Kerstkrans Pastry With Filling and Decoration — Christmas Recipe

A Kerstkrans Recipe From Holland  

The Ingredients


For Pastry Mixture

  1. 225 grams of ordinary flour
  2. A small dash of salt
  3. 25 grams of either lard or butter
  4. 15 grams of fresh yeast
  5. Dried yeast that is 1.5 teaspoons
  6. 15 grams of crystal sugar
  7. Hot water not to exceed five tablespoons
  8. One beat-up egg


  1. 120 grams of ground-up almonds
  2. 120 more grams of crystal sugar
  3. A rind of a lemon that has been grated off in a fine fashion
  4. A beat-up small egg
  5. Glace cherries that have been split in half (6)

The following items are needed to decorate:

  1. Apricot jam of at least three to four tablespoons
  2. A tablespoon of water
  3. A thin lemon glaze, with icing (100 grams)
  4. Glazed cherries split in half (6)

The Imperial or American Version

For Pastry Recipe

  1. 8 ounces of ordinary flour
  2. Just a dash of salt
  3. Just an ounce of butter or lard
  4. A half-ounce of new yeast
  5. 1.5 teaspoons of yeast (dried)
  6. Hot water (five tablespoons)
  7. One beaten up egg
  8. Five ounces of butter
  9. Another beaten up egg 

For filling selection

  1. Ground up almonds (4.5 ounces)
  2. 4.5 ounces of sugar in the caster variety
  3. A rind of lemon that has been grated (finely)
  4. A beaten small egg
  5. Some split-up glazed cherries

For Decoration

  1. Three or four tablespoons of jam (apricot flavor)
  2. A tablespoon of water
  3. 4 ounces of thin lemon glazed icing
  4. Split-up glazed cherries (6)


In order to craft the pastry, you will need to sift the flour and the salt together and mix in the fat. Mold this together into a warm mixing bowl.

Join the yeast with some sugar and water. Allow ten minutes to froth over if you are using dried yeast, and then you should combine it with the flour and put the beaten eggs into it.

The soft dough created from this should be lathered on to a floured board and then you should place it in the refrigerator for ten minutes (Pre-made or frozen puffed pastry can be used as well if you wish).


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In order to start making the ring, you will have to combine the almonds and sugar and throw in the grated lemon rinds.

Make sure you have a sufficient amount of beaten egg in order to ensure your paste is soft, but not too sticky. Knead this into a ball.

Roll the pastry out into a mass that is 10 centimeters by 53 centimeters. It should also be three millimeters thick.

Work the almond paste into the thin roll, making it at least 48 centimeters or 19 inches long.

After you finish pressing the cherry halves deep into the area at each interval, place the almond paste over a strip of pastry.

Keep it just above the center, and then make sure the higher edge of the pastry has been put down over this roll.

After dampening the lower edge with some water, you should curl it up so that it will overlap the first flap of pastry. Keep the edges firmly together.

After placing a 15-centimeter saucepan lid on your baking sheet, you should lift your pastry onto it, making sure the join is fully attached underneath and curling it all around the lid.

Removing the lid, you should dampen one part of the pastry roll with some water and then keep it inserted on the other end.

Press the adjoining area firmly, and keep it joined together as neatly as possible.

Covering this, you should let it rise for a 15 to 20-minute period. Finally, glaze this creation with your beaten eggs in an oven preheated to 230 C or 450 F.

Make sure the creation has risen well and has a nice golden-brown color.

Heating the apricot jam and sieving it is the next step, and the final step is to brush the pastry with the jam and arrange the cherry halves around this ring.

Coat the hot confection with your lemon-glazed icing.

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This is a specialty coming from Holland/Netherlands. For me personally, I never this pastry at Christmas. Every time, I have shared the pastry with guests coming to my home, they have liked it.

When you get some positive feedback about the food you cooked then it makes you feel so proud and the same has happened to me. On a scale of 10 points, I would recommend it at 9 points to everyone busy with Christmas food preparation.

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