Android vs iOS: Difference and Comparison

It is impossible to think of living without our mobile phones in these times. However, some still don’t know the science and technology behind them.

Though smartphones are made up of many things, the one thing that has higher importance than others is the phone’s operating system.

Key Takeaways

  1. Android is an open-source operating system developed by Google, while iOS is a closed-source system created by Apple.
  2. Android offers more device options and customization, while iOS provides a more consistent user experience across devices.
  3. iOS tends to have stricter app store policies and security features, whereas Android’s flexibility can result in a wider variety of apps and features.

Android vs iOS

The difference between Android and iOS is that Android is owned and developed by Google. On the other hand, iOS is owned and developed by Apple. Moreover, Android is open-source software that allows anyone to download it for free, whereas iOS is closed-source software and can’t be used for free.

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Android is an open-source operating system primarily developed by Google. Google uses this operating system to touchscreen devices like cell phones and tablets.

Also, other developers and mobile companies use Android as an operating system in their phones or modify it to use in gaming consoles, media players, etc.

iOS is an operating system created and owned by Apple Inc. iOS is a closed-source software which means that it can’t be accessed and altered by everyone for free.

Apple uses iOS exclusively in its smartphone devices, and only those with an Apple device can use iOS and its advantages.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAndroidiOS
Owned byGoogle LLCApple Inc.
Created byAndroid Inc.Apple Inc.
Mainly developed byGoogle and Open Handset AllianceApple
Launched on23 September 200829 June 2007
Used inMobiles, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVs, etc.iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and Apple TV
Kernel usedLinuxXNU hybrid
Languages used (programming)C, Java, C++, and othersSwift, Objective-C, C++, and others
Type of softwareOpen SourceClosed Source
Virtual assistantGoogle AssistantSiri
No. of languages available100+40

What is Android?

Android is an operating system used on mobiles, smart TVs, tablets, and many other devices. Android Inc. initially created it, but Google acquired the rights for Android in July 2005.

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Since then, Android has been an open-source OS developed by Google, Open Handset Alliance and various other volunteers.

Android Inc. was the company with the idea of creating software that can produce an excellent mobile experience for the users.

When Google was looking forward to entering the mobile industry, it bought Android Inc. in 2005 and the rights to Android software.The first stable version of Android was released on 23 September 2008.

Android is programmed in multiple languages, but Java, Kotlin, C++, and C are the most used ones. Also, Android is based on the Linux kernel and is integrated with Google Assistant to provide a robust and efficient user experience.

Furthermore, due to the reason Android is open-source, the speed of development is very high, which is why Android is available in more than 100 languages.

Moreover, Android is compatible with a wide variety of devices and platforms. All of these features are why Android ranks first in the list of most used operating systems.


What is iOS?

iOS is developed by Apple solely for its devices. It is an operating system (OS) that runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Nano, and Apple TV. iOS is closed-source software and therefore is only developed by Apple Inc.

On 9 January 2007, Apple declared that it would launch iPhone using iOS as the operating system. The first iOS, called iOS 1, was released on 29 June 2007.

After that, however, it was called “iPhone OS,” and Apple changed the name to iOS when it released the fourth version.

Since 2007, Apple has worked extensively on creating an engaging and powerful OS for its devices and users. For example, Apple integrated its virtual assistant Siri with iOS 5 and later versions providing better features to the user.

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Also, to make iOS accessible to everyone, Apple is trying to translate into more languages. Till now, iOS is available in 40 languages.

iOS is written in Swift, Objective-C, and C++, among other programming languages, and uses an XNU hybrid kernel.

Initially, iOS was designed for iPhone, but Apple uses it as a base for creating other operating systems like Watch OS and iPadOS for Apple Watch and iPad, respectively.


Main Differences Between Android And iOS

  1. Android is owned by Google LLC, whereas iOS is owned by Apple Inc.
  2. Android was created by Android Inc., whereas Apple created iOS.
  3. Android is primarily developed by Google and Open Handset Alliance. On the other hand, iOS is developed by Apple.
  4. Android was launched in 2008, whereas iOS was released in 2007.
  5. Android is used in mobiles, smart TVs, etc., whereas iOS is used in iPhone, iPad, etc.
  6. Android uses Linux kernel whereas iOS uses XNU Hybrid kernel.
  7. Android is programmed in Java, C, C++, etc. On the other hand, iOS is programmed in Swift, Objective-C, etc.
  8. Android is open source, whereas iOS is closed source.
  9. Android uses Google Assistant whereas iOS uses Siri as a virtual assistant.
  10. Android is available in more than 100 languages. On the other hand, iOS is available in 40 languages
Android vs iOS – Difference Between Android and iOS

Last Updated : 19 July, 2023

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