Meditation vs Spirituality: Difference and Comparison

Key Takeaways

  1. Meditation is a practice focused on training the mind to achieve mental clarity and calmness, while spirituality is a broader concept that involves seeking meaning, connection, and transcendence in life.
  2. The purpose of meditation is to develop mindfulness, reduce stress, and improve well-being, whereas spirituality aims to explore the divine, find inner peace, and understand the purpose of existence.
  3. Meditation can be practiced in secular or religious contexts and primarily focuses on the mind. At the same time, spirituality often involves religious or philosophical beliefs, rituals, and a broader exploration of various aspects of human existence.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a psychotherapeutic technique used to relax the body and reduce stress. It is a method that helps to improve the state of awareness and find inner peace. Meditation has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years. It sharpens the mind, minimizes random thoughts, and reduces anxiety. It helps people deal with negative emotions.


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Meditation is a path to spiritual awakening. It helps one to connect with themselves and enlightens them in multiple ways. It is considered mind-body medicine. It benefits one’s emotional well-being and physical health and helps them attain a calm, stable state. It can be practiced by sitting quietly in a comfortable position and concentrating on inhaling and exhaling.

One can also light a candle and focus on the flame for better concentration. Mediation requires self-discipline, dedication, and mental effort. It also helps reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and illness like Asthma, heart disease, insomnia, high blood pressure, and digestive problems. Constant practice of meditation transforms consciousness and results in happiness and peace.

Meditation has many different forms, and some ways of meditation are Mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, concentrative meditation, mantra meditation, yoga, and tai-chi, i.e., Chinese martial art training.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the belief in a meaningful connection to something larger than the self. Spirituality is a broad concept; sometimes, it is about active participation in some religions, and sometimes it is about understanding one’s spiritual self. Mostly it is an experience of connection to something larger than ourselves, some divinity. It is a concept by which an individual seeks a purpose in life and connects with the higher self.

Spirituality is a journey about an inner understanding that results in awareness of the inner soul. It is a method that assists a person in connecting with their thoughts and feelings and helps them resolve their internal chaos. For some people, spirituality is about a connection to God that they achieve through a church, temple, mosque, or synagogue. 

In any case, having a spiritual life results in better physical and mental health. They become more empathic and gracious. It is a source of comfort and is found to be helping people strengthen their relationships and increase self-esteem. Spirituality can be practiced individually through meditation, prayers, and connecting with nature. Some people express their spirituality through religions like Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc.

Difference Between Meditation and Spirituality

  1. Meditation is a method used to find inner peace, whereas Spirituality is a concept of connecting with something larger than the self.
  2. Meditation is a path of spiritual awakening, whereas all spiritual practices are a form of meditation.
  3. Meditation can be done by performing yoga or sitting quietly, whereas some people achieve spirituality by linking themselves with religions.
  4. Meditation helps people deal with negative emotions, whereas Spirituality helps people connect with their thoughts and feelings.
  5. Meditation is used for relaxing the body and reducing stress, whereas Spirituality is used to find the purpose of life.

Comparison Between Meditation and Spirituality

Parameters of ComparisonMeditationSpirituality
DefinitionIt helps connect with thoughts and feelingsIt is a concept of connecting with something larger than the self
VariationsIt is a path of spiritual awakeningAll spiritual practices are a form of meditation
MethodAchieved by performing YogaAchieved by connecting with a religion
Purposehelps deal with negative emotionsHelps connect with thoughts and feelings
UsageFor relaxation and stress reductionTo find the purpose of life
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