Difference Between Asus Vivobook and Dell Inspiron

Asus and Lenovo company have good laptops which help students and people working in the office. They have a variety of laptops at affordable prices.


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Asus Vivobook has got many good reviews online and is used by many people. It comes from a Taiwan-based company.

Dell Inspiron has a sleek design which is good for its lower cost and good performance. 

Asus Vivobook vs Dell Inspiron 

The difference between Asus Vivobook and Dell Inspiron is that Asus Vivobook, developed by Asus, is lighter in weight, smaller in size, and has a larger storage capacity, whereas Dell Inspiron, developed by Dell Technologies, is heavier in weight, bigger in size, and has a smaller storage capacity. 

Asus Vivobook vs Dell Inspiron

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The Asus VivoBook is one of the greatest laptops that many laptops have researched. It was given the name Vivobook since it is taken from the Latin word for “life.”

This laptop is well-suited for gaming. It is suitable for studying, working, and performing routine office tasks.

It has a number of features that are suitable for mild gaming. This is a Taiwanese business. 

Dell Inspiron notebooks are built with high-quality, cost-effective components and hardware. The 1.4 GHz HDM, four Thunderbolt ports, and USB-C are all included in Dell Inspiron computers.

It includes Intel Optane Memory H20 options in addition to Wi-Fi 6 22 (Gig+). The hardware and components in Dell Inspiron notebooks are of superior grade.

These computers, on the other hand, don’t use any recycled parts. 

Comparison Table

Parameters of Comparison Asus Vivobook Dell Inspiron 
Company Asus Dell Technology 
Weight Lighter Heavier 
Size Smaller Bigger 
Storage Capacity Larger Smaller 
Suitable for Video-editing and business-oriented General-purpose consumer laptops. 

What is Asus Vivobook? 

The ASUS Vivobook is known for its bright hues. It has a strong, youthful appearance.

With its unique performance and well-balanced functions, it appeals to everyone. ASUS Vivobook provides the greatest user experience.

The Vivobook series is ideal for demonstrating your abilities, and it is a laptop that is suitable for everyday usage. Vivobooks are noted for their ultra-thin design.

The ASUS Vivobook series also includes a flip model, which has proven to be more popular than the others. 

The ASUS Vivobook sports a full HD display that is 35.15 cm in length. The screen-to-body ratio is approximately 80%.

It has a viewing angle of nearly 178 degrees. Even if you work all day, the 8 GB RAM performs at its finest.

It has a PCI Solid-State drive with a big capacity that provides ultrafast storage. Its wi-fi 802.31, which has four times the network capacity and 75 percent lower latency, keeps you connected at all times. 

This laptop’s display is quite stunning. It has a sleek appearance and is quite thin.

However, if customers utilize a subpar keyboard and webcam, the system may slow down, and the performance will not improve. This laptop is unquestionably worthwhile. It provides excellent value for money.

When compared to the pricing range, their specifications are superior to any laptop brand. According to online reviews, the majority of individuals believe it is certainly worth purchasing. 

The ASUS Vivobook is a budget-friendly laptop line from ASUS. The majority of Asus Vivobook laptops are affordable.

The RAM on most Asus Vivobook devices ranges from 4GB to 8GB. The screens and displays on the Asus Vivobook laptops are excellent.

Furthermore, the Asus Vivobook models offer a long battery life. 

The adoption of a Full-HD Display on the Asus Vivobook ensures crystal-clear images. Furthermore, due to their modest weight, they are quite easy to transport. Vivobook S, Vivobook Flip, and Vivobook are some of the most well-known Asus Vivobook variants. 

What is Dell Inspiron? 

Dell Inspirons are a range of personal computers designed for simple users and students that was introduced in 1997 by Dell Technologies.

These desktops are used for a variety of purposes, including leisure, projects, gaming, scheduling, and more. They have an 8GB maximum system memory capacity.

Dell Inspiration laptops are unable to give consumers a working period of eight hours or more. Dell Inspiron laptops are made with high-quality components and hardware that are also cost-effective.

The 1.4 GHz HDM, four Thunderbolt ports, and USB-C are all included in the Dell Inspiron notebooks. 

Dell Inspiron notebooks are more durable and have a longer lifespan. It also has H20 Intel Optane Memory options in addition to Wi-Fi 6 22 (Gig+).

These computers, on the other hand, have no recycled components. The Dell Inspiron laptops are on the larger side. 

The Dell Inspiron is unique in that it has a full-hinged screen that allows the user to tilt the screen to suit their needs.

It also boasts a sleek appearance that makes it easy to take around while providing all of the essentials, such as long battery life and good performance. 

Dell Inspiron includes features such as current keyboard designs with wide touchpads, dual graphics card support, and the use of power management technologies such as Intel SpeedStep and Advanced Power Management 2.0, among others. 

Inspiron comes in sizes ranging from 13 to 16 inches. It also has a variety of characteristics, such as being adaptable to the environment and even the surface it is maintained on.

It adjusts to the temperature and the surface on which it is placed, such as your lap or a desk. 

Main Differences Between Asus Vivobook and Dell Inspiron 

  1. Asus Vivobook was developed by Asus, and Dell Inspiron was developed by Dell Technologies. 
  2. Asus Vivobook is lighter in comparison to Dell Inspiron in terms of weight. 
  3. Asus Vivobook also has a smaller size than Dell Inspiron. 
  4. The storage capacity of Asus Vivobook is larger than that of Dell Inspiron. 
  5. Asus Vivobook is best suited for video editing and business work, whereas Dell Inspiron is a general-purpose consumer laptop. 


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