Difference Between Amazon Smart Plug and Gosund

Smart plugs can be controlled without the use of hands, with voice commands and Wifi connectivity. Smart plugs are used to have seamlessly and hands-on control. Over appliance with just a phone app or using a smart assistant to get our work done.


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Amazon and Gosund are two such smart plugs that make our life easier.

Amazon Smart Plug vs Gosund

The difference between Amazon Smart Plug and Gosund Smart Plug lies in their Smart Assistant compatibility. With similar functions, the Amazon Smart plug and Gosund Smart plug have different Smart Assistants enabled, ie. Amazon Assistant Alexa for Amazon Smart Plug and both Alexa and Google Assistant for the Gosund Smart Plug.

Amazon Smart Plug vs Gosund

Amazon Smart Plug is an automatic plug that utilizes 220-240V, 50-60 GHz at maximum 6A with no hub required. It works on a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection.

It works with the help of the Alexa App, where you can even set timers and schedules for switching on and off the device used by the plug. Its Smart assistant is Alexa.

Gosund Smart Plug is also an automatic plug that has similar specifications to the Amazon Smart Plug but has a 10 A rating with no hubs required. It works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connections.

You can control a Gosund Smart Plug with both Alexa and Google Assistant. It can set timers and schedules from its app.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmazon Smart PlugGosund
Size and ShapeThe Amazon Smart Plug has a rectangular body that is much bigger than the Gosund Smart Plug.The Gosund Smart Plug has a smaller round body with a three-pin than the Amazon Smart Plug.
WeightBeing larger it weighs more than the Gosund Smart Plug.It is lighter than the Amazon Smart Plug.
LED IndicatorThe LED indicator of this Smart Plug lies on its front face.The LED indicator of this Smart plug lies on the side, integrated with its start button.
PriceGenerally, they cost more than the Gosund Smart Plug.The price of the Gosund Smart Plug is way less than the Amazon Smart Plug.
Output ratingIt has currently been rated for 5-6A output.The Gosund Smart Plug has a current rating of 10A.
Smart Assistant CompatibilityIt works only with Amazon Smart Assistant Alexa.It works with both Amazon Smart Assistant Alexa and Google Assistant.

What is Amazon Smart Plug?

The Amazon Smart Plug is an automatic device launched by the big seller Amazon. Being launched by Amazon, it works with Amazon’s Alexa. The Smart plug requires Wi-Fi connectivity and no hub for functioning.

It works on the 2.4 GHz frequency of the Wi-Fi network but does not support 5 GHz networks. Its output usually is about 5-6 A.

Setting up the device is very easy. You only need the Alexa app. This app detects the new device by itself and connects it. The app is used to set timers and schedule for using the Smart plug as you wish.

It has a blue LED indicator at its front end that confirms the proper functioning of the plug. You can also group your other devices that have Alexa to control the app and can also group all Alexa enabled app together.

Amazon Smart plugs are known to support almost all devices except heavy heaters or air conditioners and such.

It usually supports up to 1800 W thus can be used with a variety of devices like Electric kettles, Irons, lamps, chargers, laptops, small air conditioners, fans, and many more.

With Amazon’s great discounts and sales, this affordable plug can be bought at a still lower price during sale days.

What is Gosund?

Gosund is a Smart plug launched by the company Gosund. It works with both Amazon Assistant Alexa and Google Assistant, making it more versatile in pairing with other instruments and communication.

The Smart plug also requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection with no additional hub for functioning. It does not support 5 GHz Wi-Fi.

Setting up the device is a little lengthier than the Amazon Smart Plug as you have to first register yourself in their app, and only then it can detect the Smart Plug.

The app can be used to set timers and schedules for uninterrupted and carefree work done. Grouping of devices enables with the same Smart Assistants can also be done from its app.

It has a slightly higher current output ( 10A) and can thus support devices such as electric kettles, irons, television shows, small air conditioners, computers, laptops, fans and many more. However, large heaters, generators, and such must be avoided.

It is also at an affordable range for similar functions and performance like other Smart Plugs available in the market. Its slightly higher current output makes it compatible with more devices, and its compatibility with more Smart assistant makes it easier to use for a larger group of public.

Main Differences Between Amazon Smart Plug and Gosund

  1. The Amazon Smart Plug is bigger thus takes up more room than the smaller Gosund Smart Plug, thus shielding adjacent plug points and appear bulkier.
  2. The Amazon Smart Plug is considered safer for currency fluctuations than the Gosund Smart Plug.
  3. The Amazon Smart Plug has a lower current rating ( 6A ) than the Gosund Smart Plug, which has a rating of 10A, making it suitable for more appliances.
  4. The Amazon Smart plug is easier to set up, considering the same Alexa app can be used for all Amazon devices, while the Gosund Smart Plug requires an app with registration and modifications.
  5. The Amazon Smart Plug is found at a higher price range than the Gosund Smart plug, which is one of the cheapest Smart Plug in the market. However, Amazon Smart Plugs often come under sales and discounts than the steady priced Gosund making them comparable.


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