Aldi vs Lidl Stores: Difference and Comparison

People love to buy things when they are sold at substantial discount rates. Many brands try to promote their business by having a sale and seeking the majority of their products in a way affordable to all.

Have you been to supermarkets that always have the lowest prices on all their products? Yes, that’s right! German-based supermarkets Aldi and Lidl have been one of the favourite go-to shopping venues for many, and both have been rivals to show off how each is better than the other.

Key Takeaways

  1. Aldi is a German-based discount supermarket chain with a limited product selection, focusing on private-label products and offering lower prices than traditional supermarkets.
  2. Lidl is also a German-based discount supermarket chain, similar to Aldi, but with a slightly larger product selection and a few more brand-name items.
  3. Aldi and Lidl are discount supermarket chains offering lower-priced products than traditional supermarkets, with Aldi having a more limited product selection and Lidl offering a slightly wider range of items.

Aldi vs Lidl Stores

Aldi is known for its no-frills approach to retailing, with a limited selection of products and cost-saving measures like small store sizes and minimal staffing. Lidl has a large selection of products, with more brand name items and a strong emphasis on fresh produce, meats, and bakery items.

Aldi vs Lidl stores

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Comparison Table

Parameters of the ComparisonAldiLidl
Majority of ProductsAldi is said to have the best collection of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free products.Lidl prefers more locally produced meat and its products as people love their quality.
In terms of sizeAldi is said to be around 10,000 sq. ft which makes it smaller than Lidl.Lidl has an area expansion of 15,000 to 20,000 sq ft. This gives them more space to stock up on many items and to promote more brands.
LocationsInitially, Aldi had around 2,000+ stores situated only in the United States, which made it easier for anyone to find an Aldi store at every corner.Initially, they just had around 90-100 stores in the United States.
OwnershipLidl is owned by only one person, who is changed periodically occasionally.Aldi is run separately as two companies by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht and also more, even though initially it was started as a small grocery store.
HeadquartersAldi Nord is headquartered in Essen, and Aldi Süd is headquartered in Mülheim.Lidl has its headquarters situated in Neckarsulm.


What is Aldi?

Albrecht Discounts, popularly known as Aldi, is one of the largest known supermarkets in Western countries. This grand superstore was started by the German brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht and was developed from the small store their mother owned in Essen.

Together they made their company stand out in all aspects, and within a few years, they have been known for their attractive prices and versatile brands. In the year 1960, there was a huge dispute between the brothers caused the separation of a single company into two companies, each in different locations and with different standards.

The interesting point to note is that there is another country, The United States, to have both Aldi companies functioning other than Germany.  In the year 2018, all the reasonable efforts of Aldi paid off when it won “The Retailer of the Year.” 
Almost 80% of the brands found in Aldi are under the brand’s name. Even Trader Joe’s comes under the company of Aldi Nord.


What is Lidl?

One of the open competitors of Aldi is the Lidl company. It was founded in 1973 by Josef Schwarz.

It is pronounced as Lee-dull, and they are part of another huge retail group in the world, Schwarz Group. Josef disliked naming the company after his family name, Schwarz.

So he sorts inspiration from his past business colleague, Ludwig Lidl, for which Ludwig was paid around 1000 German rupees for the rights of his name.

They can stock up to 4000 products at a single time which is much lesser when compared to Aldi, which has a capacity of only 1,500 each time. Any Lidl store has the perfect idea to attract visitors.

They have a bakery right in front that bakes fresh pastries, bread, etc.; their luring scent never ceases to tempt the consumers. One of the sections that have very high praise is the wine section.

Having won over 100 awards, Lidl bears around 10,000 wines in its in-house called Masters of Wine.

More brands are available in Lidl, and they extensively support local and international food brands. Lidl has faced many controversies over the years but has let down its guard and strived back hard.


Main Differences Between Aldi and Lidl Stores

  1. The Aldi stores were started earlier in 1913. Lidl was founded in 1930, but it turned into this people-friendly supermarket and gave heavy competition to Aldi in 1977.
  2. Regarding promoting its brand name, Lidl wins the game because it uses Everyday low prices, unlike Aldi, which offers occasional discounts on its non-food products.
  3. The customer service of Lidl is much better when compared to the non-attentive customer service of Aldi.
  4. Lidl is said to promote its brand more adequately in Germany than Aldi.
  5. The one thing you would notice when you visit an Aldi store is its gorgeous environment with bright colours and spacious grounds where shopping can be more fun. Lidl has been improvising by bringing in new products like gym equipment.

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Last Updated : 11 June, 2023

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  1. The comparison between Aldi and Lidl in terms of products, size, and locations is quite informative. It’s good to see a detailed breakdown of their differences.

    1. Yes, the comparison table provides clear distinctions between Aldi and Lidl, making it easier for consumers to understand what each supermarket chain offers.

  2. The emphasis on product selection and store size in the comparison between Aldi and Lidl offers valuable insights into the differences between these discount supermarket chains. It’s informative and highlights the diverse business strategies they employ.

    1. Absolutely, the comparison table underscores how Aldi and Lidl focus on distinct areas to attract consumers, which is a key aspect of their success.

  3. The historical anecdotes and fascinating details about the origins of Aldi and Lidl make for an engaging read, shedding light on the evolution of these prominent supermarket chains.

    1. The stories behind Aldi and Lidl’s inception add depth and intrigue to the article, providing context to their current standing in the retail industry.

  4. The controversies surrounding Lidl and its approach to stocking products are areas of interest that add depth to the discussion about these supermarket chains.

    1. It’s important to consider the controversies and challenges faced by Lidl in its operations, as it provides a holistic view of the company’s history.

  5. The story behind the founding of Aldi and Lidl adds an intriguing narrative to their success stories. It’s quite fascinating to learn about the origins of these supermarket chains.

    1. The background of Aldi and Lidl’s founding showcases the vision and determination of their founders in establishing successful supermarket chains.

    2. The in-depth details about the founders and development of Aldi and Lidl provide valuable insights into their growth as global brands.

  6. The ownership and headquarters details of Aldi and Lidl are quite intriguing. It’s impressive to see how these supermarket chains have expanded and become renowned in the retail industry.

    1. Absolutely, the expansion and success of Aldi and Lidl demonstrate how they’ve become major players in the supermarket industry.

    2. It’s interesting to see the global impact of Aldi and Lidl, especially with their success in countries like the United States.

  7. Both discount supermarket chains are offering great opportunities to buy products at low prices, which is highly beneficial to consumers. It’s interesting to see how the brands are differentiating themselves in terms of product selection and store size.

  8. It’s important to note that while both Aldi and Lidl offer lower prices, their product selection and store size vary, which caters to different consumer preferences.

  9. Avatar of Jasmine Richards
    Jasmine Richards

    The historical background of Aldi and Lidl provides an interesting context to their growth and success over the years. It’s fascinating to learn about their origins and how they’ve evolved.

  10. The growth and recognition of Aldi and Lidl in the United States and other countries demonstrate the impact of their business models and strategies on a global scale.

    1. It’s remarkable to see the widespread success of Aldi and Lidl in multiple countries, indicating the effectiveness of their approach to retailing.

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