a HomePod?

The HomePod is a fabric-covered smart speaker created by Apple Inc. Apple released the original HomePod in early 2018. This speaker is designed to play music and can also help you talk to Siri. The HomePod can also control all other smart devices in the house. It has exceptional sound and microphone technology. The HomePod keeps all the information private and secure. It protects your right to privacy.


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It is wrapped in a seamless mesh fabric that is practically transparent to the sound passing throughout. It is easy to connect and control. It is a tube-shaped device over 6.5 inches tall and 5.6 inches in diameter. It is available in two colors – Black and White. It has a backlit touch surface on the top.

The second-generation HomePod was introduced in January 2023. The new HomePod is identical to the first one in many ways but comes with new features like temperature and humidity sensors. It has a new S7 processor for computational audio and simpler smart home automation. It looks identical to the first one But is 0.2 inches shorter. It has a new color option, midnight, and traditional white. It also has a color-matched woven power cord which is removable.

What is a Bose?                                                                              

The Bose Corporation is an American audio equipment manufacturing company. Their audio equipment has rich, room-filling sound. Bose Smart Speakers is a wireless home speaker. They are portable speakers and have a powerful bass. It is durable, and it has a water-resistant design. It can be controlled with voice via Built-in voice control, touch, or an app. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. It has a 360-degree astonishing sound.

The Bose smart speaker is designed in a way that radiates clear sound in all directions at the same time. It can be used in any situation. It can access google assistant and Alexa to stream music, podcasts, and audiobooks. It can also check the weather, set an alarm and send messages. It can also control other smart home accessories. It has a top pad with buttons and a convenient and durable woven carry handle. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a life of 12 hours in working mode and 24 hours in standby mode.

The Bose Portable Smart includes the Home Speaker 300, the Smart Speaker 500, the Soundbar 500, and the Smart Soundbar 700.

Difference Between HomePod and Bose

  1. The HomePod has excellent sound quality with its seven-speaker array, whereas the Bose only has a five-speaker array.
  2. The HomePod is only compatible with Apple devices, whereas the Bose is compatible with a range of devices.
  3. The HomePod can only be connected via Bluetooth, whereas the Bose can be connected via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  4. The HomePod is larger and not very portable, whereas Bose is small and portable.
  5. The HomePod only has Siri as a voice assistant, whereas the Bose has both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Comparison Between AC Bridge and DC Bridge

Parameters of ComparisonHomePodBose
Number of SpeakersIt has a seven-speaker arrayIt has a five-speaker array
CompatibilityOnly compatible with apple devicesCompatible with a range of devices
ConnectivityIt can only be connected via BluetoothIt can be connected via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Size and PortabilityLarger in size and not portableSmaller and portable
Voice AssistantApple SiriAmazon Alexa and Google Assistant
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