American Strat vs Mexican Strat: Difference and Comparison

Strat guitars are some of the most iconic musical instruments in the music world. Stratocasters, shortened as starts, are electric guitars that are universally recognized for their dry, clean, and sharp notes.


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Some of the most iconic musicians, like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, are known for their exceptional musical talent for the strat.

Key Takeaways

  1. American Strats are produced in the United States, while Mexican Strats are made in Mexico.
  2. American Strats have higher-quality components and craftsmanship compared to Mexican Strats.
  3. Mexican Strats are more affordable but may require upgrades to match the performance of American Strats.

American Strat vs Mexican Strat

American Strats are a type of electric guitar made in the USA. It is more expensive and often considered to have higher quality components and craftsmanship. Mexican Strats are a type of electric guitar made in Mexico and are affordable. They are still well-regarded for their value and playability.

American Strat vs Mexican Strat

American Strat is made out of high-quality Ash or Alder wood. This is a very high-quality wood with great strength and robustness.

For making the American Strat, three pieces of wood are used for the three distinct parts of the guitar. This results in a very robust-sounding instrument that is very distinct from other guitars.

The Mexican Strat is made of Maple wood. This gives the guitar a very smooth sound, and the notes produced are also very clean.

This wood is also very light, thus making the instrument comparatively lighter than the other varieties. This allows for ease of handling and greater control while playing the instrument.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAmerican StratMexican Strat
Type of WoodHigh-quality Ash or Alder is used to make American StratMaple wood is used to make Mexican Strat
Wood pieces3 pieces of wood are used to make the guitar5 pieces of wood are used to make the guitar
Number of fretsThere are 22 frets on the guitarThere are 21 frets on the guitar
Ease of ControlAmerican Strat is slightly difficult to control as it is slightly heavierMexican strat is comparatively easier to control as it is lighter than American Strat
Sound QualityAmerican Strat produces a robust and crisp soundMexican Strat produces a smooth and clean sound

What is American Strat?

American Stratocaster or American Strat is an electric guitar. It is one of the most iconic musical instruments and is revered for its robust and crisp sound.

It has always been one of the favourite instruments of music lovers. Numerous artists and performers like Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan have used this particular instrument to make some of the most iconic rock songs that are still widely listened to.

The amazing sound of this guitar is because of the high-quality wood being used. American Stratocaster is made from high-quality Ash or Alder wood. These types of wood are known for their excellent core strength and good acoustic qualities.

This gives the instrument a very robust and crisp sound that is highly distinguishable from the other types of guitar. The guitar has a solid body with a contoured asymmetric cutaway on either side.

The neck of the guitar is attached to the body with the help of screws. There’s a headstock on top of the neck, which holds the tuning pegs along one side.

On the front side of the body, there are different slots for various electronic connections, such as the slot to connect the guitar to a speaker and the amplification system.

american strat

What is Mexican Strat?

Mexican Strat is the Mexican version of the Stratocaster electric guitar. Compared to its American counterpart, Mexican Strat has a very smooth and clean sound, making it ideal for shredding.

Hence this guitar is widely used for composing shredding sessions in rock songs where the rate of playing each note is high and multiple notes have to be played simultaneously.

Another advantage that this guitar has over other types of Stratocasters is it’s lightweight. The Mexican Stratocaster is very light compared to the American Stratocaster. This makes the guitar very easy to control.

Due to its ease of handling, the guitar is highly preferred by artists while making songs with high BPM. The guitar can be easily controlled at higher speeds, making it a favourite of rock artists.

All of this is due to the type of wood that is used to make this guitar. Mexican Strat is made with maple wood. Maple is known for its high-quality wood with excellent flexibility and core strength.

It is also a very lightweight wood compared to Ash or Alder wood. Hence the instrument is very lightweight, and this allows for easy handling. Another feature of maple wood is its good acoustic quality.

Sound waves produced by maple wood resonate more than other types of wood. This produces very distinct and clear notes, which are very crisp and smooth.

mexican strat

Main Differences Between American Strat and Mexican Strat

  1. American Strat is made from high-quality Ash and Alder wood. On the other hand, Mexican Strat is made from Maple wood.
  2. Three pieces of wood are used for the three distinct body parts to make the American strat. To make the Mexican strat 5 pieces of wood are used.
  3. There are 22 frets on the American strat. There are 21 frets on the Mexican Strat
  4. American strat is heavier than the Mexican strat, and thus it is slightly difficult to control. Mexican strat is lighter than American strat, and thus it is easier to control
  5. American strat produces a more robust and crisp sound. Mexican strat produces a more smooth and clean sound.

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