Difference Between Android TV and Smart TV and Google TV

There are many television options present in the market. This makes it tough for people to choose which ones to get. You can find Android TV, Smart TV, and Google TV. There are differences between these and similarities as well. It is important to know about these.


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Android TV vs Smart TV vs Google TV

The difference between Android TV, Smart TV, and Google TV is that Android TV is a TV that employs Android as its operating system. On the other hand, Smart TV adds a complete operating system to your TV, making it become like a computer. Google TV is a user interface that runs on top of Android TV but has a different look as well as feel than Android TV.

Android TV has an operating system that has been adapted for a big screen. The operating system will allow you to have applications such as the Google Play Store. This will let you download apps and even games. You can also access stuff such as Google Assistant. One main goal of the system is to allow users to have streaming services.

Smart TV lets you have access to more functionality. You will have much more content to watch as well. The TV will be more than only a simple entertainer. There will be Google and YouTube and you can even watch stuff on Netflix, Plex, Amazon, Prime, and any other service that streamers like. This will depend on the operating system you employ.

Google TV can be said to be like a software layer that runs on top of the Android TV OS. It behaves like an interface. The core of Google TV tends to be Android TV OS. However, the TVs running on Google TV OS tend to be different and are present separately from those that run on the Android TV OS.

Comparison Table

Parameters of ComparisonAndroid TVSmart TVGoogle TV
Operating systemAndroidAndroid, Google, Fire, etc.Android
Newest versionOldest operating systemNew operating systemNewest operating system
AppsGood supportNot as many appsMassive selection of TV apps
PersonalizationRecommendations based upon apps and not personal tasteGood personalizationPersonalized home screen for every user
Smart home controlsAvailableAvailableAvailable

What is Android TV?

An Android TV uses Android as the operating system. The operating system is a vast one that will allow users to get applications like the Google Play Store. You can then be able to download the apps and even games that you want.

An Android TV allows one to bring stuff that they like on their phone to their TV. This does not mean that one can take calls via the TV, but it lets you have ease of navigation, access to needed entertainment as well as simple interactivity.

You can make your TV smart with an interface that is simple to use. It has voice control due to the integration of Google Assistant. You can get control across other devices, such as your Android phone.

The essential entertainment apps can be found. Android app developers can adapt apps to let one enjoy the big screen experience. This can include stuff like information services, gaming, etc.

Android TV allows one to quickly customize their TV’s content so that it suits them. The system is easy to learn and use.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TVs, similar to smartphones, allow one to have internet connectivity as well as support from apps. There are many entertainment options available with this, like streaming videos on Netflix, playing games, browsing through social media, as well as controlling your home’s connected gadgets.

Some models even have voice recognition tools, such as Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant. This helps you switch channels and also search for programs. Many Smart TVs can function with smart speakers.

Smart TVs are also getting more integrated with smart home features. Some are also top smart home devices. Many TVs are compatible with some other connected devices within the home. This includes smart lights, smart locks along with other sensors.

Some TVs even have a dedicated dashboard that controls all the devices in your connected home. There are many more functions apart from this also.

What is Google TV?

Google TV, at its core, can be said to be a user interface that runs on top of Android TV. But, its look and feel differ from the Android TV. It tends to be pre-installed within the Chromecast with Google TV. It even has a dedicated remote. You can browse around Google TV with it.

The interface curates suggestions for movies as well as TV shows that are based on your viewing habits. Google Assistant is available so that people can ask it to find what they want to watch.

Google TV aims to make certain that users can access their most-viewed as well as recommended content directly from the home screen. Google TV features stuff like Netflix, Apple TV Plus, Hulu, etc.

Google TV allows you to access what you wish to watch. This is without needing to dive directly into the particular streaming app. This is if you are logged into your account.

Main Differences Between Android TV, Smart TV and Google TV

  1. Google TV is the latest one in comparison to Android TV, Smart TV, and Google TV.
  2. Google TV and Android TV support many apps, unlike Smart TV.
  3. Google TV and Android TV run on the Android operating system whilst Smart TV can run on one of the varying operating systems like Android, Google, Fire, webOS, Tizen, and more.
  4. Smart TV can be said to be a wider concept that even includes the term Google TV and Android TV.
  5. A Smart TV limits people as not many developers tend to support its operating system so you will get the basics. If you require newer applications, these might not be present. This is not true with Android TV and Google TV.
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