Difference Between Windows and iOS

To operate our technological devices we need help from the systems that have been installed even before purchasing them. And, Windows and iOS are two operating systems that are highly beneficial to process the required hardware as well as software.


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We all are familiar with the terms Windows and iOS. But, do you know their differences? So, here we are going to differentiate between the two neck-to-neck competitive Operating Systems i.e Windows and iOS.

Windows vs iOS

The difference between Windows and iOS is that Windows is an operating system that is designed only for usage in the devices such as PCs, laptops, etc. On the other hand, only iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, etc run on the system of iOS. Therefore, they are very different from each other even though they are operating systems as they are specially designed for different devices.

Windows vs iOS

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Windows is amongst those operating systems that are widely popular. Windows is a very old operating system and has been running for many decades.

Windows is a very handy and beneficial system for accomplishing various duties on desktops. Windows programming language is written in various C languages like C, C++, C#, assembly language.

On the other hand, iOS is the system that takes care of the software and hardware of the devices that have been manufactured by Apple Incorporation. The devices such as iPhone, iPad, etc are usually generated via iOS.

iOS has recently been launched a few years ago and hence works amazingly upon the devices and therefore provides the best services to the customers. Also, iOS uses swift as its programming language.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonWindowsiOS
OwnersWindows have been put forward by Microsoft Incorporation. Apple Incorporation is the sole owner of iOS.
Stable versionThe recently launched stable version of Windows is Windows is the currently stabled version of iOS.
Languages Windows is availed in a total of 18 languages. In total 40 languages, the iOS systems have been forwarded.
Kernel TypeWindows uses a custom-made Kernel which is named Microsoft’s NT Kernel. Apple’s Darwin is used for iOS systems.
DevicesWindows has been specially designed to work upon the systems that support Windows, like in the PCs, laptops, etc. iPhone, iPad are the devices that use iOS as it’s operating systems.

What is Windows?

The widely used operating system for electronic devices like laptops, PCs, etc is Windows. Windows was launched even before the advent of other operating systems. Microsoft Incorporation initiated Windows.

For the first time, Microsoft launched the Windows system on 20th November 1985. Since then it has been upgraded to various versions in the market. And the currently running version of Windows is Windows 10.

Windows has remained in the popular space of the people to date. The people under the organization work hard to avail its customer of the best version of it every day.

Even though Windows is an old operating system, it is closely related to various new features. Windows provide you with multiple measures like File Management, Assessment of Security services, Management of Memory, Networking, etc is taken care of by it.

Therefore, it is very convenient.

The APIs for Windows are NT API and Win 32. And the reason behind its popularity is its availability in various languages which makes it easily accessible for people with their native languages that are understood by them.

Windows is intact with several advantages like it avails with software and hardware, easily supports new hardware, games, easy to use, etc.

And the disadvantages are like it charges a sum for its products usages, infection assaults, etc. Nowadays we can even find Windows on phones and tablets as well.

What is iOS?

The Apple Company is the custom-made operating system that has been initiated by themselves. iOS system can only work with the portable devices of Apple Incorporation like iPad, iPhone, etc.

Apple Incorporation has recently launched it. It has only been a few years since the establishment of iOS and is dated back to the year 29th June 2007.

iOS is such a system that has won the heart of millions of its users mainly for its management skill and of course its security services. Even though its products are towards the high-end side but it’s worth every cent only because of its strong operating system.

iOS deals with a total of 40 languages worldwide, hence giving every person its comfort even if they are not familiar with English. iOS constitute two APIs and they are BSD-POSIX and Cocoa.

And its stable version is known to be the 15.3.1 version which is recently been upgraded on 10th February 2022.

Siri, Systems fonts, folder management, game center, etc are some features of iOS. And here we should know about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of it.

iOS has its advantages which might include things like great UI, best for gaming and business purposes, easy to use, lesser heat generation, etc.

And the disadvantages are like even after the upgrading process the system shows the same icons on the device, does not support desktops, is limited to Apple devices, has a poor battery backup, etc.

Main Differences Between Windows and iOS

  1. Microsoft Incorporation is the organization behind the advent of Windows. On the other hand, iOS was the initiative taken by Apple Incorporation.
  2. The stable version of Windows that is being run is known as Windows 10. On the other hand, the current upgraded version of iOS is 15.3.1.
  3. We can check that Windows is available in 18 different languages. On the other hand, in total 40 languages, we can process the iOS systems,
  4. Microsoft’s NT kernel is the customized kernel version of Microsoft. On the other hand, iOS has Apple’s Darwin Kernel.
  5. Windows can proceed with its functions in the devices such as PCs, Laptops, etc. On the other hand, the devices such as iPad, iPhones, etc which are established by Apple Incorporation can function with the help of the iOS system.
Windows vs iOS – Difference Between Windows and iOS
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